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  • aryawankaushik 4w


    -i dedicate this to a very special person.
    You,you are the kind of Love that I have begun to believe that lasts longer than my depression cycle
    You,when I'm black and blue and hurting, stand there with a lamp in between your eyes that shines the brightest everytime I try to extinguish it.
    You are a firefly, on a dark night, fighting against my demons and yours.
    You, you're a lone warrior on a battlefield full of hearts as dangerous as landmines, you're a soldier,a poet who doesn't always have it easy with his words.
    Your words burns hydrogen into helium like stars queuing up in the sky.
    You are the reason I have begun to believe that the sky is a place that actually exists.
    It is a magic carpet hanging upside down and that ring that surrounds the planet saturn is nothing but Saturn's lover, giving it a long hug.
    You're my longest hug,my softest kiss and my most meaningful shooting star sighting in a world where I no longer believed in telescopes.
    You are the reason why Gallileo must have first turned the telescope skywards,leading to the discovery of craters on the moon. It is said that because he loved the telescope so much
    and so dearly he used to observe the sun which eventually caused his blindness.
    Do you know what it feels like to be the blind guy who helped everyone to see the dark side of the moon?
    It feels like a feeling that I never want to feel.
    It feels like an object making its way through my optic nerve which leads all the way to the moon.
    You,you are the moon.
    You change shapes and patterns and make children believe that there is an old lady sewing magical garments in the sky.
    You,you are the reason behind my high tides and my low tides because human body is afterall 75% water.
    You are my lunar eclipse.
    The gravitational pull to my earth,and the one that can cast a shadow on a thousand shining suns.
    You are a force.
    A push, a pull towards everything that seems right and perfect in my life. You are the sum total of all my wishes,my hopes and my dreams and the return of every kind deeds that I may have ever done in my life.
    You are the result of every algebraic equations that I may have accidentally got it right. And while trying to find x, I found y.
    I found why I why to walk all the way through the galaxy of nothingness to find you. I have walked a 100,000 light years to find you.
    You,you shining bright, brighter than the entire constellation up above.
    You are my milky way,my sun,my heart
    You are my light,my lamp,my moon
    You must be my Last love, because for once,for a change
    I believe that Last love,lasts forever.

  • aryawankaushik 7w

    Yet unknown

    A familiar heart with stranger's eyes,
    I swear we met some lives ago.
    You were a girl who told me lies.
    I was the boy you didn't know.

    We melted into one another
    as time was the catalyst.
    I was your only timeless lover,
    you were the one l always missed.

    And I reach deep within you.
    Until now love hadn't been true.
    The strange becomes so real.
    I'll dance within your skin.
    Ijust ask you let me in
    where I find a familiar feel.

    There can be no end to this,
    eternal is the fire you burn.
    Angelic touch and soothing kiss,
    you have so much I've yet to learn.

    And I reach deep within you.
    Until now love hadn't been true.
    The strange becomes so real.
    I'll dance within your skin.
    I just ask you let me in,
    where I find a familiar feel.

    In a hundred more years
    will you forget my ancient name?
    By then you'll dry your burning tears,
    but I will never do the same.

  • aryawankaushik 28w

    And when I thought
    It's getting all messier
    With all the silent screams
    Dark horrid thoughts crowded
    My mindspace to utter extremes

    She was rather a beautiful calm
    Taking a break from the world
    To focus for the better was her norm
    And love was never low
    Even in the mid of storm

    In the faintest of voice
    And with a simple smile
    She deseribed all of these
    As phases of time and life
    That bend us to indifferent degrees

    Uncertainties will be settled
    So will the situations
    Losing hope is a fool's job, she said
    I cried,let's fly together to the horizon
    And with a simple smile she calmly denied


  • aryawankaushik 62w

    By unknown writer

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    মন আজি অশান্তি কাৰণটো TOI
    কিবা কৰো বুলি বেয়া মই ঘৰত কৰে BHOI
    তোৰ নাই হৃদয়, আবেগ তোৰ নাই
    তই নাই আজি জীৱনত অশান্ত মই
    মই যুঁজি আছোঁ মূচিবোলৈ তোৰ নাম বুকুৰ পৰা
    নোৱাৰি কীয় জানো খুৱালি পানী প্ৰেম জৰা
    লৰা মই এতিয়া জানো বহুত বেছি আবেগিক
    শব্দস্ত্ৰ মোৰ শুনিবি তোৰ লাগিব KICK
    মনত পৰেনে যে তোৰ হেই প্ৰেমৰ দিনলৈ,
    তোক এৰি যাব নিবিচাৰোঁ যে মই ঘৰলৈ?
    মনত পৰেণে তোৰ হেই ৰাস্তাৰ কথাবোৰ,
    FOOTPATH'ৰ কাষলৈ যে টানি নীয় হাত মোৰ?
    কৈছিল প্ৰেমৰ কথা চাই মোৰ চকুলৈ
    সদাই যে তোক নিব লগে নতুন নতুন ঠাইলৈ
    হওঁ নতুন ঠাইত আজি অকলে মই বোহিছো
    শব্দস্ত্ৰ মই তোৰ বাবে লিখি আছোঁ।

  • aryawankaushik 81w

    All you can do is be brave enough to get out there
    You fought
    You Loved
    You Lost
    And it Hurts


  • aryawankaushik 90w

    She is a masterpiece that can be in a million pieces
    She is a light that shines in the darkest nights
    She is a soul made of walls
    Walls that can never be broken
    An iron that can never be melted
    A soul like no other
    She is hope
    She gives light:She is home
    A sea of perfection
    A light that shines twice bright
    A string of love
    A teacher in her caged world
    A path of achievements
    A conqueror of all

    I adore you.
    I cherish you.

  • aryawankaushik 91w

    He considers only two things as 'sexy' :

    2. His playlist
    3. His girlfriend

    *table clap*
    so here the 'HE' is Me °-°

  • aryawankaushik 96w

    I don't get jealous
    I get hurt.


  • aryawankaushik 96w

    The moon and the stars knows:

    You're the deathless dream.
    You're the eternal poetry.
    You're the perennial sense
    of miracle and magic.


  • aryawankaushik 101w


    Trapped in four corners of my mind
    The memory of you overtakes my senses,
    Shackling my dreams to your doorstep,
    Bounding your feet with my needs.
    How unforgiving is your sweet breath
    as it ripples through my scared skin,
    unlocking pockets of numb reasoning
    and exchanging coins with forgotten sin.
    I do not wish to walk on a broken glass
    Of our shuttered dreams.
    Instead let me fall into safety of oblivion
    and pull me close within.