the inanimate words will fail to describe this animate being.

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  • ascetic_amenuensis 2w

    Chand ko badalon ki zulfon mein ulajhne do,
    Hum taron ke bagh sajayenge.
    Zehen mein lafzon ko sone do,
    Guftagu krni hi hain toh
    Surme k nashe mein chur, in nazron se karo
    Ba-Dastoor bayan karengi k aapka hijr inhe manzoor nahi.
    Bayan karengi k kis tarah aapka itr quarbat bhi hai aur qyamat bhi.
    Uns kahe ya ishq iska ilm humein nahi par,
    Rooh ko ruhaniyat tum se milti hai.
    Tumhare khayal kwaab,
    Aur kwaab badal bante hain.
    Har roz bheeg ti hun main tumhare yaadon k barsaat mein..
    Koi chah nahi sakta uske mashooka ko
    Jis shiddat se maine tujhe chaha hai...
    Tujhe rakh kar paimane pr koi apne pyar ko mawaze yeh mujhe manzoor nahi.
    Aye zalim bas isi liye mujhe tere pyaar mein gumnaam hona hai.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 6w

    Last one.

    Fringed soul, intact body.
    Cursed fate and broken heart.
    Withdrawn lover like the neap tide.
    Tomorrow is gonna be new_but the today was a tomorrow yesterday.
    Changes are never gonna happen unless we try_but I've tried enough and I'm tired.
    I need some sleep. Deep sleep. Death sleep.
    Adieu Amore.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 16w

    My ex loved opera singers, . I could never figure out why, until I had a sore throat and he casually said hey! Wanna try ga.....I cut him off and said yeah did gargle three times... Then he sussed me and said babe try gagging, that's what opera singers do, they sing so well.
    I don't know if he was entertained by the right opera singers.
    But after this I was left with a sore throat and broken relationship.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 16w

    I laughed my brain out at the "chaos of dating a Muslim" Joke by Aishwarya Mohanraj, until I realized that it wasn't a joke anymore. #committed_to_( can't take his name & surname (Muslim hi hai)).

  • ascetic_amenuensis 16w

    I might seem to be normal, yet deep down I miss "the join your hands & close your eyes"command of school.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 17w

    I might seem to be normal but I feel sad everytime I see an incomplete human sculpture

  • ascetic_amenuensis 17w

    Society is a pupa.
    We all live in chambers of split dimensions, dimensions that are divided by the walls of perceptions yet cocooned together by the thread of time.

    The chamber beyond the common wall will always be virtual for the inmates staying within... will always be hostile and chaotic.
    What if we try to break the walls?
    The walls are too tall to climb and too strong to breakthrough.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 17w

    After having a dose of caffeine ,when someone asks me how's your headache now, I just say, "Coffee sahi hun".

  • ascetic_amenuensis 17w

    I once loved a man,
    His heart was cold..

    Cold enough to preserve the rotting memoirs of a his amore who was lost.
    Memoirs of their first spring together.
    Memoirs of the rustic rain and
    Memoirs of the broken trust.

    I once loved a man,
    His looks were bold..
    Bold enough to fight the odds for her,
    Bold enough to cry on her laps,
    Bold enough to let her go.
    Bold enough to drink a barrel of schnapps

    I once loved a man
    His heart was cold..
    Cold enough to freeze his blood
    Into flints of icicles and sieve my soul
    Cold enough to be dead inside and live as a ghoul.
    Cold enough to renounce my presence and walk away.
    Cold enough to mock the vibrance and choose grey.
    Cold enough to lie to me every single day.
    Yet not cold enough to cool my love

  • ascetic_amenuensis 17w


    Suraj ka kwaab liye
    Angaaron pr pair dhare,
    Paon jal gaye,
    Suraj bhi dhal gaya.