the inanimate words will fail to describe this animate being.

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  • ascetic_amenuensis 24w


    Suraj ka kwaab liye
    Angaaron pr pair dhare,
    Paon jal gaye,
    Suraj bhi dhal gaya.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 31w

    Your gaze is bane.
    You have bruised my soul.
    Your lips contain the antidote, I wanna devour that.
    Your hands, they might rebel..
    I wanna tie them with my curly locks,
    While you go weak at the knees,
    I wanna decant the ambrosia from your lips to mine, siphoning every drop of it, reviving by and by.
    Your body is a battlefield,I'll conquer it with my fingers.
    I'll travel through your contours with my tongue,
    discover new valleys,caves and mountains.
    I'll mark my territory with my scent.

    Your soul is cold,trapped in the permafrost of chaos.
    The warmth of my love will thaw it.

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    As raw as the raw flesh devoured by
    the devotees of Dionysus.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 31w


    There's a blizzard outside.
    But I'm protected.
    I'm in my forever home.
    The walls are warming my soul,
    while I'm enjoying the white spell
    that's being casted by nature,
    through the windows.
    Your arms are the walls.
    Your lips are the windows.
    You are my forever home.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 31w

    Who makes the world better?
    Leaders,Industrialists ? The world might function due to them, it's alive due to them but life is pumped into it by people who stay in the Shadow.
    I'll just assume that we are astute enough to know the difference between surviving and living a life.
    It's raining out here. It's been raining since the afternoon. I'm writing this at 9:45 pm. A pizza delivery guy just crossed my lane, delivered the food and returned back. Yes he has to do it to earn a living. But there were other ways to earn it. Smuggling, theft, kidnapping and what not, he could have earned way more than he's earning now . But he decided to fetch you food and make u smile on this cold night... Didn't he make your day better? Your life better? The world better?

  • ascetic_amenuensis 38w

    May be the destiny is a part of me,
    May be I'm a part of the destiny...
    I've drunken an entire galaxy!
    While seeking for my soul,
    Yet ,I'm skeptical that if
    my existence is divided by
    Eras, ethics or errands;
    or is whole...
    May be I'll never know,
    I'm shivering on a hot summer day
    While being clad with the shawl of time..
    My bones r raging a battle, to keep me alive..
    Hush!!! you can hear them rattle..
    My limbs are numbing.. My blood has iced.
    Were these destined?
    Or did I choose them....
    May be the destiny is a part of me,
    May be I'm a part of the destiny...

    All I know is to paint pictures with words.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 38w

    While their souls search for peace,
    Mine searches for blood.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 62w

    Sringaar ka rang tha laal,
    Haath mein liye pooja ka thaal,
    Chand se maine tumhe maanga tha,
    Meri MAANG bharne k liye.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 72w


    Letting someone else decide what is going within you, is the ultimate slavery.

  • ascetic_amenuensis 78w

    They often forget that my heart isn't a tissue paper..

  • ascetic_amenuensis 78w

    #life #love on a single day, thousands of new stories are written on the bodies of benches, each time someone sits on them... Whether it be a park, a graveyard, classroom police station, railway station #nature #life #inspiration #love #travel #friendship #poetry #diary #thoughts

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    Books archive stories,
    Benches live them.