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  • ashamurali 5w

    Hurrah! Its celebration time! The most favourite and popular poet in our midst is turning yet another year younger. Thank you for being born will suffice to say how much you are adored and respected. May you continue to brighten our minds with your wonderful writings.
    With best regards,
    Asha murali

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    Happy birthday Raghavendran sir

    Wish you many happy returns of the day

  • ashamurali 7w

    Word of the day -CINNAMON

    Cinnamon is the spice that goes wonders to a dish. Despite having numerous health benefits most times it is used just for its flavour.
    Communication cannot be just a cinnamon in a relationship. It is the main ingredient. When one sees red flags in a relationship like one person feeling lonely or let down, immediate steps are to be taken to fix it.

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    Am I just the cinnamon?

    Between us, is there no connection?
    In your dish am I just the cinnamon?
    Why don't you ever pay attention?
    Why are you always in tension?

    Care and concern attribute
    in giving you my love absolute,
    to your happiness I contribute,
    Yet you treat me as a substitute.

    You have a life of your own,
    My role you totally disown,
    Most times I am all alone,
    Feeling so lost and let down.

    How can we be as parallel lines?
    How can love be in the sidelines?
    Communication is what defines,
    A relationship that shines.

    Let us take the right action,
    Let nothing be a distraction,
    Let us re-establish our connection.
    To ensure, I am not just cinnamon.


  • ashamurali 7w

    Grandma's kitchen

    Sweet memories of affection,
    was served in grandma's kitchen.
    its aroma aroused anticipation,
    of divine taste and satisfaction.

    Every dish was her expression,
    of love and perfection,
    filling us with admiration ,
    of her enthusiasm and dedication!

    She had not a single gadget,
    nor was her menu elaborate,
    her measures were approximate,
    but always turned out accurate.

    Attention she would lavish,
    making sure we relish,
    even the simplest dish,
    without grand garnish!

    With so much of her love within,
    every dish was bound to win,
    our stomach and heart,
    Grandma! our evergreen sweetheart!

  • ashamurali 8w


    Anger is an emotion that first destroys the self before harming the other person.

    This poem is written in Gustatory imagery where it appeals to the reader's sense of taste by describing something using a taste that the reader can recall.

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    Sourness of the bitter feeling,
    The anger within, brightly burning,
    The face, fuming and red with flourish,
    like having  a spicy chilly in the dish.
    Unable to digest the betrayal,
    Of the one who seemed so loyal!
    Mind filled with memories vivid,
    Like scalding the tongue with hot liquid.
    Hurtful actions, totally unanticipated,
    Filled with vicious hatred,
    Mouth stings with the harsh taste,
    With words uttered in haste.
    Anger is a poison powerfully potent,
    Than can destroy in a moment,
    One drop of it is enough,
    To destroy one, however tough!

  • ashamurali 8w

    Thank you Miraquill

    Thank you miraquill for the portal so strong,
    Thank you for the feeling, its here I belong,
    Thank you for the audience always ready,
    Thank you for the support so steady!

    Thank you for the thoughts so different,
    Thank you for the writings magnificient,
    Thank you for the constant encouragement,
    Thank you for ensuring mood upliftment!

    Thank you for the priceless contributions,
    Thank you for being a complete institution,
    Thank you for the knowledge enrichment,
    Thank you for the feeling of fulfilment,

    Thank you for the prompts so vast,
    Thank you for showcasing subjects contrast,
    Thank you for the confidence to last,
    Thank you, I am having a real blast!

    -Asha murali
    11th october 2021.

    Dear all at miraquill,

    This is my 250th contribution and above is a reflection of my gratitude to the portal as well as all my readers. I cant thank you enough for all the support, affection and encouragement. Thank you for giving me the courage to voice my thoughts. Thank you for giving me the wings to fly.
    Love and hugs to you all!

    I have written this using anaphora, a figure of speech in which words repeat at the beginning of successive clauses, phrases or sentences

    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee @miraquill #writersnetwork #mirakee #thankyou #gratitude #wod #anaphora #ceesreposts #pod

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    Thank you for the wings to fly

    Thank you miraquill for the portal so strong,
    Thank you for the feeling, its here I belong,
    Thank you for the audience always ready,
    Thank you for the support so steady!

  • ashamurali 8w

    I found this prompt in creative arena and this is my version of what happened when he entered the house and found it in a mess.

    Can anyone relate to this story?

    @mirakee @miraquill @writersbay #writersnetwork #writersbay #creativearena @ceesreposts #kdrama

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    Drama in real life

    As he stepped inside, he found the house in a mess, soiled utensils lying near the floor, unwashed clothes lying in the corner, television was turned on and there was no human in sight. He instantly called his wife.

    He heard the phone ring in the adjacent room which was closed. His feet froze and his mind worked in different directions and panicked. What would have happened? Is his wife safe or not.

    Nervously he opened the door and expected to see the worst.

    His wife was curled in a blanket and her face turned towards the wall. He slowly went near her and touched her.

    Startled his wife turned towards him. Her eyes were blood red. She had her earphones on and she had her phone on her hand.

    What happened to you? Are you ok? His voice choked as he asked her.

    She removed her earphones and sat up on the bed and with a tensed tone she said "oh why did you disturb me now. I was almost in the end of this episode"

    Then it dawned on him that his wife has been binge watching a KDRAMA (Korean drama series) and has been oblivious of everything around her!

    Kdramas have slowly entered the entertainment industry and have kept viewers glued to them, his friend had mentioned but he had no clue that his wife was addicted to it.

    He heaved a sigh of relief. He hugged her and told her to finish her series and then come out. He came out of her room started cleaning the place with a smile on his lips. I have to spend more time with her and wean her from my rival, the kdrama, he thought.


  • ashamurali 8w

    @writersbay challenge to write a poem on how "time heals" I have a slightly different take on this.
    Time heals is a very common usage and is.used to justify, pacify and console. However some hurts and disappointments refuse to fade even after several years.
    Unless we actively work towards healing it, it doesnt go away.
    @writersnetwork @writersbay @mirakee @miraquill #pod #wod #timec #heal #hurt #ceesreposts

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    Does time really heal?

    The careless mistake years ago,
    The suffering of loss overflow,
    The price one continues to pay,
    Yet time heals,  they say!
    Dear one’s betrayal of trust,
    The bad sting of that hurt
    that refuses to go away,
    Yet time heals, they say!
    Spread of a thoughtless rumour,
    Spoiling the entire future,
    Consequences still heavily weigh,
    Yet time heals, they say!
    Wrong words used at a weak moment
    Doing everything possible for atonement
    Yet, all the mind does is to replay
    Yet time heals,  they say!

    Unspoken words to a loved one,
    Important actions left undone,
    Opportunities missed and wasted away,
    Yet time heals, they say!

    When hurt is deep and pain permeates,
    Flesh and bones filled with guilt and hate,
    When no action is taken to make it okay,
    time heals nothing, even if they say!

  • ashamurali 9w

    The above poem is in praise of our body.
    Kwansaba is a seven line poem with seven words each, and no word exceeding seven letters.
    @mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #kwansaba #wod #pod #body #health #ceesreposts

    Thanks a million for the editors choice ��

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    Kwansaba - in praise of our body

    An amazing machine to support our desires,
    blessed are we to have our bodies,
    To think, walk, smell, touch and taste,
    the ability to work, play and create.
    Crucial to enquire, attend, cure, and care,
    ensure balance in fitness and leisure,
    to remain healthy and happy forever!

  • ashamurali 9w

    The above poem is dedicated to my dear husband who has stood by me as a solid rock.
    @mirakee @miraquill @writersnetwork @writersbay
    #mirakee #writersnetwork #foreverc #wod #pod #husband #foreverlove #ceesreposts

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    Our forever love

    Our eyes met when I was feeling low,
    As I recollect that day eons ago,
    Oh! You made my face, heart and eyes glow,
    Our love was for ever, little did I know.
    There were many a test and trial,
    Our relationship was far from ideal,
    I wondered if our love was even for real,
    Were we living a life of denial?
    But we made our decision stick to each other,
    Never did we let our arguments embitter,
    Nor did we let our ego bluff or blur
    our love and commitment to one another,

    we successfully crossed all hurdles,
    our troubles now look like mere bubbles,
    we can now laugh at our quarrels,
    that appear no more than mere squabbles!

    Boundless love and loyalty,
    Commitment and responsibility,
    Every moment spent in sincerity,
    Has made our love forever, a reality.

  • ashamurali 9w

    Most often we feel like telling others not to weep when we are gone and carry on their lives regardless. This is in response to one such feeling of @raghavendran sir who has written about it. As a stubborn fan I refuse to read about or even think about departure even in his poems.

    @writersnetwork @mirakee @writersbay #writersnetwork #mirakee #goodbye #weep #ceesreposts #pod

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    Too early for goodbye

    You may have lived a life worthwhile,
    You may feel you have walked many a mile,
    To exit you may have come to reconcile,
    How do you expect one to agree and smile?
    So many words are still in your vast treasure,
    the many stories you have yet to share,
    which  magically calm, soothe and cheer,
    about leaving now, don’t you dare!
    You still owe a lot to the world of art,
    Your fans love you with all their heart,
    For them, your poems are the day’s best part,
    So this is not at all the time to depart.
    You advise that life must go on and on,
    Regardless of who has come or gone,
    But this does not apply to the poet icon,
    Without you, the day will not dawn.
    Oh those thoughts! Just stop and block.
    Don’t even think of giving others a shock
    For fans who worship the path you walk,
    always remember,  you are a solid rock!