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  • asharah2000 117w


    Dear child,
    Do not be scare,
    Come here into Mommy's arms,
    She will protect you,
    From all harms.

    Dear child,
    Do not cry,
    Here some tissues,
    To wipes your tears and snot,
    Mommy try her best to make you smiles again.

    Dear beloved child,
    Do not feel upset,
    Mommy know life could be upsetting,
    But smile,
    Because you are not alone,
    Mommy will be with you,
    Till her last breath.

  • asharah2000 164w

    The Past and Today

    I remember
    We used to play together
    Hide and seek
    Or tag
    Until recess is over

    I remember
    You protect me
    From those
    Who hurts me
    They cut off my hair
    And you were mad.

    We grew up
    And then I stand by your side
    For every single of your breath
    Was a cliffhanger
    In the white room
    And white bed
    The smell of medicine
    And death hung in the air.

    I'm wearing a black dress,
    My hair cascades like a waterfall
    As I stare at your now still body.

    You are lying down,
    In an oak coffin,
    White roses surrounds you,
    If I have not known better,
    I will said that you are sleeping.

    Tears streaming down my face.
    There will be no more laughters,
    That we shared,
    There will be no more gossiping,
    About our crushes.

    For Today,
    I have lost you,
    My Partner in Crime,
    My Best Friend,
    My Protector.
    Only the Memories of The Past,
    Shall remain.

  • asharah2000 181w

    Princess of Mount Ledang

    A beautiful celestial princess
    Lived far and deep
    In the Mount Ledang
    Oh, how unearthly beautiful she was!
    That the Malacca Sultan,
    Asked for her hand.
    Seven impossible conditions were set,
    If the Sultan wants her hand in marriage ,

    The seven conditions were,
    A path, made out of pure gold,
    Lead to Malacca from the mountain,
    For her to walk on.
    A second path, made out of silver,
    For her to return to her home.
    Seven barrels of tears,
    From virgin girls.
    Seven barrerls of young betel nut juices,
    For her to bath in.
    Seven trays, filled with the heart of germs,
    And another seven,
    The heart of mosquitoes
    And last was a silver bowl,
    Fill with the blood of the Sultan's prince.

    Six were accomplish,
    But the Sultan was devastated,
    On fulfilling the last task,
    For he had only one prince.
    Over it was,
    For he cannot harm his son.

    Remains of the ordeal was all that left,
    The gold and silver path,
    Rumors has it,
    They are hidden, far away from us.

  • asharah2000 182w

    Hey Friends!

    Are they my friends?
    When I needed help,
    But they never lent it,
    When they needed help,
    The first one to show up,
    Is me

    Are they my friends?
    When they look at me with disdain,
    Like I was the very ground,
    They walked on,
    Like I was not worth it,
    Or worth their time

    Are they my friends?
    When they call me names,
    And told others,
    Not to befriend me,
    To treat me,
    Like how they are

    Well then,
    Hey friends,
    I don't need a bunch of backstabbers,
    Or a bunch of snobs,
    With their noses high up in the air,
    Or a bunch of judgmental,
    Who judge people from their looks,
    Or their clothes
    And think they are above others

  • asharah2000 183w


    Have anyone ever tell you,
    How lovely you are?
    The way you smiles,
    And your eyes brighten,
    At the sight of your loved ones,
    Or when you were doing something that you love?

    It is quite lovely,
    When you are so focus,
    That your brows furrow,
    And a slight crease appear,
    Inbetween them.

    I think,
    It is quite lovely of you,
    To care for everyone,
    More than you care for yourself,
    I admire you everday,
    For being your lovely self.

  • asharah2000 187w

    Hey SweetHeart

    Hey Sweetheart,
    I remember your smile,
    As the fireworks blasted in the night sky,
    As crowds cheered,
    And the final countdown

    Hey Sweetheart,
    I remember you says,
    "Let us make a wish
    A wish for a brand new day,"
    And I have agree.

    I close my eyes,
    Holding my hands,
    Cupped close to my chest,
    And start praying for a better year,
    For less trouble and pain.

    Once I open them,
    You smiles,
    And told me,
    "Whatever it is you wish,
    I know it will become true,"

    And I selfishly hope that is true,
    For I have silently pray,
    For your happiness
    My sweetheart.

  • asharah2000 188w

    Am I In love?

    Weird it was,
    How we met,
    He was another stranger,
    In a small cafe I came to love,
    He saw me and offer to talk
    He smiles at me,
    Pulling off his glasses,
    As he introduce himself
    With a heart-throbbing smile.

    From strangers,
    We be come friends,
    He loves collecting modals,
    Especially one on aircraft,
    His room have specials glasses wardrobe,
    To put them in.

    He loves sweets,
    Chocolates, candies and all of that,
    He kept a special stash,
    In his room and car,
    And I found it funny,
    How he stuff his face,
    With all kinds of tidbits.

    He shows me that he cares,
    By sharing his sweet stashes,
    By talking to me about my day,
    Taking me out for a run or a movie,
    And reminds when it was time,
    For me to rest from works.

    All the little things he did,
    Makes my heart flutter,
    My cheeks heated,
    And a wide smiles stretch on my lips,
    Am I in love?

  • asharah2000 188w

    Please hold me close, because I'm afraid of this huge world and what it holds. Hold me, become my lifeline and never let me go.

  • asharah2000 193w


    I love the rain!
    I love to jump in the puddles,
    To splash the water around,
    Despite my parent protest,
    And the weird stares from others

    I love the rain!
    I love to dance in it,
    Before those cold drops,
    Hits the ground,
    And into our Earth

    I love the rain!
    Because it can be my reason,
    To asks for a cuddle,
    With my loved ones,
    On the couch,
    While drinking hot chocolates

    I simply love the rain,
    For I had always thought,
    The rain is a blessing,
    One people tend to overlook

  • asharah2000 193w

    My Precious Baby Girl

    I had a daughter,
    I love her with all my heart,
    I was so proud of her,
    Which parent won't be proud
    Of their own child?

    This beautiful daughter of mine,
    Promise that one day,
    She will buy me a house,
    One that is so huge,
    People will mistaken it as a castle,
    Maids to tend to my needs,
    Gardeners to tend to my lawn,
    Chefs to tend to my hunger,
    And she promise to stay by my side even then

    My baby girl is clever,
    She can memorize what she wrote,
    What she read,
    And she rarely failed a test,
    She draws and paints beautifully,
    Running her fingers on the canvas,
    Painting whatever her heart hold.

    However one day,
    She told me of a crowd,
    Who will tease and call her names,
    Who will push and pull her,
    And I refused to believe,
    Because of my ego,
    I left her to her own devices,
    When she needed me the most

    Slowly she changed,
    No longer she loved school,
    No longer she care for her test,
    Or her homework or arts,
    Her paintings become darker,
    Sloppy and messy,
    With black and red paint,
    Her last painting was,
    A girl crying tears of blood.

    My precious baby girl,
    Suffer alone,
    And I let her,
    When I can pull her out,
    One day, she went to Heaven,
    She was pushed down,
    From the highest stairs,
    In her school,
    By one of her haters,
    And she hits her head

    I lost her,
    My sweet, precious and beautiful
    Baby girl,
    My little Princess,
    My Angel,
    Because of my ignorance,
    There was nothing I could do,
    I mourn, scream, shout and cry,
    "My baby!"I shout over and over again
    But she was truly gone

    And I pray everyday,
    That all the parents out there,
    Will protect their children,
    From bullies,
    And will not repeat,
    The mistakes I have made
    No matter what it takes.