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  • ashwash_achu 5d

    Besides considering people
    And their efforts in
    Any perspective they
    Prefer worthy

    Any how the step ahead
    Is an heartbreak or total
    Opposite from the place
    You stand

    Any how the oblivion
    Experience in a step will
    End up shattering the rest
    And throw you depressed

    And then the known mistakes
    Which I own for my frustrated
    Self can be changed in the
    Further step

    In a perspective from where
    I stand and doesn't actually
    Matter once I reach up there

    Or to ignore the fact that
    In the next step you
    Are again a dumb person
    Unlike the last encounter

    And so we look for high
    In the ups and downs
    Of life


  • ashwash_achu 1w

    Has it ended finally
    Are we gone for good ?

    Am I getting chills
    In reverse

    Or letting all the air
    Out for once feeling
    All empty once again

    With eyes filled with


  • ashwash_achu 1w

    After mastering the
    Human characteristics

    We jump back again
    To mirroring attitude

    Just like every other loop in life
    Or replacement act of chaos


  • ashwash_achu 7w

    It's true that I'm numb
    Towards you

    And I'm not worried
    Whose dead

  • ashwash_achu 8w

    I'd tear myself apart
    Miles away but not beside you


  • ashwash_achu 9w

    You don't gotta be draining
    Until you find a way out from


  • ashwash_achu 11w

    The will to live will arise
    If people weren't terrified
    Of intelligence and kindness


  • ashwash_achu 14w

    We questioned each other
    Right knowing we are in
    Same pages we answered
    Wrong to keep it going !


  • ashwash_achu 14w

    And after months
    I was able to tear myself apart
    And shed tears once again
    Whole heartedly


  • ashwash_achu 18w

    I've been feeling suicidal
    I ain't feeling alive

    Life ain't being loyal
    Or me being selfish
    Over people

    After figuring out
    Is it even to be bothered,
    Just like a last meal
    Before being executed

    I'd Save a bit
    For later just incase
    Death was even bitter !