A spirit ,never unleashed!A bonfire confined to his own marshmallowes wid a desire to set the whole jungle on fire ,one day!!!

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  • asit_panigrahi 86w

    " Will anything ever change ? "
    The Boy asked the Old Man

    "No , not until you find out what you are looking for !"
    The Old fellow replied !

  • asit_panigrahi 88w

    A Note from ur child

    2nd Sunday ,Every year !

    Every cell of my existence
    God's avenue,Earth

    Sub: Expressing my indebtedness to the GOD's idol for me !

    O ' mother,
    It had been years ,since I had stepped this earth,a mixture of amusements & much shared puzzles . It had been a thought forever till I started finding my way out ! How my years have passed though and an uneven Shadowing shade protected me every time and again!
    My travel from the 'natural womb' to the 'naturely womb' took not much time for transforming...But the stay and every single breath taken does have a sweetness ,a magical bliss.I ever wondered...!
    Was it just the embrace or caress or a heavenly sensation. That provided all strength, happiness and satiety all together !

    Those soft hands ! Those lovesome words ! Those cares at ailments ! Those weeps at my adjacent falls ! Why I felt something that made me the presence of God ,when u came nearer?Your words had a saccharined bond that worths no elements of universe .Even when You were hurt ! Why ? Why you never made me realise and just a smile to my heart !

    And afterall when I was asked to point out NIRVANA ❣️ , PARADISE ❣️ or ECSATSY❣️
    Yes ! I sobbed and replied here is my Maaa!
    Thank you for being a MOTHER for such naughty kid !
    And I wonder for years to repay the debt of love with much care and respect to all my moms!
    My GOD in real utopia !

    Yours परिशुद्ध बालः !

  • asit_panigrahi 88w


    Yes, this the real gracè
    I yearn and die for !
    Yes , this the charm and smilè
    I eager my heart out ❣️
    Yes , these eternal eyes
    I make my hopeful eyes look for !

    Yes , this godly beauty
    I ask God to fulfill my soul with
    Yes , this the sublime look
    I fight my freaky glance for
    Yes , No Jesus, neither Lord
    nor that Allah can get me

    Nah, I won't beg for
    any of these to any !
    When that one humane
    can bless me with all such....
    Yes you!

    Yes , this the moron and crazy
    soul, who being my God ,
    prays for me !
    And yes , this the one soul for
    I can sacri either life out
    my million lives !

    Yes , this the real gracè
    I yearn and die for .....


  • asit_panigrahi 89w

    Sinful Repentance

    Why and what is it ! And why so?...
    That gives us that bluffing delight...

    What are we ,yes we ...
    The serene nascents of that Demiurgè!...
    Hallucinating at , those Monday morning hallucinations?

    Is it just the pride? ... a utopian pride ,
    Of being such studds ; of some buck-extremist luxuriant;
    That maddens our flawntin' anima ...
    That gives us the sinful liberty of baring out our
    Birthful and eternal mother?

    Have we become such crooks ?that ,
    that is parenting us to be dumb introverts !
    Or is it so,that we can't even pain ourselves
    to swipe the weeps of our philanthropic mother,

    Shame, guilt or disgust ... aren't enough now
    to provide me relief of my bulky debt-whelming
    That had left my restless soul with much
    Benevolentless melancholy

    Apologies to the etern mother, who kept on bearing
    the silly and mature , thoughtless blunders
    Of her abject and dready sons and daughters...
    Apologies to the siblings...
    Lè virginal organisms, much provoked by
    the wrathful so called
    Homo sapiens!

    Forgiveness and pitifulness is what we beg for,
    on behalf of those vampires and beast masked fellow beings.

    Forget and forgive If thou can
    O Great mother !
    Lest leave us in what and where we are drowning !
    Since we deserve it !



  • asit_panigrahi 89w

    Lè Anonymous

    His Incognito, which had as many holes as a sieve, was not meant to hide either a mortal or a personality,but a fact much` eden` than some dire-sane ideation


  • asit_panigrahi 97w

    I GOT YOU!

    Tis` I envisage a bliss...
    Losing more of me, to get even a bit of you,
    (Everytime and again!)

    Until it contrived me to crave for bits•
    For ,I became devoid of 'em....

    I sat enshrining my head cascaded,
    Haltingly, losing myself solely,from me.

    Lest ,I vibed a deific shadow, traversing over
    I felt Something, I got many more times of me,
    Lest,I felt I got uh!
    I felt I got you!


  • asit_panigrahi 97w


    "Maturity"is when Complications turn priority and Acceptance becomes the sustaining truth......!


  • asit_panigrahi 98w


    I do have it....
    But if it's something that makes
    me "THE BEST"....
    I would f*cking love to keep
    it till my last breath!
    Ego satisfied~✓


  • asit_panigrahi 98w


    When reality appears fake
    and love for it is
    unreal ,Then you are born with
    much of a passion for it!

  • asit_panigrahi 102w


    Bliss! I swear_!!!
    If I could get even a single moment
    I would dedicate it to you
    And should deny having it back!
    Who should, would or could
    be you ?