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  • asnowdrop 1w


    I want to be a free birds in blue skies,
    and fly free in morning to night,
    Feel the sun's sky and rebel against the limitation to fly in sun only,
    be the one to fly high in the moonlight,
    of the skies and feel the highs of night,
    peace of light ,glitter of stars and,
    buzzing of night insect and just to be,
    my own destiny creator and to find a,
    moonlight in dark skies and to fly high.

  • asnowdrop 10w

    A Midnight

    I'm the midnight of forgotten memories,
    I'm the start of end or the end of start,
    of memories.
    That drive me to sleep of peace or
    wake me up with a horrid peace,
    which make me more lonely to me,
    admiring myself again as the midnight of forgotten memories.

  • asnowdrop 11w


    Words, as it feel like you,
    Words to write you up and
    at end, finding the word for words.

  • asnowdrop 11w


    She don't want to imagine him in her,
    But she was expecting from him to have her in him.

  • asnowdrop 14w


    उनकी इसी अदा पे तो, ये दिल फिदा है कि ,
    वो देखते हुए देखते थे, कि कोई देख न ले |

  • asnowdrop 16w

    #wod # word promot # Blame@writersnetwork

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    Finding yourself in other and losing

  • asnowdrop 18w


    The remaining havoc from past to present,
    though the long night inside the heart,
    finally droped like the dewdrop fall from,
    a leaf collecting all the cold of night and, finally fall on and departch from the leaves, making it free from dilemma of whole night.

  • asnowdrop 18w


    Don't change your choice for other's chaos.

  • asnowdrop 21w

    A Day Of Life

    A day of life that makes a life full of smile memories and flower to be like, they are everlasting which never leaves its smell
    and glow even its season had gone, which reminds me of being a day with you which make my life smell full of love and glow, my charm taken from your love to be like brighten like a firefly in dim light even in a darkness of Scarry night it dim itself with its own light.

  • asnowdrop 22w

    I can travel on paper

    I tried to travel on paper of boat
    that was logged in water of pain
    and tended by its nature to mark
    its trail in every object and even
    the heart came in intact of being
    melted by pain as her nature driven
    her to endorse those pain which even
    don't belong to her and made her to start
    droving in stain of pain which was
    carried by just a paper of boat.