still searching for my happiness

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  • athe_error 75w

    Forgive me.

    Hey beautiful I know you will never see this but hey I hope you do one day I hope one day you will forgive me. Forgive me for being a dumb kid that didn't care about you. I am now grown and miss you I love you if the girl I once knew comes back tell her I love her. Tell her that the one she once loved is waiting for her to love her right this time. I love you A and I am sorry. I truly hope you forgive me someday.

  • athe_error 75w

    Love became hate...

    There was once a boy going through grief without realizing it. He lost his mom at the age of 14, this huge loss led him right into the hands of the wrong friends. Through these friends he met a woman who in his world was the brightest star amongst clouds. This girl loved him like no other woman. This young boy at the time didn't know this. He was concerned with dying so he could be with his mother, his family was ripped apart he was to blame because of superstitious parents. So he made a mistake and left the girl broken. Deep inside him he knew it was wrong, no matter he just kept wishing to die and putting himself in the most dangerous situations. Somehow this boy survived to 17 he then found the girl again he had barely got released from a place where he should have never been. He once again made the mistake of his life and left this woman he didn't know life didn't understand that this was the woman he loves a few years pass he is now 19 he now understands that he made a mistake and he missed her very much he was determined to find this beautiful woman and so with his open-source intelligence skills he found her. Something had changed in this beautiful woman. She was not the same woman her heart was that of a cold woman. Her eyes would look into him with pure hatred. This man knew this but he chose to ignore he saw her one last time and tried to be there for her showing her that time changes people. In her eyes she could only see the idiot boy not the man he now was. She got her revenge from the grudge she was holding all these years. This man was torn this woman being his first girlfriend. As time moves on love can become hatred. So don't ever let love fade away no matter what you're going through. Always let the woman who is there for you know you love her. Don't let my story be yours. To A if you ever forgive me beautiful and that beautiful sweet girl that without hesitation told me "I love you" ever comes back tell her I miss her I am sorry for being an idiot kid and tell her I love her and I'm waiting for her ♥️

  • athe_error 98w

    The couple who lived in different worlds...

    There was once a man and a woman who lived far apart from each other but close enough to see each other. By fates hand, they were somehow brought together. However, these two were of completely different worlds The man had lost everything and was completely alone running from a past that was slowly catching up with him and looking to start a new life. The woman is the most beautiful woman she was like a golden star amongst silver ones to the man she however was stuck on people's judgment and she did not know the feeling of losing those around her she only knew that she didn't love the man but still gave him hope. One day after many calls and video chats although to you it may seem silly to this man that woman was his world As he would get off work his heart would skip a beat just thinking about talking to this beautiful woman. To him, his future was with her with the Woman who had the most beautiful smile in the world or so he thought. This man has no money and well his height isn't what society considers to be ok. This man however knew he loved her and one day with the little money he had he went to her house to meet her parents and well This man had no fear to express his feelings because he knew how much he loved this woman and well he got her a few gifts to express his love but the woman took them for granted he didn't even hear a thank you and This man had a gift the ability to understand people and their thoughts through the day he spent his time reading this woman the woman he loved trying to figure out what was wrong and well eventually he saw the look of disdain almost of doubt on her face and that is when he knew she did not feel the same way anymore. He was so broken that he just left and well To him that woman was everything he asked her about it later and to his confirmation, the woman said she couldn't love him the way he loved him. The man questioned why and it wasn't hard to see why it was because the lack of money and height and so the man slowly picked up his heart but to this day that mans heart remains shattered for the woman he once loved is out of his life and his heart aches every day while thinking of her.... ©A The man who once loved unconditionally... To S the woman I once loved...

  • athe_error 182w

    By unknown writer

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    Life is hard
    Life is beautiful
    Life never ends
    Life is full of wonder
    Life is sad
    Life brings happiness
    Life is precious
    In despair we find hope
    In life, we find reasons to live another day
    In love, we find ourselves
    In sadness we find strength
    In life, we shall never give up.
    To all those who are going through hard times right now remember to keep fighting so you can one day see the beauty of life yes there are going to be hard times where all might seem dark but cling on to that little bit of light shining in the midst of eternal darkness and you shall find the path of light the path of happiness

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    By: A Specter

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    So many of us want to fall in love with someone yet so many few of us actually find what is known as true love. Love for us it is like a drug we search for it and search for it until we find it or we destroy ourselves in the process of searching for this beautiful drug. But why is love so rare? Our nature makes love rare our instinct to judge people based on personality or looks is what makes this drug so rare and hard to find. I'm sure we all had a crush and she or he didn't like us back well it was either due to looks or personality or we just didn't meet the requirements she or he was looking for. I wonder what would happen if love was easy to find if love was as easy as just living to see another day......

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    By: A Specter

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    A specter

    I can walk and be there next to you without you noticing. I can smile without you even acknowledging me Yet I can see you as clear as one can see the stars on a cloudless night. I ask myself why do I notice you? But you do not notice me then I realize in your world I am none existent I am a specter and nothing more. You shine as bright as the aurora your smile is as bright as the stars and your eyes glow with an unfamiliar spark that I cannot describe but you are the most beautiful person I have ever seen in the world. I wonder how it would be like to hold you in my arms and tell you how I feel about you. I know that day will never come because you and I are of two different worlds I mean after all, I am only a specter while you cast an unfamiliar day glow that shines like a halo...

  • athe_error 191w

    Giving up

    When we give up we loose no matter how you word it giving up is still giving whether you give up on a hard situation or on someone you love. Why give up ? Is it really the best course of action on your part ? When we give up all our hard work turns into dust and we crumble as if a missile just hit us. When one does not give up one survives the storm to feel the warmth of the beautiful sun. So why give up if you are going to loose all the work you have put in whether it is in a hard situation or love you must never give up fight through the storm to one day feel the warmth and happiness you deserve.......

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    Pain hurts some say why just why am i going through such pain. I on the other hand have learned to thrive in pain with pain comes logic with pain comes the need for power with pain comes new eyes. Pain hurts but it teaches you and opens your eyes. Seeing those you love and care leave or switch up and betray you right before your eyes without you being able to do nothing this kind of pain reminds you that you are not dead yet you survived through betrayal and loss so why can't you survive and thrive in pain..

  • athe_error 192w

    Need to believe

    We humans always have the need to believe in our minds but is the need to believe always healthy for us ? In my opinion this need to believe causes us great harm. Although one might think that our need to believe is healthy to always have the belief and hope for something but in this cold frozen world not all of us have intentions as pure as snow. We humans are selfish by nature and want the best for ourselves without thinking how our words might affect others that is just how we are. When one sees you have the need to belive one may either turn you into their puppet in a never ending cycle or they can rescue you from your misery. Be careful who you let see your emotions and who you believe in .....

  • athe_error 193w


    As i look up at the beautiful night stars i think to myself why must we be so selfish all the time? We only care for our own survival some say it is natural selection well i call this being selfish. The need to only care about one's own self is destructive if we as a people keep continuing to be selfish how can change come to be ? So instead of only worrying about one's own survival let us worry about the survival of the human race. One species yet separated by classes and different beliefs. Let us put our selfish ways to rest and be united with one common goal in mind to preserve LIFE !!!