sweetly intoxicating i scribble my emotions somedays just a lost boat in a big harbor

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  • auriferous_dreamer_ 4d

    I fought last night
    I fought with my love
    I dreamt last night in light of bright
    I dreamt of him as pure as a dove
    I dreamt of him standing tall
    Holding his arms by himself and caressing within
    I got apprehensive and apall
    I got sad that he doesn't care to reach to me anymore,,making my world spin
    But then like a miracle I saw the still him moving
    But like an oracle I felt the clouds speaking
    He moved and came closer to me rowing
    His lips moved as if love reeking
    I was discharged of my worry
    I was freed from my frown
    This time I reached to him and let my head in his chest bury
    I knew he loved me and I loved him like I wear the crown

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 1w

    The physical pain was so haunting that it haunted my emotions
    The messy emotions were so loud that it defeaned the silence
    The silence was so strong that it blinded my skin
    Alas my poor skin couldn't see anymore and landed for the foe in a friend and became numb forever

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 1w

    Pain is when the room is filled with humans but you feel only their bodies
    Pain is when your heart is in love but your mind perpetually hates
    Pain is when your heart wants to beat but your arteries won't allow

    Pain is when you try to be a human but your senses won't stop screaming inhuman desires

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 1w

    If relationship is the first step
    And marriage the last
    The cement to make these two is love
    The water to make the cement strong is trust
    And the paint to make it look beautiful is respect
    This entire stair is of the house named loyalty

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 2w

    Life is about hustling everyday
    Making yourself believe that you are doing good
    Survive the passing second
    Then set in your beloved's arms
    And let them set in your soul as well

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 2w

    I am the art of your charm
    You are the ointment to my harm

    I am the dance to your ballad
    You are the red to my hands so pallid

    I am the bird to your blue
    You are the painting to my hue

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 2w

    He was the unlit fire in my lips
    He was the burning rage in my heart
    He was a calm storm in my finger tips
    And he was a ferocious wind in my dainty cart

    He was the black to my white
    He was the star to my sky
    He was the wrong to my right
    And he was the green to my lie

    He was the peace to my war
    He was the dilemma to my mind
    He was the answer to my implore
    And he was the solution to my grind

    So tell me if I'm biased
    To the man who was so poised
    Tell me if I really love him
    Or if it's an act of the rim
    I know my heart by now
    It beats with the movement of his brow
    I know my woman pretty well
    She lives in his memory and in his longing they dwell


  • auriferous_dreamer_ 2w

    Not having enough time in hand he turned my woman on over my red jumpsuit
    His deft fingers moved against my throbbing cleft
    The concave wanted him in my but alas time stood for no one
    And he satisfied the goddess by sucking on the outer necter and letting the waterfall lose beneath

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 2w

    Some feelings are better unsaid
    Some emotions better not uttered
    Because sometimes the inability to express shows the paramount of love

  • auriferous_dreamer_ 3w

    Chand rang roop badalti hai
    Par badalti hai asmaan ke chaati pe hi
    Chand kabhi puri kabhi kabhi aadhi hoti hai
    Par hoti hai asmaan pe roke hi
    Chand kabhi laal kbhi safed dikhti hai
    Par dikhti hai wahi asmaan ke aangan pe hi

    Tab aap hi batay mai ek insaan hoke kaise apna noor chupau aapke ruhaniyat ke saamne?
    Kaise lihaaz na karu aapke mayassar nawaazish ko?
    Kaise mera man na muntazir bane aapke musalsal vasl ka?

    Mai chaand jaisi aafreen raqs me houngi
    Kya aap asmaan jaise shiddat farmayenge?