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  • averagewhiteman 1w

    Never Forget

    You are strong!

    You are more than enough!

    You are capable!

    You are priceless!

    You are absolutely vital!


  • averagewhiteman 2w

    Even Though.

    Though we dwell on shifting sands,
    Though the world inhales and exhales.
    Though the rain falls and then returns,
    Though the wind whistles its tales.
    Though the world turns perpetually,
    Though the sun soars and then retreats.
    Though the sea calls incessantly,
    Though earth shifts beneath our feet.
    Though you cannot hear my voice,
    Though you cannot see my eyes.
    Though we suffer for our choice,
    Though the tragic stains our lives.
    Though you cannot share my bed,
    Though hearts, once empty, are full.
    Though your lips are painted red,
    Though I'll always feel your pull.
    Though our fingers released their grasp,
    Though we let each other go,
    Though our souls exhale and gasp,
    Though I'll always love you so.


  • averagewhiteman 4w

    Upon a Tree

    I carved our names,
    With a heart just underneath,
    Into the willing torso of a tree.
    A reminder.... (should you need it),
    That your heart belongs to me.

    I carved our names,
    With a heart just underneath,
    A scar inflicted upon a tree,
    A tattoo for us to share,
    A gift to you, from the depths of me.

    I carved your name,
    With a heart beneath,
    Just a stones throw from the sea.
    A brand of possession,
    A statement for life,
    My heart belongs to you,
    Your heart belongs to me.

    You carved your name,
    With a flourish,
    Into the soul of me.
    You etched into my depths,
    With a tenderness,
    That belies the pain I feel.

    I carved our names into a tree,
    A promise whispered on the breeze,
    A gentle waltz performed by the leaves,
    A path trodden down beneath.
    One heart, one soul,
    Our love immortalised in poetry.


  • averagewhiteman 6w

    Forgive my disquieting thoughts,
    That stalk me when no-one is around.
    They leave me groping for comfort,
    Where no comfort is to be found.


  • averagewhiteman 6w

    The Night Bell

    The bell chimes,
    Empty and shrill.
    "Are you sleeping ?xx"
    'Do you dream of me still?'

    The Bell chimes,
    Clamourous and strong,
    'Are you OK?'
    'Have I done you wrong?'

    The Bell chimes,
    And I'm all a fluster.
    It calls me...
    Bleed in ink,
    All the words you can muster.

    The Bell chimes,
    Persistant and ruinous,
    'Don't leave me now,
    In the night of the loveless!'

    The Bell chimes,
    Playing its own tune this time.
    Its cries peal into the night...
    'You are not mine!'
    'You are not mine!'


  • averagewhiteman 7w

    It sustains my spirit,
    To embroider my thoughts for you.
    To make your pulse perform its dance.

    It soothes my trouble soul,
    To release the butterflies,
    Hiding within your countenance.


  • averagewhiteman 8w

    I only regret all that came before you!
    And more than ever,
    I miss you baby!


  • averagewhiteman 8w

    The least judgmental and most empathetic man I've ever known. My grandad was a truly beautiful man.
    Alan Gibbins 1927 - 2021

    #death #mourning #grandfather #writersnetwork

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    A Beautiful Man

    Such a beautiful man,
    The Father of my mother.
    A Brother of many,
    And a man like no other.
    You held my hand tight,
    When you were a giant to me.
    And I held your hand in mine,
    As you passed into memory.
    So leave the pain behind,
    And know that you are missed.
    Sleep peacefully dear grandad,
    And pass into the mist.
    But who can I talk to.,
    When I need someone to understand?
    Who will I turn to,
    Without this beautiful man?


  • averagewhiteman 9w

    "Our sweetest songs are those that tell of saddest thought"

    Percy Bysshe Shelley

  • averagewhiteman 9w

    I'm Just a Man

    I am just a man,
    Filled with dark corners,
    Hidden behind my smile.
    I am merely dust in the moonlight,
    Litter on the breeze,
    Dancing before you,
    Just for a little while.
    So I distract myself,
    And the woman I love,
    With a pocket full of metaphors.
    With stumbling poetry,
    And rambling prose.
    Creative declarations,
    For my own RED Rose.
    Was I the hero in your story?
    Swooping in with soothing words?
    Lifting you on a divan of romance?
    Placing you on a pedestal above?
    Holding you aloft,
    With heroic arms of love?
    By the words I have uttered I DO STAND!
    And yet, I am what I am,
    I am.... just a man.