Musician| Ambivert| Extremist| Romantic| Gamer.

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  • awesomeness25 59w

    Pareshaniyon ko karke dhuaan,
    Manao holi haseen jasbaaton se,
    Berang zindagi hai sabki yahan,
    Rang bhardo kuch meethi si baaton se!

  • awesomeness25 59w

    Somedays you're like a perilous storm,
    The others, like a capsized canoe,
    At times you're gentle and warm,
    The others, you're quiet and low

    Be what may your state of mind,
    Remember you're a rare soul to find,
    For, you're the disease and its antidote,
    You're a force of nature whilst being a tiny boat

  • awesomeness25 60w

    Duniya ke kisi kone mein pyaar dhundne nikla banjara,
    Deewane ko thi nahi khabar, ki duniya hai gol!

  • awesomeness25 60w

    You've rejected my love so many times,
    Now it doesn't accept you!

  • awesomeness25 60w

    How do you fight a feeling that's stronger than you are?
    How do you stay motivated to continue when the goal seems so far?
    How are you not scared yet? Are you not afraid of em scars?
    Aren't they  what defines us? Isn't that  who we truly we are?

  • awesomeness25 60w

    Kabhi kabhi kud ko bachane ke liye,
    Kisi aur ko maarna padta hai,
    Aag se bachne ke liye,
    Usse bhujana padta hai!

  • awesomeness25 60w

    Your freedom isn't free,
    It comes at the cost of my trust!


  • awesomeness25 64w

    Midnight Prince!

    The moment you stepped into my life,
    You set my world ablaze,
    Everything was on fire,
    Yet I only felt the warmth of the rays

    Maybe it was love,
    Perhaps it was the chase,
    Walking on a unidirectional road,
    But to me it felt no less than a maze

    You were hard to understand,
    Difficult to comprehend,
    I spent a lot of time,
    Re reading the texts you'd send

    You were supposed to be my midnight prince,
    Not my knight,
    For I'm a strong, independent woman,
    Who fights her own fight

    I needed no protection,
    Nor do I need any saving,
    Love,attention and a lil affection,
    Thats all I was craving.......

  • awesomeness25 93w

    Talking to a person,
    But living with their memory?

  • awesomeness25 98w

    Sometimes a person may live,
    But his feelings would die