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  • ayayrunsblog 25w

    Silent Misery

    I shape my mouth to scream but there's no sound,
    Silently suffering, as a familiar panic surrounds.
    I am trapped, so much frustration that I cannot release,
    One's heart can yearn so many things but I just want peace.
    Some say peace is quiet but that's ironic you see,
    Because there's no peace for me; only silent misery.

  • ayayrunsblog 27w

    A World Without Silence

    From the noisy corner house to the bustling, busy streets,
    A world without silence; an unfortunate feat.
    For the price of no silence is a world that cannot rest,
    A world that has failed even before it took the test.
    Because in silence, you recharge and take that time to process,
    'Tis the reason why I love silence, I undoubtedly profess.
    For a world without silence, I rather not be,
    I'd take silence for a day over a noisy eternity.

  • ayayrunsblog 53w


    I yearn to go, to leave and rest,
    For I strongly believe that I've given my best.
    Times have changed and it no longer feels the same,
    So in this video of life, I'd pause at this frame.
    Rest and recharge if that's a possibility,
    To help restore my mind's clarity.
    Undisturbed slumber seems like paradise to me,
    A timely escape from dreadful reality.
    Like a bear through the winter, I'd rest in my den,
    But please wake me up when this nightmare ends.

  • ayayrunsblog 58w


    I'm not even sure, of the letters to your name,
    Or even where you live or your age, which is quite a shame.
    But one thing I'm sure of is that you support,
    And by all the birthday greetings you received, you have a great rapport.
    You're appreciated and loved and don't give up the fight,
    Live and laugh and love some more, and please continue to write.
    The world needs more persons like you; a blessing in disguise.
    Happy Birthday to you my friend, cheers to more life!

  • ayayrunsblog 59w

    Leaving My Home Behind

    There's no place like home, that's what they say,
    The place you return to after a very long day.
    I can see it now as I pack up my stuff,
    My blanket and pillows, my mattress now feels rough.
    I pack my shoes that I used to journey out and into the house,
    My final steps on the creeky wooden floor, squeaking like a mouse.
    I pass my hands along the corridor of familiar walls,
    The rooms now almost empty, for each sound, an echo calls.
    I sit on my couch for the very last time,
    As I turn a new leaf and leave everything behind.
    This is scarier than I thought, as I gazed through my glass windows,
    Knowingly one last peak as my eyes well and my eyebrows furrow.
    I walk to the end of the hall, and I take off the lights.
    Inhale; Exhale, I guess this is goodnight.

  • ayayrunsblog 60w

    Bittersweet Melody

    You like being out and socializing a lot,
    Me, on the other hand, I would rather not.
    You feel charged when you're surrounded, one with the other,
    While the same for me, runs down my people meter.
    You're accepted by the world and so it's always been,
    Me on the other hand? I'm the ugly duckling.
    I'm often discussed, an example not to be,
    Chatty personalities preferred over ones of serenity.
    They may be louder and a more outgoing bunch,
    But our power is in silence; deafening words pack a punch.
    Two very opposite personalities, both at war,
    Entangled with humanity, they walk through evolution's door.
    And at the end, when all is said and done,
    Neither have lost and neither have won.
    They both coexist in chaotic harmony,
    Introverted, extroverted; bittersweet melody.

  • ayayrunsblog 62w

    #women #woman #womansday #wod #appreciation #thoughtful

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    Who Is A Woman?

    What best describes being a woman?
    For the many thoughts that come to mind, this visits most often.
    Is it the way she's brave, when she wants and needs to be?
    She stands up high and tall in the face of adversity.
    Is it her power, that intimidates certain people in the room?
    Scared of the fact that their jobs, she'd have quite soon.
    Or is it how she bridges the gap that society created?
    Small victories daily; the ladder of inequality, eradicated.
    Perhaps it's the resilience that she carries around herself?
    Constantly let down by society but still within her, she finds strength.
    And if it isn't all of that then surely it's the love?
    Her unwavering compassion intertwined with great resolve.
    But the more I think is the more I realize,
    That the essence of a woman cannot be categorized.
    It's everything and then some along the way,
    And to this I raise a toast, to all the women on this symbolic day.
    Continue to rise with grit and dedication that never fades,
    And always be reminded that you're fearfully and wonderfully made.

  • ayayrunsblog 63w

    My Broken Crayon

    If I were to die, what would I take with me?
    So many things to choose from, so many things I see.
    I'd like to take the scent of asphalt when it rains,
    Or I'd take some thorny roses to remind me; there's no love without pain.
    In one hand I'll take memories and in the other I'll hold dice,
    So that in my other life, I'd be reminded that life's a gamble and you don't live twice.
    Yes, even though I've passed on, I'd take my memories,
    Of all the wonderful things and people that meant the most to me.
    But if I could only take one thing with me in my final hour,
    I'd take my broken, battered heart as broken crayons can still color.

  • ayayrunsblog 63w

    A Letter From Wildlife

    To Humanity,

    Pieces of paper on the ground, plastics on the beach,
    Will You please clean it up? For Us?
    We beseech!

    Signed, Concerned endangered wildlife.

  • ayayrunsblog 64w


    Love Conquered All.