~ A long term farewell to return again~ take care ❤ Sayonara~

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  • ayu004_ 2w


    A dedication for ya'll before this year ends

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    On October end
    A miraculous world with a quill in hand paints my bland soul taking me in rounds for a poetic -world ground

    Pink berry was her name
    A wonder with a sweet-smile & a '' future lover" adorning her beautiful nights
    Pink dresses her poesies as honey oozes out of her quill
    On sleepless nights
    A kind soul complimenting with purple- green hearts
    with ' Dayyuum' in a cheerful sign
    bringing glee with her cheery cute talks
    Darling you're a kind soul!

    A divine quill with thoughts lingering her mind
    your words always stay planted in my mind
    Very unique is your style
    The first time I met you I remember a cute chibi adorning your profile
    corrected my typos & darling keep inking
    Cos your words are so precious

    Sparkles of a boy
    adorning himself with self-love
    sparkle hopes that what you say
    adorable -cute
    So thankful I met you darling
    My little- bro
    You're always a reason for me to smile

    Sophia love
    So sweet
    Didn't talk much but you were always in glee
    Appreciation for everyone ..a humble soul
    You disappeared in a trance ; Hope you'd return
    and hope you're safe
    Bring us a smile again

    Crystal snow
    Your poesies are so magical like the fairy-tales which I always adore
    A reflection you have so do I
    You adored my pieces when I was a newbie
    More power to your quill with fairy tales magic !

    baby pink me
    Says the baby in pink
    Darling Kim ...
    So soft you're and so are your words
    Be strong in every down-fall
    Be quick to mend : cos tome slips darling
    a stone, be a stone someimes
    Saranghae I say
    Yeah Kim is yours
    I wink ;)

    The second army I met
    From a note of despondency
    But darling purple hearts would cover your grey moods
    Taehyung's boxy smile would rejuvenate your pores
    Jungkook's cute smile & cherry laughs,
    Mochi our cute dumpling
    And the hyung line where WWH rocks
    would always make you feel alive
    With purple lights adorning you with a smile

    The beautiful poetess so are her words so wise with courage I've seen you with telepoetess
    Adorning you as always
    Your compliments boosts me every moment
    Keep inking darling your creations so.. sublime
    with your words

    A whole dictionary with mellifluous words & blissful metaphors making my whole mind agape
    of blushing rainbows oh! dear I've always felt that you're comments are masterpieces than the poesies I wrote
    A nerdo with erdo
    Playing with words ..So smart in every reply
    You make everyone's day with compliments so blissful
    your words none could steal
    The sun of Miraquill
    Makes my day always with your fiery comments making me more owe you
    & adore you more !
    You're my forever Idol dear nerdo!!

    Mohima with a great glorious nature
    Bengali Queen
    You're so sweet like fructose oozing everyday
    You're words of ' Martini' , ' Black ' & " Monochrome"
    Sublime with blissful metaphors
    A great friend
    A good prankster : playing truth & dare last night
    Curly hair so wavy
    Your sweetness can't be quenched darling!
    Stay well met you at the last moment darling
    But your memories would always be engraved in the heart of this poetess!

    Your poesies speak volume of emotions grasping my heart
    A kind soul with a cheery aura
    Keep inking darling ..
    you're pieces
    So alluring!

    Extreme case
    So alluring pieces you draw with your quill
    Keep inking with pieces
    A rainbow delicacy you drew yesterday
    Darling you're such an influence !
    Keep inking with such vehemence

    Maia with a mischievous laughter
    truth & dare rolled on others
    As we pranked you no.who
    with " what did you do last night ?'
    A shocking expression yeah..
    Darling keep inking & be more mischievous !!!

    rishi jee
    rishy the tubelight
    writes pieces catching ones heart yes..a piece of art in a Museum delight
    A tube-light : often victimized by the pranks we hold
    A cool yoyo
    with a kind-heart
    so tall! Bro

    The twist in your words with logical beams
    Like the arc of the moon catches ones heart in a trance
    Your appreciation for my pieces : I'm honoured
    The first person to adore my whole pieces ,
    A rare gem with sublime thoughts ..
    Are you..
    The handsome philosopher in our miraculous quill !


  • ayu004_ 2w

    Blue is the shade of the amulet
    I wore in gawking -summers yellow
    with mellow-peaches ripening to red
    & sweet-fructose fellow
    Brown was my straw-hat I painted stealing from wood-apple crown:
    Beech tree of light hues spoke
    & took my canvas in autumn rain-town

    Grey is my favourite shawl
    he gifted on Valentine sprinkled in red
    Pearls of my choker shines a bitter-caramel on nights black -lousy top
    Pine trees say green
    Jingle- bells sprinkles in gold- thread
    Christmas white
    frost dances pirouettes wild
    On my table
    Wood- brown
    with poesies colouring my mundane- pencil
    honey- waffle colour
    As my lips shine with sakura shimmer
    on new-year eve
    Gloss plastered in silence-with
    strawberry scent laughing to my conundrum
    ' Am I pink pretty ? '


  • ayu004_ 2w



    Wrote about something which bothers my mind these days.
    I don't think it was that successful tho..

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    Gold are the colour of her earrings stealing others glances , wearing on daily morning light with her delicate hands of supremacy.From her drawer of tolerance dressed in a white flag of a saree covering her bosom of a motherly-core and curves of a beauteous sculpture : where pride lays in her walk-way of momentum.

    Her spoon glides along to the rattling of her utensils frying : as her infant tucked in a soft-clothe cry light-tears of hunger rambling.A red soul of keen management moulding within her brown hands of daily-chores as she's immured into four walls of a shelter: indepence of a lady in the 21st generation is still at stake. As her life is coerced with a disruption in a career of fortune with an excuse of being a woman.

    Oh! Darn the neighbour with eyes of a greed-lurking was the misery for staining the virgin-lips of a white-rose tucked within her blankets on the 15 th year string.His black -lips shimmer with greed: but oh! the cluster of beings look down with pity & disgust to this stained rose.An odious being they call: with an excuse of being a woman.Oh! sinner they say to the 15 th year rose : as the male lives in independence after the attempts he stained his own soul with a coal of black! But she's burdened with her stain as society lies with their vicious eyes. Oh! sinner your fate of being stained as a woman not pure: no bliss you'll have again in near future lane.

    Her frock sways but beneath knee-length, as society puts a red-eye and mocks with a sigh ' Got stained you! Due to your half-dress'. Went seven-seas for the career of fortune to glimmer.They accuse her with careless-glares of venom poisoning ' No marriage for you dear: here' they say.Confined mindset still lay agape. With an excuse of being a woman again. Equality for democracy with high-voice of a lioness on a T.V screen : distinguished are fearless - beings of a lioness from stereotypes of being confined to bow-low.

    ' Blue' is the blanching conservativeness speaking in every edge of other's mind,laying still crevices.

    Conservativeness morphs discipline : but overdosed within beings
    Makes the blind eye within reality.

    Red where strength lays in her core
    White where tolerance & purity of a soul
    Her beauty is a jewel of gold
    Heart is the strength as her bosom is draped
    with a sponge of delicacy absorbing wrath

    Colours raining in her soul is where an immortal soul -female
    Lays with an eye of brave as her brawny -frame rises up in every calamity which blames.


  • ayu004_ 2w

    Letting go is easier than holding onto slopes that constantly make you slide-in their hands
    Cos at the end of the day you're just an option filling ones void: another replacement
    Stealing your worth of..


  • ayu004_ 2w

    @bubbly_bluebells ( hehe i took ur name here ��)

    At last
    Wrote something
    With my heart...

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    Spying- 00:00

    My amaranth- spy falls
    To the weight of your words which speaks more to your pursed- up lips
    Galloping to your strings which rose
    Betwixt the blue-bells cracked & rose-
    water fed on my chin drunken
    I spy-all alone: the seven-sunsets flying with wings of piqued doves: twitching & lieing
    You reed the skies to summon rain-tinkling
    But a silver-linen of moon awaits to kiss the dull-rain baffling
    To wet my French coat & to swell my keen-eyes
    Spying gestures-smoothly
    I shall die seeking you love : as a simp
    No love or with love
    unveils justice for my gruesome-eyes

    Cos under the lilac moon I'll glide all your pain & embracing sustain
    As you mourn shirty-fortnights
    Hugging your skin --
    so tight
    I'm the cupid: a suitor pursuing your dreams on 12.00 clock ring chimes
    The warrior kissing your pain
    Oh! Darling I shall not live in vain


  • ayu004_ 2w


    Happy bday Taetae ��

    Confession: I wrote this with taekook in my head so it's some rainbow poem ..
    Can say ����

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    : Kismet: lies

    Under the trees of cherry blossoms where the bench of the delicate-kiss we spun : bleeding the insecure-pain of letting go--- your fingers which fiddled with my barren -pocket
    Messing up my thoughts as you parted our distance ..
    Impalpable glasses dances our pathways as I still look into your eyes of a caramel-shade
    I try to take hold of your soul as other's eyes our lingering on our twisting bodies in boulevards of soul
    How free other beings are born to love ?
    My mind quivers my own heart of loving a forfeited love -- destined
    My wrecked soul is a simp -- lulling for a warm -shawl to drape me on nights ---

    Still with you on sweet-nights lavender as you tongue the strawberry mousse : slurping the candle-wax melting on my coffee-table
    The scorching sun -kisses the rain
    an embrace of being under the cold-wrenching cascade
    With an umbrella sheltering us from foreign-glares sappy
    Your embrace lit fire in a heart drenching in rain---

    French-toasts & tortillas bakes
    Weary hearts sits weeping in our pockets ...
    Under a moonlight
    As the moon cries wild to a romance ditching in monochrome
    The roasted-stars strums the harp of another charm---
    Under the lamp-stall undulating its sipping -glimmer
    I whisper to your ear as a bouquet of heart-flutters on your brows wiggling to my breathe

    For darling..
    You say the reverie I'm dumped in a bland saga unkempt..
    The flesh of my mask- hidden rattles when your sleeves carve the tempting-kisses you stitched on my lips
    For darling evening creeps , cherry -wine howls: & a quarter of my thoughts are wasted on some tape : as I'm a venerant on knitting staccatos on the keys of a white-mousse singing

    Cos darling musicians die on grave-yards not in your memoirs you hum to painting :the buoyant lyrics on...
    And I won't let my slave of a soul: bow to my proffession where others behold
    As I write 'you' in every cassette
    For darling.
    I shall not live in vain!


  • ayu004_ 2w


    My brain isn't working today: will delete soon ��

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    Per( plexed)

    I cupped the muffle you read in a trance of hallelujah simping on a plant-rooted in Vegas
    Under shade-leaking rampant boughs of brawny -sculpted
    My poetic lips intided the beauteous springs I bled
    With you darling :as my shattered soul mourn a dearned -freak
    Broken-glasses sits on my sink---

    Turburent silhouette stucked in an aluminium -sheet
    frowning to my dead-tears in crooked-December-dimples
    As I chug down the fizzling-wine of a bartender-lousy
    Selling charming-lanterns for a dead-love ---

    Cornered : am I drowsy?
    Unheard are the memoirs
    as the letters in my diary-screams silent-strophes
    Crouched :my whole rib cage as metaphors are baked under my scalp
    Which my flowery bonnet covers the threads of similes

    Widows peak peeking on my forehead as you trace in a curse
    The hummed words of departure-
    As it flies to my heart-lost
    Made --
    Heartily for you to own--

    Your gossamer salwa peeks its sheet on nights
    And a bonfire of claustrophobic folks
    get -loose its tail
    As your eyes wrap my heart to kill my solitary-sonnets : to endow the ring of your soft-breathe
    Under my showering -roses accused---

    For gulp me
    Stab me
    Thrust me with your cold-piercings
    Summon my tears of a heart-on stone
    As my whole soul screams to be stolen with your dead -glance
    For I shall not live in vain !


  • ayu004_ 2w

    Withering of 21st string..

    Dear end of 2021,

    The lime froth is rotting now under the willow tree ,where once stolen scents cradled with a winsome smile of fortune.My attempts to steal the amranthine petals of care lays lost in the dark-limping woods where once prosperous breathe snored: but now whining as I try to mould them within my palms of fragile in vain. Shades of grey are still gallivanting on mountains, as they try to tear their white of growing old wrinkles, tears scroll down to hold onto the farewell gown.Let go! It cries as the shades clutch the gown with pity nailing their cores. Heart -is screwed with steaming- attacks of holding on; holding on to the wrath of pain which fervently looks into our eyes to weep.Oh! but my soul speaks a sonnet : to weed away the bliss once I was crept in: the bliss of gifting your soul to wildflowers ,which lurks to chew your soul in a thud with no-pity.

    The rain is still the same : a replica of my hidden tears which would explode with a thousand tappings: but now my chin is wrapped of a verglass ,melting to the obscure-shadows of my filth. These walls of blue-hues were the beds once I created my-feathery pillows on: as I awaited the harbinger of darkness to swallow my glitching-heart, plucking deaf cries near my ears.The latte of coffe-beans in a cup, singing its taste sits on my table as my tongue gulp it down in a whole : while I catch a nostalgic essence on how I drank the same latte on the tower of January: where lilies bloomed for north-spring to attend.

    My lile-arms are rummaging under my bed where a rug once I wrapped my frame :is now a dim- colour of red .After autumn mornings and forlorn-winters a broken heart lays in my closet spinning threads of letters on my journal: a pad of tears and clicks of laughter are needled on every page stale yet the same fresh aroma of moments fiddling in. The wings-of my butterfly-locket is a treasure in my dreams where night-mares were crumbled : a lucky charm I adore.As the butterfly lady winks at my webs of thoughts, giving a sigh of relief for my fresh- jouney within my lonesome path ahead.The 31 st day of string chimes in front of my rolling moments: as I'm the muse laughing every year on the cliff of winter- disappearing.While spring leaves fossils of early years in my journal compelling me to dump the remnants of poignant-seconds to ink my new-chapter of glee in a new page of a crispy prologue.

    Yours poetess of misery thoughts
    sitting for the new start of spring.


  • ayu004_ 2w


    @writersbay : every para carries a list of events with emotions embedded

    Sorry for the long read...��

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    Strophes of December..

    The redolent-champagne ran down my throat as my fingers which clutched the crystal-glass with my finger-tips slipped with grease in agile.While my eyelids drooped: making it shut without a warning as I caught a glimpse of your silhouette that was fading away: like the dissipitating smoke agitating under the mantel of my fire-place.As I got drowned in the memories in my deep- slumber.

    On early December, fell into a dimension of your soft-chambers weeping endlessly with the need of sympathy to caress your weeping tears: replacing it with a dew of kindness lingering in my cobalt forehead : frozen with mysteries flowing throughout me.

    Chilling my veins with flocks of tranquil- pigeons running on my verandah, & sweet words flicking on my temple which I bestowed the strings of pity: those words were engraved on it . Not knowing that sapiens turn back their gratitude with shameless gestures of ruling the egoistic sonnets you accused me of with your sly-laughters.

    A stone : a stone which defied your deeds of manipulating the act of betrayals.Showing the place of a man who puppets the strings of a woman's heart,one after the other.You trapped in prioritising the desires which lingers : hitting your fame of prim-roses wild.

    The warmth in my bosom was stolen away by your fingers ,giving a sickness of yearning for cold nights to drape in warmth of your embracement: but no remorse is left now within the heart of a random girl , a wanderlust lending a hand to bloom lilies on chests of cold-sapiens.A girl with a hope of rising betwixt her fingers .Your bonafide -lies spills poison of the reality that hit light within my slit that you slaughtered, slowly with the facade of your smouldering smiles.

    I puked the the champagne which shipwrecked me with the moments of nostalgic seconds .Oh! Now I see myself sitting on a wheel chair slamming the pedal to make me slide-fast, as tears spring on my chest.

    On a grave-yard sits a yellow-rose with withered petals signing the withdrawal of our bond :flaming the letters what a yellow-rose decipher.Moments were like a camera-roll flinching to the the end of leaving-seconds.But darling it's now the end of 2021: I've no desire to stop the melting time or to jolt back the calender of December where holy-moments imbued :with specks of a careless glare.Cos darling time flies & removes littering pieces: before ones future turns bitter.


  • ayu004_ 3w

    || Flicking: moments... ||

    The vintage beret of grey-smoke he wore as he clicked the moment of my flicking-smile: laughing as the wreath of chimeric wind slipped through my plaited threads of hair scrolled up to a bush of a bun: pinned with a sakura of rosemeate.The flash of clicks are still screeching on the white-skin of my eyes: as the gray-scale captured within the hole is printed on my journal of brown-leather.Oh! Now my wrinkled hands traces his face of a monument in that buttercup field in yore,with the moments captured close to my heart.

    Live every moment not to regret but to remember
    as time slips; so are the moments
    Our young hearts flips to grow old