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  • azkiyah 5w

    Hello beautiful people,
    I wanna inform y'all that i am leaving this place, though it's always hard to bid goodbye,
    But i guess I am not getting enough time to continue my schedule in a proper manner, my exams are near moreover I have some other issues so i want to tell you guys that i will miss you so much ❤thankyou so mich for your constant love and support! I promise I'll be back on 7th ofJune.
    Till then take care,
    Lots of love from core of my heart.

  • azkiyah 5w

    Thank you so much for EC!(9)@miraquill
    Thank you so much for ❤@writersnetwork

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    Dearth deadly desire~Love

    He said that vagueness
    Comes over everything when
    I arrive, and spring brings contour
    To his garden of love
    Those words scored upon my bones,
    Screams of grief, melancholia and groan
    I still loathe and love him unconditionally
    He still resonates
    his own dumb summary of grief,
    A thousand years before
    my ink could die,
    He stabbed my ribcage
    Still it bleeds to ink my pages,
    He never knew that the faded Autumn
    Was actually the same blooming spring,
    That was seeking for his love that dearth deadly desire!

  • azkiyah 5w

    To My favorite berry❤

    Yk This is a beautiful place not because of the daily challenges that we get From miraquill but because of people like you!
    Happiest birthday berry jaan i freaking love you so so muchhh!!!! Miraquill feels boring without you! You mean so much to me
    You're one of the reasons that makes me stay here! You're such a precious and sweet soul!! I am glad that I meat you ! Happy happy birthday to you and a big congratulations to you for completing your another trip around the sunOn your special day i wish you all the happiness darling! You are soooo beautiful to meeeeeeeeee, can't you seeeee,
    Happy birthday to youuuuuuuu, i am sorry for the wishing you late I wasn't aware that it is your birthdayanyway sending you lots of virtual hugs and kisses ,
    Azkiyah loves you berry jaan.❤
    Stay happy always.

  • azkiyah 6w


    Idk what *-*
    I want umm someone to love me I need someone who needs me ������

    Edit: thank you so much for repost WN����(7)

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    Scarlet spring of my heart
    i am your suitor since my birth,
    those nebulous (sea)sons on your lips ,
    I am closing my eyes
    And you quench my thirst
    We dance in the scarlet ruddy shade
    And the Eddy atmosphere embracing us on the alter and now it's you,me,sunshine and sweet wine.
    Cover my tangled soul sometimes,
    My Apple bough feels empty without you,
    Under the thunder we still rise,
    My brown burnt shades are still crimson,
    On my way to paradise i Remember the summer skies,
    To thank them for paving your way to me,
    Now it feels like I am on dead dry sand
    Standing alone but with memories,
    I feel the air that you breath in me,
    That glorifies my soul, and fills my veins,
    The rainbows of our love are still the same,
    But this time with more glistening beam,
    I have my petals shed on sand,
    On The unset alter the candles are lit,
    The songs wind sings are just for us
    Let's live the peace before paradise.

  • azkiyah 6w

    #weather (I really ain't sure)

    I don't know if it makes sense��‍♀️
    Lame ��

    "And I'll be there, whenever you want me, I need somebody who can love me at my worst
    No, I'm not perfect, but I hope you see my worth"
    This was on mind ����

    Edit : this was so unexpected ��i love you ��‍❄️�� tysm for repost @/writersnetwork (6) ��

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    On your gloomy days,
    I will be your sun,
    On your lonely nights
    I will be your moon
    And if I were weather
    I would be all of you
    To change your moods
    I would often camouflage
    And swathe in your hue,
    Someday I would be rain
    In grief to accompany you,
    Or maybe I would be the wind
    To caress your curls
    I would be the rainbow to
    Emblazon our love,
    The gloom of your eyes
    Would surely grip mine,
    And my cold blood lumps,
    Would spread in your azure
    Maybe you would stare and
    Again fall for peculiar pink sky,
    I would calm my storms
    For I would have you
    To kiss you in summer delight
    I would accord myself with your Fragrance
    So that spring comes through
    And if you woke up early in the morning
    I shall be the calm breeze
    Quietly listening to your silence
    And you shall shelter me
    In your broken yet most beautiful place!
    I wish not to be human.

  • azkiyah 7w

    Idk what ������
    #trinet #wod #ceesreposts

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    After frown
    I felt
    Her eyes embroidered with dew drops,
    Her chest filled with shining scars,
    Collarbones articulated
    inextricable pain
    bedizened hope

    After frown
    I felt
    Her old mirked hopes turn zoetic
    Her ruptured veins influx with love
    Collarbones festooned
    Betwixt butterflies
    Painful beauty


  • azkiyah 7w

    #repent #wod
    Bohat andar tak jala deti hain,
    Woh shikayaten jo bayan nhi hoti ~ Gulzar

    Shauk_e_wafa na sahi,
    Khauf_e_khuda to rakh!

    Tysm for repost WN ��(5)

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    Lovely or Deadly
    Anyway it was beautiful

    illecebrous hopes took
    Birth from her ribcage,
    Those flowers that bloom
    Lacerating thorns were lethal
    But the fragrance of love
    Made her cwtch all the nails

    Her mournful bosom
    Never believed that
    Those hopes made her decay
    Tangling of her veins
    That were drying day by day
    bedizened in grief

    Now her eyes resonate repent
    The belief in love
    That tore her apart
    Her Poetries suture the
    Sarcophagus place in her heart
    Festooned with melancholy

  • azkiyah 8w

    #wod #map
    Bas likh diya idk ��‍♀

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    (Map)(le) (M)us(e)

    The Bruises on my skin
    Are beautiful piece of art,
    They glow in Vermillion shine
    For they are something more than gems,
    The Scribblings of my love for him

    The ruddy glow of sunsets,
    Clouds dipped in coral of our love,
    The unknown roads lead to beautiful destiny,
    Dazzling lemes betwixt those torned map(s),
    crumpled maple dead yet alive in sweetness

    The tawny dhaila sings lullabies
    For both of us overnight,
    Those sketched scars cicatrize,
    My lamented heart once again beats,
    We live under the same sky it's Us.

  • azkiyah 9w

    Ab ap nahi padegey to ham kya sonchege ❤
    Collab with nightmare bhai gives alag he vibes ��

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    जो मोहोब्बत में मेरे साथ हुआ
    आदमी एक दफा तो सोचेगा
    रात इस दर से गुजारी हमने
    कोई देखेगा तो क्या सोचेगा

    आंखें आज भी नम है
    दिल ab इश्क की इजाजत नहीं देता
    फिर भी मुस्कुरा देता हू
    ये सोचके के की कोई देखेगा
    तो क्या सोचेगा

    मैं कहानी किस्सों में उलझा रहता
    नज़्म लिखता और मिटाता रहता हूं
    सबब न पूछे कोई मेरा हाल ए दिल का
    छुपा के रखता हु अर्जुयो को
    कोई रुकसत हो गया तो क्या सोचेगा

    मौजूदा हालात नहीं की तुमसे
    कुछ देर बात की जाए
    कयामत के डर से मैने
    रात बेसबर ही गुजार दी
    सोचता हु की कोई हमनवा
    मिल गया तो भरोसा कैसे होगा
    वो देखेगा तो क्या सोचेगा
    हमारे अश्क जो नम हुए
    ज़माने ने एक दफा तो सोचना होगा
    दिन कैसे कटे हमारे
    कुछ तो सहारा होगा
    जब सहारा कुछ न होगा तो
    ज़माना क्या सोचेगा

    हां वो आंखें आज भी नम है
    पर अपनी लाचारी पर हस्ती हूं
    जरा सा मुस्कुरा देती हु
    कोई हल ए दिल जानेगा तो क्या सोचेगा

    मैं कहानियां रंगीन और किस्से में
    रंगरलियां मानती हु
    मेरे चांद से पूछे कोई
    मैं रातें कैसे बिताती हु
    पर कभी सोचती हूं
    के कोई जानेगा तो क्या सोचेगा

    आज तो में कुछ के नहीं सकती
    पर तुम अयोगे तो पूरी जिन्दगी लेके आना
    रातें कट जायेगी खामोशी में
    तुम मेरे साथ होगे तो हमे फरक नही
    पड़ेगा का कि कोई क्या सोचेगा ।

    ©_the_nightmare ©azkiyah

  • azkiyah 9w

    #years #wod

    Hey lovelies
    I am sorry I wrote after so long I don't think this one is good but I thought I need to post something ..I tried so here it is


    Ily @/miraquill tysm for remembering me ��❤
    Tysm for Ec (7) ��
    Tysm wn for ❤ (54)

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    I wonder if those who love me will forget me the same way

    Every heartbeat of mine
    Mumbled love for him
    Every blink of my eyes
    Showered love for him
    Every time i pondered
    It was all about him.

    Now betwixt my ruptured veins
    Wild flowers are blooming,
    Maybe I am still beauty for others
    But deep inside somewhere
    Those ruptured veins
    are influxed by pain.

    I recall the days
    When Moon was wretched
    For it seemed too dull to me
    When we nestled together,
    When I was you
    And you were me

    Now that you're gone,
    Though nothing can replace
    your place in my heart,
    But still I feel that my moon
    Shines different now,