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  • baby_says 4w

    Innocent and delicate
    I'm tired of pretending
    I'm done
    What are you up to? Where are you? Did you eat? Goodnight
    Baby, darling, honey, I miss you
    It's all useless
    You got me like
    This is not a touching love story
    No romance, no sincerity
    I'm sorry, but I'm not sorry

  • baby_says 6w

    I m that kind of person m that talk alot on Social media but in real life tu kon me kon

  • baby_says 6w

    No matter how old I will get I would sing DNA DNA even if I'm 80 in public

  • baby_says 6w

    Loser love

    Even though I like you, nobody knows
    Even when I see other girls, nobody’s like you
    I’m sorry for having no courage
    You can laugh at me all you want

    *I’m a loser who loves you*


  • baby_says 6w

    Never make fun of someone ' language
    Their body their looks because god created everyone beautifully its just our eyes Don't see !

  • baby_says 7w

    She was like sparkling star, smiling like Sunshine ,
    Her eyes reflects happiness
    Just like child
    But know how she could lead ahead
    You laughed 1000 times but she was the only one kind to you

  • baby_says 7w

    If you are rich bitch still work like broke

  • baby_says 7w

    Loosing friends and found myself and peace

  • baby_says 8w

    I treated them right even though they were mean & treated them wrong who were nice
    I regretted all time and making same mistakes again..

  • baby_says 9w

    You think you can roast me worst, bro!! I have group of guy friends