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  • bad_habit 10h

    This heart is
    not made
    of flowers,
    yet he who proclaim
    knows not of a love
    like mine.
    but of a love like

  • bad_habit 2d

    Hug me
    in your

  • bad_habit 3d

    You are the book
    I keep closed,
    for some stories are not
    easy to read,
    but flowers bloom
    in between,
    like the story
    is still alive.

  • bad_habit 4d

    Baby I wanna know what you think when you are alone is it me
    Are you thinking of me?

  • bad_habit 1w

    If I could stitch
    these wounds with letters
    every scar
    would bear your name...

  • bad_habit 1w

    *Lip kiss is Fashion
    *Forehead kiss is emotion

    For me
    Both are imagination

  • bad_habit 1w

    And all
    of the sudden I felt
    really tired.
    Like the world has drained
    me for everything
    that I had...

  • bad_habit 1w

    Day breaks —
    mouths yawan in sync
    with the sun,
    the birds croon
    the sky ; a picture
    of blue,
    we bounce off beams
    of light,
    like a child at play,
    And day ; the makeup
    that washes away
    but when the
    certain draw ;
    we retreat behind
    closed doors,
    those ghosts that
    carry skeletons of
    us all
    closet doors remains
    looked, yet
    they seep from
    and those gaps;
    like hidden highways
    for dark secrets
    to unleash.

  • bad_habit 1w

    By unknown writer

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    " They often say, in the end, if you have a heart, then it’s them to be at loss. But what about your pieces, you already lost to them"

  • bad_habit 1w

    you know how much i wanna tell my love for you?

    i wanna tell the stars how you shine just like they do. i wanna tell the moon how bright you can be and how dark you can show up, yet i still am fascinated by you — with you, just as how i am with it. i want to speak to the wind about how strong you got me, yet calmness is still intact — you’ve never taken that away from me, and that’s some kind of beautiful thing ever happened. i wanna speak to the clouds and see how they change their types, just as how your mood shifts, yet i’m still into it — still into you. i wanna encounter the rain and be filled with the fear of thunders and shock of lightnings; nevertheless, i’m still staying — storms come and go, and so are your worst times, i’m still staying.

    and most of all, i wanna talk to you, much talks, deep chats, gestures of inexplainable feelings; for you and from you. just the pure channel of love, the line extending the space between the two of us, just listening to the lub-dubs and

    #love #love #love

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