a poet, guitarist, and a theologian.

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  • bagwai 118w

    Like a bird

    I just saw a bird on a barbwire prison wall.
    I just saw a bird pick up crumbs from the prisoners waist.
    I just a bird sing from his heart while the warder frowns.
    I just saw a bird wash himself in sand.
    I just saw a bird leave when he felt like.
    I just saw a bird live by not worrying.

  • bagwai 118w

    Pikin Faith

    Pikin no know creed.
    Pikin no sabi code of beliefs.
    Pikin go only wake up and cry for food.
    Pikin go only tell papa and mama with tears if him no get mouth.
    Pikin dey hardly know the difference between Ali, John, and Khan.
    However pikin vex, dem no dey fit form gang to disturb town.
    Therefore pikin no get Isis, pikin no get Crusaders, him no understand the glory for matyrdoom or the sweet wey dey seventy plus two Virginia Street.
    And finally, pikin no dey open mouth to profess him faith just so to gain acceptance, na person wey done grow dey carry religion walker to hate, kill and distroy.
    Unless your faith be like pikin heaven gate go bend your nose.

  • bagwai 135w

    Hot tea in 7'C

    Plenty of cups to keep warm
    Plenty of warmth in the middle
    Plenty of hang outs and jist
    But when you retire
    When you begin the snore
    Something enlarges your bladder
    The strange visitor
    And it's frequency
    Every 15, 15 minutes the
    Toilet door must be opened
    You must make piece
    Of course for peace
    So instead of sleep
    You must from your bed slip
    Only to be touched by the cold chill
    In 7'C

  • bagwai 141w

    The Feminine Power

    Once I dreaded finality
    The coldest embrace of the earth
    Making sure she takes back
    Finally what is hers.
    But that was the ignorance
    We all hated to see the light for.
    The motivation to live in the steady
    Nature of time was once oiled by the daughters of Eve,
    Yes a feminine back
    Not a canine bark.
    I once read a piece were the feminine is responsible for the genius in men,
    And I am afraid now that the heart's issues are more confusing and cold.
    Some of us may prefer mathematics and the new discuss about the fifth force though withdrawn from the numbers and notations explaining them.
    The feminine power
    Isn't a canine tower
    Built by the cemented bones of the
    But by the Labour of birth
    Her salvation
    And the song she daily repeats about hope.

  • bagwai 145w

    ECWA Women

    Your week of prayer isnt meant for selfies
    It is to help you be set free!!!
    It isn't intended for uniform
    But to mould you into Christ form.

  • bagwai 147w

    Your Portion O' Levite

    O Levite forget not your portion
    O Levite forget not the promise
    O Levite it ain't a curse
    For the day you do, you may inherit Gehazi's
    For the day you do you may not have the hands to take home the gifts.
    For the Lord God is your exceeding portion.

  • bagwai 147w

    The Eunuch

    Let the Eunuch who loves peace
    Who loves justice
    Who loves righteousness
    Who loves the way of the HOLY ONE
    Not say I am only a "dry tree"
    For the Lord would make him a memorial
    In the temple. A name greater than sons and daughters would be given him.
    And his name shall be eternal.
    (Isaiah 56:3)

  • bagwai 148w

    The Hedonist

    The subtilty in the persuation of the materialist,
    His appeal to the five senses,
    His total disregard of the life to come
    Yet forgetting we all are pleasure seekers.
    The Spiritual man may deny his taste buds
    But this denial isn't an end in itself,
    We deny if need be for the eternal pleasures promised.
    The pleasure of the tree of life
    The pleasure of light
    The pleasure of peace
    The pleasure of unbelievable sights
    The pleasure of heaven
    The pleasure of the street of gold
    The pleasure of music
    The pleasure of crowns
    The pleasure of God himself and
    Sitting with his Christ.

  • bagwai 150w

    School of Shaking Tables

    In the realms of tables
    And among guts to shake them
    There is but one teacher and master
    There is but one who we can imitate
    He is no other but Yeshua
    He shuck them
    And flipped them upside down.
    He turned them so much so
    The authorities were scared to question
    Where he got his authority.
    He shuck them tables with passion,
    He shuck them with koboko.
    He shuck them up even coins were rolling away.
    He shuck them the doves where happy to fly
    He shuck them his disciples were stirred to remember prophesy.
    Finally friends in the game of shaking tables be like Yeshua Almasiah.

  • bagwai 150w

    For a Disturbed Soul

    There is no denying we
    Living in messed up ages.
    False sages,
    Acting and teaching as though
    They are the rock of ages.
    Pointing directions but all
    Is the Broadway.
    Plenty voices,
    Aiding wrong choices.
    The UN can't give the peace,
    Peace to eternal matters.
    Peace to soul letters.
    Letters from the glob,
    Can't be paid by the richest Forbes.
    How many in miserableness,
    Have taken to suicide,
    Hoping for an answer
    Through eternity from NASA?
    Doctors may prescribe
    But can't fix the soul.
    There is a promise for
    Our burdens.
    A gentle voice in the storm.
    There is a way out,
    From the prince of Peace.
    An eternal fix,
    For a disturbed soul.