Everything that kills me makes me feel alive....!!

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  • be_grateful 2w

    #friendship #wod
    Thank you so much @miraquill for Editor's Choice
    I am grateful ����✨✨����✨✨

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    I am the Sun waiting for Moon
    to come someday and meet my gloom.
    I saw his scars from far
    they were dull and dark.
    So I gave some weary rays
    to flare him once again.
    I want him to be my side.
    Will it be the darkest night
    Or burning day with end of moonlight?

  • be_grateful 2w

    Oh dear! shooting star
    You drained too fast.
    Taking thousands of wishes
    with that stale spark.
    I wished for you.
    To be in sky.
    To be the part of my
    counting every night.

  • be_grateful 6w

    Spoiler, we die in the end....!!


  • be_grateful 7w

    #december #wod
    Thank you so much @miraquill for Editor's Choice
    ����✨✨I am grateful ����✨✨

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    When I weep they call it mist.
    When I smile they call it sunshine.
    But how can I grin when I am told to sob?
    Leaves die leaving their trees.
    Beggars weep as they don't
    have blankets to sleep.
    Accidents occur as they can't see.
    I am too cruel is what they bleed.
    All your scars is what I can't heal.
    I am fragile and I can't breathe.

  • be_grateful 8w

    First time I lost trust.
    I peeled off, my love rust.
    I thought mortals were nice
    as I could survive
    by telling what's there inside my mind.
    But then I realized,
    It's better to live with scars.
    Then holding soul
    who will break my heart.
    As at last
    All those scars were healed
    by poetries as a work of art.

  • be_grateful 8w

    Dear younger self,

    Starting with "How are you?" will not be fine,
    As you will again build a beautiful lie.
    "Every child is unique" is what we bleed,
    Still you compare as our society prick.
    Share your gloom with stars and moon,
    There silence have what you need.
    I know everyone is with you,
    Still you are alone with no clue.
    You love every soul,
    But some roses are not meant to grow.
    Some people will leave you with scars,
    Just heal them with core of your heart.
    This time will pass,
    And you will realize everything
    was just a mirage.

  • be_grateful 8w

    I was chasing after moon.
    When my days were filled with gloom.
    Forgetting, many souls rely on you.
    Am I filling those utopian scars on you
    or there are some bitter truths?

  • be_grateful 10w

    #monostich #wod
    ❄️❄️����Will write soon....����❄️❄️

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    Corridors of life

    My soul is vacant and veins are dried
    as my faculty is fragile.

  • be_grateful 10w

    Am I losing my quill....

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    Why every time
    When weeds of miseries are going to die,
    Due to burns of utopian sunshine.
    You pour gloomy rain and say with smile
    "Some souls are made to fade alive"

  • be_grateful 11w

    #wod #unnoticed

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    Every time I go unnoticed.
    Just like snow on petals of roses.
    I wait for soothe sunshine.
    To show the beauty of soul I carry inside.