Can no longer be put in a box.����‍♀️♥️

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  • be_nidhi 13w

    Witness and Be

    God gave you the gift of failure
    to help you understand
    that there's nothing to be done.
    Nothing to "achieve".

    All is taken care of.
    And so are you.

    In the grand scheme of life,
    All will be taken care of.

    Your only job is
    to just let the God flow
    through you and do His magic.

    Just open all the doors,
    all the windows of your heart..

    And witness.

    Witness the magic that already every form, shape, hue..

    in You !

    Just Witness and Be!


  • be_nidhi 20w

    Much thanks to you dear soul.����

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    Dear Narcissist,

    Thank you for dehumanizing me,
    How else would I get in touch with my Goddess essence ?!

    Thank you for wringing my true love so mercilessly,
    How else would I learn that love is not always enough and not the only important aspect ?!

    Thank you for gaslighting me, for putting me in the dungeons of hell, leaving me alone to battle those gory fiends,
    How else would I turn inwards for the answers and push myself to build myself day by day ?!

    Thank you for ghosting me, for leaving me with no closure,
    How else would I learn to rise above the illusions of this matrix ?!

    Thank you for playing games, for philandering around,
    How else would I learn to stop being blind and put myself first ?!

    Thank you for never treating me right,
    How else will I learn to respect and treat myself right ?!

    Thank you for showing me your rinky-dink, sleazy self,
    How else would I learn what karmic means and what I do and don't deserve ?!

    Thank you for making me give up on human-love,
    How else would I learn to be driven towards God and 'know' it is a definite possibility for me ?!

    How else . . . ?!

    Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.


  • be_nidhi 23w


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    After your trial by fire, when the Ego is completely will be directed to rebuild yourself..

    The process will take the BEST of you . . .

    You will be scared to get your power back because you no longer want anything to do with the Ego but dear One! Remember! That is but the Ego again playing games to keep you in suffering.

    Do Not Be Afraid. Rise Up !

    The Ego will not get the best of you now. Because you've not only learnt your lesson; you've also LIVED your lesson. And it was never a life sentence to begin with.

    So, dear One! Do not be afraid! Rise Up!
    Reclaim your power. It's okay.

    It's okay ! It's about time !


  • be_nidhi 23w


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    Even the God himself cannot take away the God's essence away from you. If that is not an act of unconditional love, then,

    what is ?!


  • be_nidhi 24w

    Nothing can fill this void.
    God is void.
    Accept this void.
    Be God.


  • be_nidhi 27w


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    After all the hatred dissipates,
    The Love resurfaces..

    Now, what do I do of this Love that couldn't find expression before?!

    How do I give closure to something that refuses to close or disclose?!

    How do I integrate it into my being when now I know there is but none?!

    Where should I direct these voices inside my mind that fail to find any outlet?!

    How do I breathe when I feel every breath lacks the fulfillment that my heart longs for?!

    I have tried to just let it be and surrender...Trust me I have..!

    Oh! There is but no knowing! Is there?!

    While I contemplate to accept it all,
    my heart bleeds some more...
    Tears roar some more...

    Right now, my 'inner child' just wants to be held by the 'Divine Mother'...!!

    I want to breathe, merge and lose myself into Her Divine fulfilling bosom overflowing with unconditional love, never to return . . .

    Oh! Hug me Divine Mother! Hug me please!


  • be_nidhi 36w

    If I die of anxiety or heart failure, tell them I had a big heart but it wasn't big enough to transmute all the trauma in the world.


  • be_nidhi 47w

    Hence, you must choose you. Always.��



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    Maybe people don't abandon you,
    Maybe your soul just outgrows them on a subtle level first.


  • be_nidhi 48w


    Death seems a viable option as always.

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    Now I know exactly why people give up on their twin flame journey.

    Exactly why.

    And I don't blame them !


  • be_nidhi 48w


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    Motivation #42

    If you always feel it's you vs the world, then remember you have made it thus far and hence,

    Your Might = Might of the World.

    You are a force. You cannot be stopped. Keep going!