My thoughts are held captive by my lips, so I write to give my mind freedom to reach beyond my introverted personality.

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  • beatificvibes 29w


    She is amazing down to the core
    Engaging personality
    Her strength reaches infinity's door
    She is proof there is good in humanity

    A presence that radiates confidence
    Comes from a soul filled with a bravey that's bottomless
    Witty and smart, forgiving and holds common sense
    When she falls, it's not long before she has moved on again

    Truly beautiful unlike any I have seen
    So upbeat and a spirit filled of undefeated belief
    She constantly overcoming challenging things
    She is a power being
    I call her....
    My Queen

  • beatificvibes 37w

    Let Go

    It was an unexpected free fall
    Exhilarating speeds made things barely visible at all
    This wasn't suppose to be happening to me
    Then suddenly a screeching hault has stopped everything

    As the dust settled, I found myself on the edge of another cliff
    She stood on a floating cloud, with her arms raised in my direction
    Deep in the trance of her perfect beauty I took one step, I fell again
    As I looked down into uncertainty, she appeared in my descent

    Her smile made my heart race and a glow radiated from my face
    Making me forget that I had been falling through an infinite space
    She made me feel limitless, no boundaries, but the ones of her embrace

    Another sudden stop
    She was still my only thought
    I stood frantically searching for what I had lost
    As I searched frantically I only became more distraught

    Then off in the distance there was a warm glow
    I took one step to run and immediately fell and my eyes closed
    Before I could even worry , I looked up and she touched my soul
    I saw my heart in her hands and it felt safe in her control

    So I just allowed my self to fall deeper in love and let go

  • beatificvibes 40w


    I can't stare at her for a long time
    The strength of her beauty is blinding
    Reminding me that royalty stands before my eyes
    A fierce bravery expands from the core of her mind

    Unpredictable, wise and a patient lady
    Been through the difficult but remains within greatness
    Those lucky enough to pay her attention gain enrichment daily
    Only She can break her limits, a decision only she can make

    She is the definition of perfection
    Any knowledge given is an investment
    Shes a fighter driven by a spirit with a clear direction
    Sincerely humble, A Queen and nothing less than

  • beatificvibes 41w

    She stood by the bed looking out the window
    As he wrapped his arms around,while pulling her back into him
    She leaned her head back, as he kissed her neck slow
    His hand slid down between the fabric of her sweats and skin

    Lower and lower until she felt his finger tips touching her clit
    He licked to her ear, and she turned to face him biting her lip
    Never breaking eye contact, he began to pull down her sweats to the floor they went
    Pushed her back against the wall, got on one knee and gave her leg a lift
    Placing it on his shoulder and using his tongue in shapes while holding her hips

    She removed his face from it and put her leg down
    He stood up slowly,as she pushed him toward the bed and he sat down
    Straddling him and he wrapped his arms around

    Kissed passionate and he grabed her hips rolling on top
    He stood up and pulled her to the edge of the bed and took his shorts off
    Her eyes followed his body down and it was hard as a rock
    He moved closer and pressing it against her lips as both their eyes had locked

    He pushed the tip against her opening ,

    the further in,

    inch, by inch

    too be continued


  • beatificvibes 41w

    Lady in my Dream

    I layed on my side staring off into the dark
    Another sleepless night lost in my thoughts
    My mind replaying dreams of the one who controls my heart
    Her voice pleasures my ear drums anytime she talks

    Rays of light entered through an opening in the blinds
    From behind me a familiar voice caught me by surprise
    "Finally awake" I heard her say, waiting for a reply
    I turned around slowly to see her smile, as we locked eyes

    I was shocked to her beautiful face shinning
    "How? Where?" I tried to speak
    She gently put her hand on my cheek
    Laughing at my disbelief, she reassured "Its really me"

    Still confused by her appearance, I tried to figure out how
    But just a fast as she appeared, reality poured back down
    I sat up in the dark room, searching but she was no where to be found
    "Another dream" I thought to myself as my soul reached out

    The Lady I dream about


  • beatificvibes 57w

    Im use to the negativity within
    But not immune to it
    Despite what it says, only I can limit me
    And I refuse to quit

    There will be days my mind and soul hold no synergy
    Hope may not be able to reach the inner me
    Or a storm of doubt may pour down a flood of negative thinking
    Whatever the day brings, I know there are bigger things

    I've overcome challenges with no belief in site
    Dug my way out of avalanchess that attacked my life
    While distracted by some other issues and hard times
    The scars remind me to stay in the fight that bring a dream to life

    Even when its difficult to believe or try

    I will spend my sleepless nights

    Repeating inside to keep climbing

  • beatificvibes 57w

    A Strengthened Stride

    I kept my gaze to the stars, while patiently waiting
    Reshaping my mind and heart to start something innovating
    Its been hard escaping doubt from taking me to negative places
    Until the day the ground below me started shaking

    The foundation was changing

    Elevating me to a stage where opportunity was in view
    Usually the height would cause me to focus on all I could lose
    But not this time around, because within my core a light shined through
    My soul was ready to fly and my mind was aligned too

    Its my moment to take flight
    My focus is aimed high
    The goals are shown in plain site
    A road is unfolding towards a great life

    A golden opportunity has awoken in me a strengthened stride

  • beatificvibes 79w

    Within A Journey

    Once I gain that,
    My happiness will unfold
    Is what I use to say way back,
    When belief in myself was low

    There were cards I had to play
    To establish the right connections in my brain
    Questions on a test that life had created
    Lessons that stretched where my comfort zone laid

    Gained the ability to see gain in what hurt
    Continued straight in the gaze of my fear's worst
    Remained focused when all in my way burned
    Found strength and peace over happiness in my search

    I had to be destroyed, so I could began learning
    It activated a pat and put me on a path that formed me
    Progressed, despite all my defeats and shortcomings
    In the process I found joy within the difficulties of my journey


  • beatificvibes 89w

    A Vision's Road

    It remained a dream
    Until control was placed in my mind
    Cleaned the stains left by a low self esteem
    So my soul and reflection could see each others eyes

    Once my thoughts were understood
    A dream began to manifest and slowly matured
    Negativity continued to roam my mind, but my stride was secure

    Still a bit insecure, but I could endure further than it's hold
    Despite the intensity of my storms, the vision guides my soul
    Some nights, I have to fight a negative mind on my own
    But when the sun rises, a focused mind keeps me aligned on my vision's road

  • beatificvibes 100w


    Exhausted, from a lack of sleep
    Completely lost from all of the continuous running
    Relentless foot steps echo and never stop coming
    Whispers hauntingly remind you of that one thing
    The stress of the psychological chase, is crushing every aspect of life
    It grows in strength, the longer it remains out of the light
    The shine given by truth, is the only way to survive
    It refuses to be ignored or denied
    Only consuming more and more of life
    The ghost of suppressed memories, hidden deep in the corridors of the mind