Words scatter like lilies on a clear pond, finding their way back to open hearts

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  • beautifultraveler32 1w

    Take a deep breath
    Try and focus on us
    Let's have a history lesson
    On who we shouldn't trust
    Been too many deaths
    With no smoking gun
    Too many false leaders
    Tell us to choose only one
    But that's the game they set
    You choose evil or none
    Then they yell and beat you
    Shout they will defeat you
    Because you see through
    All the sneaky lies and tricks
    All they want to do, is keep
    us desparate, broke, and sick
    Give us phones, but we're alone
    And it leads to addictions
    So many left confused
    Can't tell if what they see
    Is real or fiction
    Just click on the link
    Don't even think
    Of questioning religion
    This is their plan
    Supply and demand
    A scanner darkly vision

    Can you feel yourself fading away
    Growing soulless every day
    Stop blaming yourself, vindicated
    Stand up and be counted
    Liberated x2

    You're staring at the man
    Telling you it's the end
    It's in the air, set your affairs
    The war begins
    Panic buying, savage fighting
    Can even see the mass hysteria
    But they do even more, start to
    clear out the stores
    So they can keep you in that primal
    state, have you begging for more
    They implement the new shackles,
    Obey, they say to the meek
    They know how to get you
    To take the mark of the beast
    You start to feel empty
    Nothing makes you smile
    You start feeling depression
    Felt you have ran a mile
    You're feeling all this sadness
    It's weighing on your mind
    Killed your family dead
    Put the gun to your head
    Crying, it is time


    Sadness is growing, more than food
    Violence is happening in the school
    Children are being used for sport
    But you will not see it on the report
    They're blinding you using the supreme
    While they have it their way, and keep
    you poor!

    Chorus until end

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    Liberated-(The History Of Us)Truth Rap

    "We are more than just social security and ID numbers, more than patient charts and tags. We are universal, we are one song."-Beatrice Harris AKA Honibea The Humanist

  • beautifultraveler32 1w

    We hide it all
    Put on a brave face
    We are being kind
    Despite the trouble we face
    Feeling aloplectic
    A hidden rage
    But we just push it down
    And turn the page
    Put the make-up on
    The persona strong
    Smile real big
    What they don't know
    All along, as I sing a song
    I'm wearing a wig
    Bracing for the trying times
    with my mind and my body
    I'm not gonna be so damn kind
    If I have to go to sleep
    Diet, medication, therapy
    Did nothing
    Did it all, to be able to do something
    But you say, you're not trying hard
    Do you even have a fucking clue
    on why it's tough

    The cries of the truly connected
    Are hushed up, by the distracting
    Politics, so we just try to be beautiful
    In the midst of the hate, we just try
    to be beautiful, wailful beautiful

    Lights are loud to my eyes
    I just cover them with shades to keep
    my pride
    Can't really eat too much
    CSF filled my belly all night
    Death would be so fucking easy
    right now, but I'm a stubborn bitch
    So I'm toughing it out
    Until the blood in my body
    Has gone so cold
    Better yet, I'll push really hard
    Till I'm wrinkled and old
    And I'll remember the time
    Where I made them see
    How much I had power inside of me
    And before I take my final gasp
    I'll cry happy tears, be in my
    husband lap


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    "I'm angry but you see youth
    I'm crying tears of truth
    I'm swinging, no refute
    I'm shouting until I'm mute"- Beatrice Harris AKA Honibea The Humanist

  • beautifultraveler32 2w

    They called me out
    That's really funny
    This toxic shit turned them into
    They yell and scream, they are trying
    Hoping you won't see
    They were fucking lying
    They got you fooled, with different faces
    While they conditioned your kids, fondled them in forbidden places
    Minds lost, humanity's bound
    Can't make left or right
    With the imprisoning sounds
    Ours bodies are plants
    We need the chlorophyll
    We need the sunlight so we
    heal, regain our sense of will
    Mitochondria shot, can't make new energy
    They figured this out, with the studies
    Done in 2013
    Deeper and deeper I went
    Look at the dangerous experiments
    And the more that I saw,
    I found that these were meant
    To stop homeostasis, make us
    Dependent so we will never heal
    Stop believing the cult
    Cuz what I'm saying is real
    They destroy the families
    Because they are strong
    They know they can control you
    When you feel alone
    You bowed your head, you say the lines
    Believed it all, everything was fine
    You watched the fall, the crops are dead
    Cuz you let their bullshit, in ya head!

    Time to reset this shit
    Cuz it's all fucking wrong
    Every time I look at everyone
    Going along, they look lost
    They look hypnotized,
    Waiting to be euthanized
    Time to pull it back
    Everyone better recognize x2

    How you calling me a bot?
    Think I'm gonna cry?
    By 5G and Vaccines,
    We are doomed to die
    The media is the one who
    Pushes contradictions
    They use it in the schools
    Assimilate through education
    Marching sheep, to the beat
    of BLM, Antifa
    You so easy, you will believe anything they
    feed ya
    take a shit on a cracker, give it to you
    Tell you it's cheese
    You take a bite, smile in delight
    Then you say, can I have some more
    Then you're feeling sick
    From all the pile of shit
    You go to say something
    But ya mouth full of it
    Stuffed to the brim
    Crying, begging please
    Try to shout
    But baby, silence is defeat!


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    "There is always time to re-examine the situation, no matter how bad it may seem."- Beatrice Harris AKA Honibea The Humanist

  • beautifultraveler32 2w

    I ain't ghetto ass puppet
    Not looking for fame
    I ain't no ghetto ass puppet
    I'm not into the game
    I ain't no ghetto ass puppet
    Don't give a fuck what you like
    I ain't no ghetto ass puppet
    G-Ghetto ass puppet!

    I'm the realist poet,
    Words flowing,
    Straight out of M-Town
    Keep talking shit to me
    I'm gonna have to shut it down
    Shut you down, fucking clown
    Can't even confront me
    Feeling all the pressure
    Should of acted right in front
    of Bea
    Tacked down, on the run
    You and your illegal guns
    Pushing all that bullshit
    You'll be the only one
    That will be sitting on top
    You won't be saying that
    When my next album drops
    They'll be no coming back!


    Forged by the days of trouble
    beat so hard, yet climbed out
    the rubble, dust off, wipe the blood
    off my chin
    Staring with a side grin
    Know that I'm gonna win
    No more feeling unsure
    Of why I'm doing this
    Got my mind on a lot of things
    And that's what makes this fits
    Ain't no fucking gimmick
    This is not a hashtag
    When I'm spitting this fire
    Imma need water and a cold rag
    Cuz this is hotter than a bag of
    fuego takis
    I may not have the swag
    But that don't fucking stop me
    Cuz Imma keep up with it
    Not gonna take no shit
    Promise you I'm gonna get it
    With these bars that hit
    And stay away from the puppet
    Show, have ya fun
    Once I get what I need
    Then I'll cool down some


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    Ghetto Ass Puppet- (Warning Poetry Rap)

    "Tell me, how much of your soul did you sell to be admired by millions of fans who may die over time? Fans you may never see? Ones who sang your songs, bought your fashion, and your special edition fast food meals?"- Beatrice Harris AKA Honibea The Humanist

  • beautifultraveler32 2w

    Where are the lost souls?
    Where the rum flows
    Happy times, red wine
    Always a good show
    Them's fightin words
    Heated bar fights
    I wonder who will feel the hot
    Lead tonight?

    Start the bidding now
    Who will lose an eye?
    Crowds are all about
    Looking to see who'll die
    Here comes the brass
    They kicking ass
    Time to leave now
    And the arrests are coming up
    Fast, they running out now

    Zoom, another gunshot wound
    He needs to be rushed to St. Lukes
    Bang, here comes the family
    Shouting, he didn't do anything
    News, he has succcumbed to
    the hit
    People are losing their shit
    The song has been sung
    The rise has begun

    Dead men always tell the
    tale of
    The legend of the seas
    Without fail
    Kiddies on the playground
    Shout Yo-ho-ho!!
    Time to take over the land
    Here we go!
    Are ye ready for the cannons
    And swords that are clashing
    Spoken for warriors
    Feats that are dashing
    Yo ho!! These pirates are made tough!
    Welcome to the last free port, Tortuga!!

    (Pirate cheers)

    Welcome to the town of shipwreck
    Living on government checks
    Scratching hard to make a living
    The upper class ain't forgiving
    Fucking up their codes, they call it
    guidelines anyway, men left behind
    Live again to fight another day

    Cursed beyond world's end
    Craving all the Aztec gold
    Can't feel a warm touch
    Reducing your body to bone
    Anger rising, your real face is
    showing in the moonlight
    But you better not step to me
    A heathen goddess, full of might!

    You can't imagine the horrors
    Within the dark prisons
    You can't imagine the fright
    Or what the prisoners witness
    Piracy is just another
    term for theft
    They're the real pirates
    They're taking what we have left!

    Chorus until end

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    "Everyone has a port, where the rum flows like water and men are never without a salty wench to snoggle with. ^.^"- Beatrice Harris AKA Honibea The Humanist

  • beautifultraveler32 2w

    Looking outside my window
    Seeing the river as it flows
    A flash of fury crosses my
    Mind, With every word I said
    Warned there's danger ahead
    Am I really just wasting my time?

    Is it the news that has been so fake?
    Is it the path we chose to take?
    Or is it that, is it that I'm seeing
    It all crumble from an earthquake?

    Tremors, building in the
    United States, gone from
    Checking all the facts to
    Just accepting fate
    Put away the heroes and burned
    Their capes
    Now the only thing left is
    This regime of Gates

    Taking all the farmland
    America sold out
    Taking all the gifts
    So we can't find a way out
    Blocking, causing rifts
    Make sure we are divided
    Because their shit will end
    If we truly start to fight this

    Holding all the wealth
    Meant for us, with no reason
    Selling baby body parts
    All fucking season
    Telling us how to eat, how to think
    Everything, kitchen sink
    And we just walk the
    plank, as leaderships, start to

    Are we lost in the turbulent
    We have shown, we are better
    Without the constant lies
    And them doing whatever
    Do you want to step up?
    Because it's now or never

    Now or never x8

    I can feel the energies, shifting
    All the anguish on display
    I can hear the voices, soothing me
    Telling me it'll be ok
    Spend my time, just backtrack
    On what I have said
    Lining up the timelines
    Oh shit, this time
    They want us dead

    Want us gone, faded away
    To make for a darkened age
    Can't even see it anymore
    They have lied to your face
    Need to detox from the
    black box, look around and
    see, that your world just
    got deleted, no such thing
    as free

    Living lies
    No permission
    You think they'll change
    Their ways, keep on wishing
    Forced poverty is the vision
    Keep paying their fees,
    That is your decision
    What did you get
    Lost homes, businesses
    What did you want?
    Payments from the stimulus
    What did you need?
    For them to stop treating this
    As a joke
    Hope you will finally see
    They rather see you broke

    Chorus until end

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    Now Or Never

    "Is it wrong to say I'm just done with it? The excuses build up, like a misaligned jenga tower...remove the wrong one, everything collapses"- Beatrice Harris AKA Honibea The Humanist

  • beautifultraveler32 3w


    For a society that preaches codes and ethics, we don't follow the codes and ethics
    Dreary windfall to calm the ever winding emotions

  • beautifultraveler32 4w

    #Web #Dangerous #Unsuspecting

    Spin, spin
    Where do we begin to
    See the plot unfolding
    Set the trap for the weak
    Death will come if they speak
    Of the lies they have told them

    The piercing of skin
    The pain starts from within
    Bring on the mockingbirds
    To put the message out there
    Hit the sleeping ear
    For it's done, it's here
    For have you heard

    You were sold to the top
    You never saw it happen
    You were ordered to stop
    You couldn't see the plan
    Twisting in the silken threads
    Fear has become you
    Stuck in a dark web
    So what are you gonna do?

    Ohh, ohh, it's coming close now
    Ohh, ohh, You are hollowed out
    Ohh, Soo, So innocent
    Ohh, Noo, The spider struck

    Looping around you
    Turning your body
    You cannot breathe
    Whole body is throbbing
    They put you asleep
    With no sign of waking
    You're in too deep
    Your soul's for the taking

    Bursting in shades of red
    Cannot even speak
    In mere moments you are
    dead, a body starting to reek
    So they bury you, with the truth
    Hoping you aren't dug out
    But the dirt on their fingers
    Seen, the fighters see the truth
    and shout

    Chorus, Hook

    Can you tear through
    the trap you're in
    Can you refuse
    Can you fight to win?
    Hurry up, they moving fast
    Because the next move they
    Make, will be our last

    Strike back, strike fast
    Learn from the past
    Reminiscent of the hopeless
    Watch out, for the poison well

    Chorus, Hook until end

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    Dark Web

    "Spinning the traps, in a world of beauty and wonder, brings you closer to being put under."- Beatrice Harris AKA HonibeaTheHumanist

  • beautifultraveler32 4w

    How many ways can the human body die?
    They say 1,000.
    I believe not all die but are transferred to
    Another, depending on how one lived.
    Is it not the way of the universe, to simply
    Move the energies around us?
    Is it the unseen highway of astral travel,
    That bring us back, to learn once more on
    that which we may have missed?

    Over the cosmic horizon,
    We die twice to live once more

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    I will die just to rise again.

  • beautifultraveler32 5w

    Do you like it when I can't think
    straight, head pain
    Is it just another problem to you?
    Another migraine
    Tell me what the fuck should I do?
    To keep me here, close to you?
    I knew this would happen,
    I can't function well
    When it starts up
    I'm in my own hell
    I see my haters grinning
    Is this winning?
    Am I down for the count...?

    The track hits, am I ready
    to go?
    I feel it starting up, it might slow
    my flow
    Hitting the muscles, I can feel them
    But I can't lay down, so let's rip this

    Pushing harder against the
    Going farther, than I ever did
    But this illness will be
    Another part of me
    But I ain't going down
    No no, no no

    Day one, the body starts to
    feel the aches, but I push it away
    And keep doing these gains

    Day two, ok it's starting to hurt
    but, no, I'm the only one who will
    put in this work

    Day three, wake up to a stressed
    out body, but I get the fuck up
    and start the songwriting

    Day four, *panting* Nope!
    Still not done yet!
    Because if I give in this time
    My heart will feel regret!

    Some people tell me this
    is good for me, but I don't see
    them putting any effort in helping
    Yeah, did another hit again
    Ok, fine, I'll bend
    Before we write again...
    I'll let you rest and mend.

    Hot pins and needles
    I am not giving up
    To keep telling me do so
    I don't give two fucks
    Poetry and music
    Melding together
    This isn't luck
    It's the power of the mind
    Learned to be strong
    Overtime, I learned

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    "Sometimes the greatest sickness comes from the ones you trusted."- Beatrice Harris AKA HonibeaTheHumanist