live in the present and feel the moment adore the life and love yourself and love everyone

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  • beautywithinyou 62w

    Sometimes life seems hard and pretty disappointing but when you trust that one person who breathe life into you, not only save you from your storms but also guide your ways with morals of life. And protects your soul just like a new born baby.


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    The waves are rising, where else i can flee,
    There he comes to save me.
    Like a shield he had embraced me,
    When the danger of the death was all around me.
    By a graze he calm down the rising sea,
    Just to save me.
    Oh god who else there to care me?
    It's only you who always there to protect me.
    When there was no one to help me,
    You became my fortress to rescue me.
    Lord i don't want anything else as along as u stay with me.
    I love you with my whole heart since you breathe life into me.❤️

  • beautywithinyou 63w

    In life you get to see lot of things! Sometimes we might lose.. sometimes we might win... But we must keep on going. Nothing ever can stop you from reaching your goals. Unless you decide too! Every Windy day has an end. Sun will rise and shine so do you, please never stop your journey untill you shine like the sun after a Stormy rain☄️❤️��❤️

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    Pieces together

    I know you are being impatient lately, as everything seems to be blurry.
    Sometimes things really get scary
    life isn't a piece of cake and cherry.
    Sometimes, we try so hard, yet we fail to win battles make us feel so crazy, As things start to get wary
    just remember these moments are temporary.
    Things can't settle over a night, so don't let your heart feel heavy or weary.
    Life isn't a fairy tale or peaceful story.
    Please don't be in any hurry,
    Even though everything is Stormy.
    Trust me, one day you will make it, so don't let your soul feel worry.
    Don't ever think to stop your journey.
    And one day you will rise and stand firmly!

  • beautywithinyou 64w

    #People might hide, their flaws by drawing lines across faces and contour their edges for Chiseled jawline to add more perfection. But dear people those people don't know how to contour their imperfect and ugly heart. As always a true beauty shine from inside! It doesn't matter how many Layers of makeup a person has if he or she doesn't own a beautiful heart. You are beautiful the way you are! *You no need to hide the flaws, because your beautiful from inside and out*!❤️

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    Some might paint their flaws, sweetheart!
    But no one can ever add colours to their ugly heart!

  • beautywithinyou 82w

    @dhanupatil happy birthday �� what a coincidence that our birthday are on same date���� glad to meet you sis

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    Happy birthday to dear soul

    A girl who treats herself so less but really so precious.
    never know how much her worth could cost, if i can ever explain..then i say it's limitless.
    You are such a blessing i can't tell you or express.
    You are so sweet and sensitive that everyone around you feel so blessed.
    if someone care you a bit, it makes your entire day best.
    so childish and lovely, so caring but prefer to be a hard Rock outside, seems like anyone will fail to impress.
    I always will be your best friend so that u don't feel depressed.
    In this world everyone became selfish, i want to care u as a true friend as much as possible with my selflessness and caress.
    no dear friend never be in any distress!

  • beautywithinyou 87w

    Dear friends, in everyone's life there are few days filled with rains and storms, few days filled with fog and mist, few more days are so bright and shining. But it doesn't mean these all seasons stays for too Long. Even a ant has its life span designed by god, Our moments are meant to build us, no matter which form, or which way, or what moments brought you to the soreness of life, is actually to bring the brightness to your life. Trust me or not, even the moon reflect the light from sun during the darkness. Darkness has meaning because there itself you can witness the light. Keep smiling and love everyone.

    Please tag me. I will repost your post. I might bit on and off but I won't miss any posts so make sure u guys tag me.

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    Still breathing

    The rivers are flowing.
    It's raining, Its pouring
    Sometimes things don't seem like they are changing.
    Some days time doesn't seem like its moving.
    We don't know what is happening!
    Why sometimes we feel nothing?
    Hey i know dear, you can't stop thinking.
    Sometimes world seems like its shrinking.
    Believe dear I know you can do this, you are not alone, so never feel like your soul is dying.
    Even if your whole world tear apart and shaking.
    Keep that soul live and keep fighting.
    You will understand what's all going.
    And one fine day, your soul beings glowing

  • beautywithinyou 88w


    Sorry past few days couldn't reply to your guys comments my health wasn't fine but from now I will. I really love your comments and feedback that's how I learn more. Love you all. ��

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    Everything changes from summer to winter.
    From fine to bitter
    why things are getting bigger?
    Even during my worst mist can you still able to find a way to figure?
    You know my childish side, but will you choose to stay even when things get sicker?
    I don't know what to say but you know my love is my killer?
    For me, you are my pillar.
    Even Street lights might flicker ...
    But my love for you will never get dimmer.
    I might die someday but my love for you will keep flowing just like a river.
    I bet no one can be such a sweet lover.
    I might feel like dying in my own sadness but did I stop loving you? No never.
    Can sadness and happiness stand together?
    No, then can you wait until we get fine and stay forever?
    Or should we still fight over things which just pass by like a feather.
    If, you ask me I choose my love which is my only treasure.
    Its your choice to know which direction to choose or whatsoever.

  • beautywithinyou 88w

    "One day, I was" wandering around anxiously.
    Feeling so empty and couldn't breathe actually.
    There I met this beautiful family.
    "So"caring and amazing that I felt like the whole group is filled with humanity.
    That's what their specialty!
    I had a question in my head "anyone's dream can become a reality"?
    I couldn't thank them for their kind hospitality.
    They all says "why you are being so mere formality"?
    It's really rare and hard to find their kind of mentality.
    All of them spend time with each other happily.
    They share love and sadness which attract anyone like gravity.
    "They are a so sweet haha"hope i don't get a cavity xd!
    Thanks for being my wonderful family!❤️

    ily- i love you forever guys ❤️����

    Tagging dear fam whom I might have missed including @_mysoul @saloni0473 @divyansha
    Hope you guys loved my surprise ❤️after a long time I posted a poem❤️��I'm sorry if I couldn't add other's profile college was already big enough couldn't add much . I love u all my family ��❤️

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    당신을 사랑합니다

  • beautywithinyou 88w

    Peter falls on his knees and gradually losing his strength, Mr Louis keep punching Peter back and forth. Sharon tries to stop him, but he pushed Sharon so hard that she hits her head on a car trunk. Peter fell to ground while Sharon keep distracting Mr Louis.

    Peter gets back to fight with Mr Louis. With heavy pain in his chest and soreness. Peter holds Mr Louis's waist and ran fast into the woods nearby the campus. Sharon follows them back into the woods. Peter and Louis both are fighting near the edge of a Cliff. Before Louis can get away Peter holds him and jump off the Cliff. Sharon can't stop her thoughts after what she just witnessed. She quickly ran down of the cliff and sees Peter is lying on ground in pain while Louis's body hanging on a branch.

    She holds him in her arms. PETERRRR oh no. What have you done to yourself? Sharon I left with no choice. It's better if he is dead, He always gets away from what he had done! Now no more! BUT why PETER? Why you took the risk?

    It's raining heavily... Sharon drags him under a tree. SHARON I want to tell you something for a long time. What is it peter? I always feel so strange when I be with you! Not in weird way but in special way. Something in you pulls me towards you. Your eyes, your touch, when I look at you it feels like I lost in your eyes and can never find a way out. Even if I find one, I don't want to get out. There is a connection between you and me which I want to discover. When your finger touched me, I saw a vision about us! Vision about us? YEAH! SHARON .. IT'S AN OTHER STORY. LEAVE IT. I WILL EXPLAIN IT LATER, IF I Am ALIVE.

    You will live Peter *Sharon continue crying* Hey princess don't shade your tears please. Even before, I saw the vision about us. The ever first day of my college the moment I saw you it didn't take me a minute to realize the connection we have between us. I thought its all in my head but that day in library the second your finger touched me I saw something about us. I just told you about Bethany's vision but not about that one which I had about us.

    Peter - Please don't cry, you are mine I think I could say that because you know what " I LOVE YOU".
    Sharon- lean towards him, and they both kiss each other!

    Meanwhile, Peter's parents arrive their with other cops and find both of them, Sharon told cops about Mr Louis and how he abducted her! While the peter told them how he protected Sharon.

    THE END.

    @the97_introvert wishing you happy birthday and may God bless you dear with lots of love and success in your life❤️������

    If you guys are interested, there will be a second season for the story about Peter and sharon" love story" and about his vision and etc. After a month or so.

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  • beautywithinyou 89w

    Peter looks at Mr.Louis with anger filled in his eyes.. Peter rush towards him in a blink of an eye, he held Mr Louis by his neck and lift him off the ground, and threw him against a wall... Mr Louis is struggling to get up, meanwhile Peter starts to walk towards Sharon but Louis gets a rod to hit on Peter's head,... it doesn't hurt Peter at all ... instead Peter punch him on his face until he bleeds and losses his conscious. witnessing all these Sharon gets scared and terrified! Sharon its me Peter please don't be scared as soon as peter looks at Sharon he returns to his normal form ...this is the reason behind my supernatural powers Sharon, that's why I thought it's best to be hidden. Sharon is completely out of her breath... before she could speak something two cops showed up. peter went to explain everything but to his surprise they handcuffs Peter and hit his head with gun.

    When Peter open his eyes, his vision was completely blurry, he sees Sharon is crying and Mr Louis was holding the book. Oh hey Peter ... How are you? Do my cops hit u too hard? what you thought? you can simply make me confess my crime? couldn't you know I can pay cops? well this is what a fool like u makes a mistake without knowing the consequences! Now what you can do? by the way who are you Peter? you are not human I know it... what if I put this on internet? whole world will be shaken and I get the fame for what I have discovered!what do you say?

    do you think its that easy Mr.Louis? didn't you just say that I'm not human? peter breaks his hand cuffs with his strength and runs so fast around the cops which indeed confuse the cops to aim at him... while doing so cops accidentally shoot each other ...while Mr Louis with book in his hand takes Sharon and hides ... after the both cops dead when everything went silent ..peter went on searching for Louis.

    looking at scared face of Mr Louis Sharon scratch him on his face ...and snatch the book from his hands and ran towards peter.. and hugs him from back. hey Sharon, are you fine? yeah . lets go from here peter please. yeah I will handle Mr Louis later but first you should reach home safely! I will drop you. meanwhile Mr Louis finds one of a cop's gun on the floor ...peter and Sharon were heading towards Mr. Louis car but they heard a gun shot, Sharon turns back in fear to see.... it was Mr Louis holding gun in his hand and pointing gun towards them .... she realized she is fine then whom did Mr Louis shoot? Sharon turns her head as quickly as possible towards Peter .... all she saw is Peter got two shots on his chest.

    Will Peter who is half human and vampire survive the gunshot?Will sharon get home safely with the book? Why peter is putting his life in danger for sharon?Will Mr. Louis get punished for his crimes?

    remaining story continue in part 8…!

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    Chapter 7

  • beautywithinyou 89w

    peter was terrified and backs off ..... ..


    As Peter stood by mr.louis the Sense of his perfume , made Peter's Vision more clear. He couldn't believe what he just saw because the murderer of the girl standing next to him...the vision made it clear..! Peter just standing their with still mind

    what is it boy? you don't have idea what i was teaching? peter stays quiet. Mr Louis sends him out of the class. "GET OUT PETER"

    Sharon feels something fishy, AFTER the lecture she meets peter. Peter tells her "ITS HIM"! Are you damn sure its him? Yeah its him! i feel bad for Bethany she never deserved it. I Sense the same perfume from him and this Time the vision was more clear! waittt peter what are you hiding from me? how you know everything ? how you can Sense? just leave it SHARON! lets check the book , Bethany left a proof in that book. But we already checked the book! no. lets go we need to check it again sharon

    Both of them once again try to check the conversation book which Sharon brought. as peter was going from page to page, peter finds something bizarre, a page in the book seems empty but its isn't! Bethany wrote a letter with invisible ink. which can only be read under a UV light. they read it. In that Bethany clearly mentions that Mr.louis Always tortured Bethany to accept his love and he is now trying to kill her..

    so what you say peter? obviously sharon in my vision i saw Mr Louis trying to force her ! but Bethany refused .. Mr.louis thought she loves someone else so he decided to kill her on that very moment. He tied her up and tie a rope to her neck, hanged her by the celling made it seem like she committed suicide! and payed cops to keep quite.

    Thats it Sharon . we won. we need to show this page to higher authorities. Mr Louis was peaking from the corner door!
    These kids! i won't let that happen! i will make sure the book doesn't reach out. But peter and SHARON they are not aware of his presence. Sharon, keep it with you safely. tomorrow we can submit me at our secret place around 8:45am. okay lets have some coffee Peter? No i have to go. i have to rush home sharon. bye

    It's night, peter was having very strange feeling inside... hope everything goes as we planned. The next morning, Peter wakes up a bit late with fear in his heart, he Senses sharon was getting dragged out of car near the secret place... He gets up, he started to feel so strong, he breaks entire door while his way out! both parents were scared as they saw the strength... they decided to follow Peter...

    soon peter reaches the place. hear someone's coming...!!Mr.louis tries to hide. "SHARON ARE YOU HERE? Mr. LOUIS its better if you agree your fault and submit yourself to cops! you can't escape your faith by hiding! come out you ****** ... listening to this mr.louis came out while holding a knife in his hand , oh Peter you want to see sharon? well she is right here. have a look! Mr. Louis puts the knife on Sharon's neck. I NEED THAT BOOK TO BE BURNED OR ELSE THAT BOOK AND YOU BOTH WILL DIE THE SAME WAY AS BETHANY DIED! how do you know everything peter ? how do you know i abducted her?

    Mr . Louis please leave her! Peter was extremely angry, OH NO baby boy seems to be angry and frustrated! don't be silly peter burn the book take sharon home safely... peter was quite but his whole body started to shake.... while Mr Louis says come-on kiddo ...its not your bully fight where u can lose your temper and act like a fool. be a man and save her... "LEAVE HER ALONE " peter shouted in a loud manner,it was raining heavily while peter began to change, HIS SKIN TURNED SO PALE. His extended canine teeth are being shown... His eyes turned red as if he is gona kill Mr. louis...with long extended fingernails ... seeing all these mr. Louis drops HIS knife while sharon was nervously stumbling to move ...



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    Chapter 6