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  • bee_1972 7w

    Be Grateful

    for everything that makes life worth living❤


  • bee_1972 7w


    Vague because its scope is big
    Too broad to be understood
    Too deep to be like Merryl Streep
    Too steep to get a perfect reap
    Too wide to be described

    But craved by everyone whose heart is brave❤


  • bee_1972 9w

    Mornings are Miracle


  • bee_1972 9w


    It is where the heart lives❤

  • bee_1972 9w

    By unknown writer

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    True Love

    Never ever fades


  • bee_1972 10w

    COVID 19 Vaccine

    How can we be sure
    You're the right savior?

    What took you long
    When lots of lives didn't prolong?

    Don't you know
    before you came, our lives were so blue?

    Should we be grateful
    to experience life to be beautiful?

    I know this is just temporary
    we will still continue to be weary.

    But with you, at least I know
    I still have a chance to view
    and appreciate the beauty
    of this world that's groovy.


  • bee_1972 10w

    Alone but not Lonely

    Who says singlehood
    is of no good?

    Isn't it good to go out without someone pressuring you to hurry up?

    Isn't it good to go out shopping without
    worrying its price tags?

    Isn't it good to eat all you can exploring the unique delicacies you've never tasted without someone to stop you?

    Isn't it good to drive wherever you wanna go without thinking of anyone left at home?

    Isn't it good to hop from one friend to another with nobody to disturb your euphoric feeling with them?

    If one is destined to be single, the heart never mumbles, the mind never wanders.

    There is joy in contentment.
    There is happiness in acceptance.

    May singles live longer in this world


  • bee_1972 11w

    Random Thoughts

    Strive to stride
    Create to be great

    Work for your perks
    and never be a beggar

    Happiness follows
    For every success that overflows


  • bee_1972 11w


    Your gentle flow
    makes my heart blue

    You're like my tears
    that bears its fears

    Burst if you want
    to curse

    Let it out
    for you not to freak out

    Let all the pain
    Drift with the rain


  • bee_1972 11w

    Work From Home

    Should I be grateful that I was spared from unemployment?
    Should I be happy that I never run out of budget for my basic needs?
    Should I be glad that I still have friends and family to hang out with?

    Yes... I am.

    I need all of them... these things, people that importantly keep me going in this work from home.

    They become my silver lining where my sanity has not loosen its grip. Yes, I have become vulnerable when 7/11 workload is a pressure.
    When no one is there physically to help.

    Turning to social media as almost everyone's outlet was seemed at first a breather but being hooked to it brings disaster physically... exceeding sleepless nights; and emotionally... overthinking over those random people who came by.

    When will this end?
    When can I have my stage again?
    When can I have my unlimited time with people I want around?
    When can I be Me?

    All is up to the One who allowed this to happen.