The unconditional devotion of deepest feelings is the pure dedication of my words

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  • beleza_ 3d


    If I could hide in myself
    everything that's fair
    for me to hold on to

    Maybe I should erase my
    unwanted fate if I can believe
    in the deceptive magic

    If I could end futility
    meaningfully for me just by
    the makeup of words

    Maybe I should hide the lie
    even knowing it, if I can absorb
    the truth in the chains of life

    If I could hand over the
    dry lake of smiles to
    unknown cares for me

    Maybe I should make love a
    reflective mirror if I can make love's
    incompleteness impossible to see

    If I could enough in me for
    me, but still I can be my own
    irresistible savage habit

    Maybe I should make myself
    dedicated heart to heart if I can
    just quell the voice against myself

    If I could feel happy
    for me and cry in
    peace as a return

    Maybe I should bloom a lotus
    in colorless rituals if I can decorate
    life even in speckled colors

    If I could pass for me like a
    stream without worries even
    after the blockage of stones

    Maybe I should add the intoxication
    of smile to the murderous tears,
    if I can play a drunken gamut
    of the music of life

    If I could make every event
    of a certain circle of time a
    valuable lesson for me

    Maybe I should make a smile
    on my lips free from the
    strings of compulsions if I can
    celebrate thankfulness of
    twenty three years of my life

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    I kissed the dew
    & thirsty autumn
    began to scatter
    conspiracies on
    the ground

  • beleza_ 1w


    @writersnetwork тнαик уσυ ѕσ мυ¢н fσя тнє яєρσѕт❤️

    Kept on decorating
    Every time I looked sad in the mirror I kept showing my true smile just for the sake of it
    I've seen the fall lost in the love of the rains
    Laughing to amuse the tears, I taught to burn the pain by dipping it in ink

    I have seen a flood of tears on the leaves, but I kept telling myself dew by pretending to be unaware
    I kept telling the sinking sea the magical torrent of pearls
    I have made the stinging stones standing on the edge of life able to sit in the comfort of loneliness
    I silently taught every wound to taste the words of the poem

    And without questions, only his side is the shadow of my every dark step
    I prostrated at every step where the illusion of my destiny lies
    I haven't tried to get back even after leaving myself behind
    But the one who desires to know me has found himself unknown
    But in spite of the shattering sand of life, I teach needs to stay with the times

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    After many nights,
    the fire of sparks hugged me and cried
    But I'm learning to fall in love with the vigor of darkness

  • beleza_ 2w


    With blind eyes she decorates starless sky

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    Longing for the allure of a touch
    of snow, she awaits with a dizzying
    gamut of blissful curiosity of love delight

    as a representative of the surrender of love
    immersed in the fragrance of cool dried jasmine,
    for him she paints a musical love tale in candlelight

  • beleza_ 3w

    #love #season

    Even these rains do not know how many dreams are being decorated.
    A shining smile is being shown even in difficulties.

    There is some secret even in these drops that is being hidden.
    The gamut of his music is making me a part of him.

    This life started looking beautiful in the quest of carelessness.
    These rains are also being drunk in peace.

    There is no more enmity even with death, my heart.
    These rains are also awakening the spirit of life in me.

    The spark of hate never stops in my heart.
    These rains are melting the heart with peace.

    Even the wet grass is touching my feet passionately.
    This wet soil of rain is also being dissolved in the smell of me.

    In life, the chains of accusations are falling to break me again and again.
    These rains are making me a prankster of darkness.

    The lake of stars of desires has started filling again by giving light.
    Calling me a lamp, the rains are pouring into me.

    Destiny is repeating complaints that the words of the heart should stop on the lips.
    Even the rain of peace is being silenced from the lips.

    Changing like colors, the words of love are getting scattered.
    These rains are sometimes being told with tears and sometimes with smiles.

    The rains of life's feelings are spreading on the pages.
    These rains are telling the tales of the passing moments to the ink.

    Being the most ignorant of all, this heart got engrossed in such a way.
    These drizzling rains are making the heart sleep in the arms of love.

    Flowers of desire are scattered on the thorns of life.
    These rain of peace are being saved from difficulties by holding hands with love.

    The problems entangled in life have started again.
    Now this sand is also being adopted diligently for the rains.

    Hopelessness is ending from every path of life.
    With this rain, the spring of love is being showered in my autumn heart.

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    I'm not the rose of the desert
    But for a dry twig I'm a strand of LoVe

  • beleza_ 3w

    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost❤️

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    What if
    someone screams in
    pain and burns as an ointment?

    Maybe every punishment has no reason left.

    What if
    after being burnt
    to ashes from a wound?

    Maybe for every wound there is a hand of love.

    Where do
    faces stay for a long
    time even in broken mirrors?

    Maybe the reflection of one's character remains in the eyes.

    What if
    someone caught in the tainted
    pages makes a terrifying screaming voice?

    Maybe someone can find a sympathizer to hear that scream.

    What if
    the sky kisses the ground
    and the raining clouds become mud?

    Maybe what never happened becomes possible.

    What if
    the garden with whom you have
    loved the shadow becomes autumn?

    Maybe in that autumn the flower of two hearts will bloom.

    There is
    no scream in the lap
    of every silence between

    Maybe sometimes the last scream becomes the expression.

    What if
    someone cries after the
    soul's death, leaving it in agony?

    Maybe someone knows some importance after death.

    What happens
    if the person who does not
    achieve life becomes someone after death?

    Maybe in that moment someone will understand life.

    What if
    the person who is destined for
    heaven after longing for love sleeps peacefully?

    Maybe someone falls in love with the loneliness of life and death.

    One who
    is dear yet cannot be
    concerned with the heart

    Maybe one cannot be of love even by drowning in love.

    What if
    every corner of the heart
    becomes a painless stone for someone?

    Maybe in these rituals again some stone becomes God.


  • beleza_ 3w


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    I stand against the wind to carrying the whirlwinds
    in my arms. I didn't even see the clouds dry with
    thirst I saw a war of words in a murderer without
    a dagger. I hid those lullabies that used to leave
    me in the arms of sleep. But I have never
    seen a world that sleeps with so much love

    I didn't see stagnation of water with stones. Haven't
    seen the taste of life that touches the heart without despair. I saw the sky quenching the thirst of the
    ground but never saw it together. Maybe that's why I didn't see you with me even after taking care of me.

    I didn't see a dry rose in my heartless poems.The
    answer to which became my silence, I didn't look
    back that question. I have seen trembling walls
    decorating memories. But I didn't see the weight
    of pictures in the colored walls

    I have never seen a world of love that awakens
    in your heart. I have seen the silent eyes immersed
    in your untold feelings for me. You silently listen to
    everything, so I told. The words that melt on your lips
    for me, I have never seen such expression for me

    I did not even see the extinguished lamp sad. I
    always covered my flaws in myself. I find something
    precious in those which are the blurred lines of
    my hands. I have untold sorrow that's trying to
    immersed in love.......but I never found love.

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    Even the eyes can read the silence if the
    close proximity of the heart to the heart.
    The noise of question is better
    silence kills with wondering.
    Solitude dissolve ashes
    when life stops answering.

  • beleza_ 4w

    आँखें ऐसी आसमां का चाँद हो जैसे कोई

    बाते जैसे पानी में सीप के मोती पिरोये

    गिरे जो आंसू तो लगे बिन मौसम आसमां भी रोये

    सुनकर खामोशियाँ लगे जैसे धड़कता दिल सोये

    जो गिरे साग़र में आंसू वो उसको भी पहचान ले

    यादों में फिर उसकी कैसे न ये दिल खोये

    वो तारों सा हर पल झिलमिल-झिलमिल करता रहे

    ग़र साथ हो उसका तो उदासियों में भी

    होठों पर मुस्कुराहट का कमल खिलता रहे

    बग़ैर उसके ज़िन्दगी का ये सफ़र यूं ही थम जाये

    ग़र मिले दिल से दिल तो दिल शिद्दत-ए-इश्क़ करता रहे

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    Stay with me till the last breath
    You stay mine till you feel LoVe.

  • beleza_ 4w

    When I write the moon, you show me your glow
    In my heart your true love always flow
    If I write the night, then you shine as a star
    Seeing your smile, let me for you play the guitar
    May you forever live in my eyes
    Your arms be my hideout when I die

    listen! Let the words be today
    Just listen to the heart and let the heart say
    You see your moon with a shy way
    Let me stay close to my moonlight
    I'll write a poetry for love at first sight

  • beleza_ 4w


    I fell on the wounds as ashes and became the flowing water of pain
    There is an untold sign of the sky found in the rocky parts of the land
    I melted like wax tormented by burning
    When the destiny changed like the blood running as a favor in the veins
    The fist remained closed and the sand of time kept slipping slowly.

    I tried unsuccessfully to dampen the smoke of fear
    The stars kept breaking and making many unknown hopes possible
    Dark skies darkened by darkness kept the drops hidden in the clouds for the desperate thirst
    Many untold words left a mark on the heart, some characters were bookish
    Some difficult questions were solved, some easy questions remained curious till the end.

    As long as possible, goodwill prevailed over the creation of values.
    When I was away from pain even knowing the pain, I used to spread a velvet sheet of flowers on painful thorns
    Many untold essences were stained with silent ink even after getting down on paper
    Precious moments of lovers were entangled in waiting for some opening words
    Blood flows into ointment where the scars are erased but the wounds dominate the heart.

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    Surєlч it'ѕ dєєp чσu'vє gσt pαín í'vє lívєd pαín

  • beleza_ 4w

    #symbol #novemberc

    The rosey lamps of the gardens are awakening with the hope of love on the dreary sand
    I will embrace the new attraction of your love in the motion of my old trend

    Drunken drops of dew are feeling the behavior of shy petals of roses
    I will keep filling in the proportion of love, with the lovely juicy doses

    Secretly rose is awakening love by spreading a sheet of dew on the velvet buds in the clouds of leaves
    By blossoming the roses of your choice in my hands, I will hide and hold thorns sheaves

    Every branch surrounded by thorns is spreading and distributing thirsty buds
    Even after being away from you, I will not leave mashed fragrant roses like the suds

    The chill of November is painting again on my smudged lips the kiss of rosey wine
    I know more than your hand, the touch of a red rose before your hand on my spine

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    Don't know for which hands that rose was
    you mentioned beauty & in return the
    fragrance kissed my hands