Passionate empath and writer. I hope we can learn together with our words, nice to meet you! Twitter: @bellemoon99

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  • bellemoon99 9h

    Little creek

    Little creek, your whispers are so sweet
    A small oasis when my days seem so bleak
    Is this were fallen stars come to meet?
    I'm climbing up to you although I'm weak

    Beautiful brooklet let me see
    A part from your waters I will be

    Little creek, let me down
    Inside your core I will drown

  • bellemoon99 9h

    #mirror #wod #ceesreposts

    When I look in the mirror I see a puzzle of broken memories...
    A flutter of dreams
    A droplet in the desert

    My tangled emotions cling to the walls of this empty house, and my desires echo through the halls.
    Are you listening to me? Do you know who I am?

    A reality long gone is painted in the sunlight
    While fears that grow stronger feed from my shadows

    That lovely melody that vibrated through my heart
    I can still feel the ghostly ringing of that tune

    When I look in the mirror I see a lost soul.
    Pulsing hope
    A story untold

    One day my feet will dare to step outside
    Breaking the cycle, freeing many generations

    Not today, today I am the man I was raised to be
    One that stays strong
    Regardless of the scars she paints my skin with
    Regardless of the acid in her voice

    When I look in the mirror I don't see a man
    I see a lost boy

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    Lost boy


  • bellemoon99 1d

    #strange #wod

    My eyes opened to reveal a battlefield in front of me
    Winged people all around me gasp as I get on top of the true descendant of the ancient dragons

    I know we're under a great threat, but as much as I try I cannot remember how we ended up in this ordeal
    The stench of blood, urine, and sweat invades my nose
    My eyes sting, and I feel about to fall

    A mighty wizard helps us defeat our foe, and as the sequence ends I wear a crown.
    My title as a princess comes back to my memory, and I recall the fruit of my womb will eventually become our savior

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    Dragon land

    The clock wakes me up
    Was that a dream?
    Or a past life?
    Which one is dream and which one is reality?

  • bellemoon99 2d

    #nostalgia #wod

    We always knew the day would come
    Our life resumed in a few boxes on the ground
    It's time to test our limits and taste a new horizon
    If only I didn't feel like I'm coming undone

    I came here two decades ago unable to speak, to walk, or even hold my head on my own
    These walls heard my first words, and this floor felt my first steps

    Are you staying behind among the other ghosts?
    This house felt so empty after your light went out
    Will I feel better somewhere else?
    Or will I lose the little of you I had left?

    Memories flood my eyes as I close the door behind me
    A home built with warmth, laughter, and love
    Torn from my country like a flower plucked to be sold
    I hope one day I'll bring joy back to my soil

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  • bellemoon99 3d

    Hesiting to write.
    A huge wave of emotions threatening to drown me.
    Should I try? Should I type?

    My inner voice quivers, vibrating through my whole self
    I want to share my thoughts
    If only I could untangle them

    The eternal winter within my heart seems to be melting away
    Decaying corpses turning back to life among my memories

    Yet my ego trapped my words
    If this isn't pure art, then you shall not write

    Isn't art just our emotions raw before our audience?
    Why should it be anything else?

    Art, or not. Here are my tangled thoughts.

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  • bellemoon99 4d


    Bloody pieces scattered all around
    In every corner and small space
    By human eyes they will never be found

    Pristine smile, empty eyes
    A hollow chest filled with dead butterflies
    Once a kind heart, now pure ice

    Am I loveable now? Am I good enough?
    Slicing off parts and bits of my flesh

    Devoided of flames, never to be rough
    A decaying corpse that always looks fresh

  • bellemoon99 5d


    Broken flower in the dark
    Why do you whisper in the nothingness?
    Where is your lovely spark?
    The sun has abandoned you in this mess
    You will leave without a mark

  • bellemoon99 1w

    #heart #wod

    This gallery is filled with a thousand intricate objects. Two lonely hearts attract many others who are still beating.
    One of them, pristine as the surface of a moonlit lake
    The other, covered in bandages like a hurt soldier

    Some desire the first. So perfect, not a flaw in sight.
    Their mistakes haunting them to their very core.
    However, truly wise souls understand the beauty of the second.

    Who could want injuries so deep they cut through your very anima?
    These scars, these wounds...they did far beyond to break the heart. They built it back again stronger, kinder, and wiser.

    A truly kind person doesn't allow the harshness of life harden their heart. The cracks are filled with gold. They become a beautiful sign of a noble warrior.

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    Better broken

    May your heart break, and may it recover to build you back a better human being
    Broken things are far more beautiful
    And so are we

  • bellemoon99 1w

    You are

    Your freckled face is the snow that marvels us, and yet your smile is as warm as the flames of a fireplace.

    Long arms, long legs, and loud laughter.

    A gentle citric fragance lingers in the air after you have embraced me. I smile as your scent clings to me as much as I cling to it.

    Messy curls, two deep pools of coffee and dreams. My walking blessing. My lover. My home.

  • bellemoon99 1w

    River lullaby from The Prince of Egypt and Dear Rabbit by The herectics are the inspiration for this poem.

    #song #wod

    The gelid currents of wind seem warm compared to the frozen sensation within my core.

    Our tears melancolic snowflakes escaping this prison we can never leave.

    My beloved, why must our love turn into so much anguish? Our kisses, our tender embrace, all of them just golden dust in the morning wind.

    Hold me, allow our flames to set this cruel world on fire. May it burn to a crisp like our home did. May the ashes be the ground for a new life.

    Oh, but it shall never be how we wished under the twinkling stars. They are fading, dying in front of our very eyes.

    This merry song is now a dirge floating above the sleeping world like a lost ghost. Can you hear me? I am merely echoes of our past.

    Listen to my last lullaby, turn it into a boat we may sail in. As the arrows fall upon our tangled limbs, we will say goodbye to our forever.

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    Farewell, farewell pure love.