colors of my soul paint perspective for those lost in a world of black and white.

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  • benjaminlawhead 3w


    Waiting for waves of spiritual equity,
    Where the link between heart and brain
    Is achieved.
    Waiting for transport, the light from a magical door, unlocking chambers of identity and the reality of pathways revealed.
    Waiting for the value of a remarkable treasure
    With love unbound.
    Waiting for every moment, every smile,
    And every exchange
    to be that of a relative power.

  • benjaminlawhead 3w


    I must not be very interesting and my words, borish, for you take no time to think.
    How must you be reached? please tell me.
    I have no more limbs to break.

  • benjaminlawhead 7w

    No control.

    No control.

    Am I a poet?
    Well, I really do not know,
    For I am just a simple man
    Writing to behold, All the
    Secrets of the wind
    And how they help us grow.

    Some may say a poet
    Makes the choice to write.
    But i can't really tell ya,
    For I have no such delight.

    My mind is curious and
    My heart, invested.
    So to me, there
    is no Choice.
    Must be tested.

    There is no option,
    It is an absolute.
    When the wind decides to speak,
    I must always write its truth.

    Now if you ask me this,
    Is a poet chosen?
    Then i can't tell you, yes.
    I do believe they are.

    Sure as God made the world,
    And all the greenery.
    The blue in our oceans
    and all its gorgeous gleem,
    they all have their purpose,
    But to many it can't be seen.

    The water, so deep and blue,
    The trees, so rich and green.
    They paint a bigger picture,
    Far greater than you or me.

    Some have been chosen
    For those who can't perceive.
    They speak for all the colors,
    Hoping you will see.

    Am I a poet?
    I really do not know.
    I am just a simple man,
    Writing for the wind.

    I am just a simple man
    hoping to achieve,
    Communication from the wind
    To all who cannot see.


  • benjaminlawhead 8w


    Passion may not provide the same as ability,
    but ability without passion is much less respected, and far more destructive, than a passion without the ability.

  • benjaminlawhead 8w

    Just me now

    I've spent most of my life
    Surrounded by hate.

    Told so many times I'm stupid,
    Said to be a disgrace.

    I never use to listen,
    but being told so many times
    each day.

    Those words really start to gain weight.

    I began searching, looking for an answer,
    But I never did find it till now.

    No longer will I ask
    If I'm talented.

    No more do I need to be skilled.

    My value doesn't lay in ability.
    It comes from the heart in my chest.

    The only validation I need,
    Are the words I now keep as a nest.

    Whether you tell me I'm worthy,
    if I'm better, or best.

    It makes no difference now,
    Cuz I've laid it all to rest.

    just gonna keep it real,
    And continue writing my heart.

    One things for sure,
    and I know it to be true.

    Best lesson in life?

    JUST. BE. YOU.

  • benjaminlawhead 8w

    Like the moon

    Have a nice night,
    the sun says to the moon.

    I know it's dark and lonely,
    so a gift, i prepare for you.

    When everyone has left you,
    and again, you are alone.

    Let me forever remind you,
    Of what I consistently show.

    You try so hard to forget,
    but you really can't find a way.

    Even when I'm sleeping,
    I've left stars,
    to remind you of day.

    It's really quite sad.

    It's no secret,
    the sun says to the moon,
    Very seldom, are you full.

    But I,
    for I am the sun,
    needed, and shining like a jewel.
    Without me,
    all would be doomed.
    And you, well you.
    for you
    are just the moon.


  • benjaminlawhead 8w

    "Only death will satisfy"

    I want everything, he says.

    I'm gonna take it all,
    And when you have given
    All to give,

    I'll take the rest
    From which
    you were not,

    "I WANT IT ALL!"

    That won't be enough, he says.

    You'll start asking others to give.
    When they've given all to give,
    You will start taking.

    You'll take, the
    which from what
    They were not,

    Like I said, he says.


    I'll then take, from you,
    what you've taken,
    From them.

    Like I said, he says.

    " I WANT IT ALL."

    Now that you,
    and everyone
    around you,
    have nothing left.
    I'll take your soul
    And aim for your breath.

    Like I said, he says.

    "I WANT IT ALL!"

    You can have the first
    One for free,
    he"ll say.


  • benjaminlawhead 9w

    The sun chose you and affected me.

    The rising sun has claimed you.
    She has marked you worthy, worthy
    Of reflecting her light upon
    The dark.
    As witness to this, my mind begins
    To sculpt thoughts,
    Thoughts of time
    Forever charmed
    By your waking face and the
    Melodious rhyme of two beating hearts.
    Thoughts giving life to
    the consumption of desires.
    Desires so pure,
    They cannot be conveyed
    By tongue, no, not by tongue,
    But transferred Through
    the tenderness
    Of touch.
    How I long to embrace
    The textures, the deep and
    so, so very many textures,
    of your soul.

  • benjaminlawhead 10w

    A note to the beginner.

    Embrace the change that is
    about to take place.
    Expressions will come,
    and your hearts gonna bleed,
    as do the many of pens soon after.
    Just as the ink runs dry
    so will any pollution of nourishment.
    Welcome to this world,
    where our souls evolve
    and the balance between
    heart and mind
    is revolutionized.

  • benjaminlawhead 10w

    Not for sale.

    A foolish man once asked,
    Why do you give words for free?
    And a wise man replied;
    How I wish you could see,
    That true value is not
    measured by green.
    The foolish man countered,
    Still unable to see.
    He said to the wise,
    Ridiculous things.
    But the wise man stood tall,
    As tall as a tree.
    He looked at the fool
    And began to proceed,
    That his heart can't be bought,
    But he gives it for free.
    Now little did he know it,
    This fool was beginning to see,
    For the words being given
    Had started to sink.
    And for the very first time,
    With a tear in his eye,
    The fool was left speechless
    With no need to reply.
    So the wise man, also a poet,
    Went back to his home,
    for he'd been Inspired
    to write a new poem.
    He titled it;
    Lessons for both.