Shadows don'ts walk in the dark

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  • benkim 1w


    He creates his world in the sky
    He paints it with metaphor
    He feeds on similes
    Rhyming is his nickname
    He owns sea of words

  • benkim 2w

    Things you didn't say at all

    Yes you never told me
    Nor you ever let me know
    They are things you didn't say at all
    That in the race of life
    We try to give our children the best
    The best than we ourselves had
    Thus forget our parents
    Who gave out their best
    In order to make us happy
    Those days which are now
    Nothing but historic days

  • benkim 3w

    In my mood less days
    Earphones on
    And my best song on
    my eyes closed
    My mind glued to the rhythm
    And my ears open to the love

  • benkim 9w

    A fool I was to believe that heart
    Has a cure when hurt
    for if it has why do people die yearning for life
    some blaming their wife

  • benkim 9w

    just something i created on visiting people have kept hearing story of

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    They say in the other side there is life
    And every man there has a wife
    To that place there are many roads
    Where donkey  can’t  reach with heavy loads

    The people  always dress in old style
    But they always wear a smile
    They always keeps many cows
    Which are guarded  using bows

    They live behind everything  of yesterday
    It weaknesses  their hope so they say
    They say hard work is virtue  to success
    And every kind of laziness  they suppress

    They are very welcoming  so i found
    To everyone  who comes to their  ground
    They wept as they bid me goodbye
    For they wanted me to stay by

  • benkim 11w

    I now know life is not a piece  of cake
    Cause everyone  does not give it best bake
    They end up giving it a brake
    And then takes a long break

    Ignoring life lesson is making a mistake
    That  can kill  life like poison  of snake
    leaving  nothing but our head to shake
    And regretting  the time of slake

    It is good to leave  to avoid headache 
    To avoid holding  life at stake
    So a serious  action we should take
    If we don't want to live life which is fake

  • benkim 12w

    sometimes it's good to give up
    Give up on bad ideas
    Give up on bad behaviour
    Give up on bad attitude
    Give up negative ego

    Giving up on something bad
    Is all we need

  • benkim 20w

    In my days have been trying
    With my hope taking
    Doing my hardwork guessing
    All my doings will turn to blessing

    Every day enduring the pain
    For one day it will turn to gain
    No matter how i fail i stand and try again
    For success is like a slow train

    keeping my brain and heart in chain
    If at all honour i want to gain
    In all my weary days i will strain
    I will not die in vain

  • benkim 25w

    Just before dawn
    In my haste walking down
    The roads filled with mist
    Or my daily bread I miss

    In the sun I work
    If not life will give me a whack
    And then my life will be miserable
    And I will not live honorable

    In the dusk
    I hurries up the dusty
    Roads with more of hope
    Tieing the hope
    with a rope
    or else they will escape
    And make my life lose a shape

  • benkim 26w

    my thoughts on her are like falling leaves on windy day
    not bearable yet brings a soothing mood