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  • better_44 1d

    Self love and self acceptance is a
    journey it is not a destination. In this
    Journey, you will fall, you will get up, you
    rest, you pause, you play, sometimes you
    win, sometimes you lose, but you will
    never ever give up.
    ©Anmol Dave.

  • better_44 5d

    Most of the time it is not the fault of
    anyone, if something is not happening
    according to you it is because of the
    situation, such as pendamic, but we end
    up hurting others and hurting ourselves by
    focusing too much on what is not in our
    control, rather than trying to focus on what
    is in our control. It creates more stress and
    more and more anger.
    Don't blame, do focus and
    don't force.
    ©Anmol Dave.

  • better_44 2w

    Our life becomes really difficult if
    we become people pleaser if we
    agree to other people point of view.
    Ofcourse it is not at all easy,
    but nothing hurts more
    than trying to be someone
    you are not.

  • better_44 2w

    You really need to.

    You need to know that you
    are doing the best you can,
    you are really amazing, so
    you need really to take a very
    good care of yourself, you really
    need to love yourself and you
    need to always be there for
    yourself no matter the situation.

  • better_44 3w

    Your problems.

    Worrying about your problems
    blaming yourself and being hard
    on yourself is never a solution
    for your problems.

  • better_44 4w

    Happy New year.

    2021 is not easy on us and
    2022 might not be going to be easy
    on us either , but we need to
    know that we don't need to be
    hard on ourselves.
    We need to love ourselves,we
    need to take a very good care of
    ourselves and we need to be there
    for ourselves forever no matter
    the situation.

    wishing each and everyone of
    you a very wonderful and prosperous
    new year 2022 with lots and lots
    of happiness and good wishes.

    © Anmol Dave

  • better_44 5w

    Try to avoid one thing, while you are talking or communicating with someone, saying that oh you don't know this much, you don't know that much, oh you don't know who is BTS or any famous personality. It is always best to explain him/her
    about anyone or anything, but not trying to judge them. Yes they don't know so what is a big deal, you never knew what he/she is feeling during that
    particular time. Maybe they are feeling that I'm so
    dumb that i don't know this much. Let's not judge anyone, anymore for anything.

  • better_44 6w

    The most beautiful and the most
    Complicated relationship that you
    can ever have is only and only with


  • better_44 6w

    Why are we

    Why we are so busy in earning but
    not investing for our personal growth.
    Why taking care of yourself comes
    last, but taking care of your loved
    ones comes first.
    We are trying to fulfill the glass of
    other people, but why are we not realising
    that our glass is only empty.

  • better_44 6w

    You may not exactly be where
    you want to be, but you have
    come so far from where you
    have began.
    ©Anmol Dave