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  • bhawanaa 4h


    The chirping birds in their nests
    Are waiting for the morning restlessly
    Hungry chickens are hungry rashly.

  • bhawanaa 7h


    The extention of a tree
    Show how deepest it's root under ground
    And about its long life.

  • bhawanaa 1d

    Spectrum of life

    Heart is like glass vessel filled with water of feelings on which the sweet dreams acts as sunrays and formed rainbow of different colours.

    As the time passes by the size of the vessel although not change but the water level starts decrease and the brightness of the sunrays start faded away which forms a bow covered with red colour only rest are washed away by rain.

  • bhawanaa 2d

    This is true

    You play with my heart every day
    I have try to explain oneself that it's happens with everyone in different way
    When blood relation may be heavier than heart relation what you want to say
    You see the drama shutting your eyes
    You hear the abusing chapter wise
    Now you feel insulted and cries,
    How much time you want to take?
    Two decades are not enough to feel a relationships
    That this is true or fake।
    How you dare to certify my character?
    That I am a sough or a holy lake।
    I want to live rest of my life
    With full of joy and happiness
    So I have need a permanent break।

  • bhawanaa 3d

    Sunrise on earth

    Now the nightmares will quit me soon
    With the rising sun I will start my day with boon
    Reddish sky will burned slowly till noon
    With the journey of sun,till rising moon।

    Swinging leaves are welcoming the morning in their own ways
    Sky is filled with chirping birds taking sunbath in mild rays
    Grazing cattels are calling in different voice
    Are they want something to say?

    In the journey of life everyone wish a good morning and a good night
    This is the nature who give us strength to overcome in any type of fight
    Although this is not easy but ignoring the dark look for bright।

  • bhawanaa 4d

    Roatated propellers of unique thoughts
    When take off in the sky of dreams
    How so much energy and egerness lots
    I get from where don't know
    Ready set and go.

  • bhawanaa 1w


    उद्देश्य से भटक न जाऊं इसलिए कम लिखती हूं
    खुशियां बांट देती हूं सबको,न कभी कोई ग़म लिखती हूं
    मजबूत चट्टान की तरह एक जगह स्थिर रहकर
    अपना अस्तित्व बचाने का दम लिखती हूं
    मेरी जगह से मुझे हिलाना सम्भव नहीं तुम्हारे लिए
    मैं अन्दर भी उतनी ही धंसी हुई हूं जितनी बाहर दिखती हूं
    टुकड़े टुकड़े करके भले ही तोड़ डालो तुम मुझको
    लेकिन मैं टूटकर भी नींव भरने का दम रखती हूं।
    मेरे हौसलों की उड़ान बहुत ऊंची है मगर मैं
    फूंक फूंक कर हर कदम रखती हूं।
    ज़मीं नजर आती रहे उड़ने के बाद मुझको
    इसलिए नजरें ज़मीं पर ही रखती हूं।
    ये जंग नहीं सिर्फ जुबानी है , ये आत्म सम्मान की हानि है
    तेरी जिंदगी में शामिल होने का गुमान एक दिन तुझको भी हो
    इसलिए तेरी आंखों में भी पानी रखती हूं।

  • bhawanaa 1w

    In one episode of MR.Bean,
    How innocent and funny is the scene
    Mrs Bean opens the gift wrapper of Christmas
    A photo frame screw! kidding thus.

  • bhawanaa 1w

    Elements of earth

    Collecting the remains of life time memories house hold necessities his sobbings was echoing in surroundings।
    Till yesterday he was flying in the sky of hope holding many dreams,how beautiful was his wings,now was captured in the song of strom rings।

    He had lost everything what he had earned
    Shivering in cold nights, drenching in rainy days
    He had made his best efforts to livelihood
    And in burning sun had also burned।
    Nothing is stable in this world last song of strom had learned।

    Natural calamities can't be controlled by humans
    They hit freequantly to the earth not only once
    Without partiality the song of strom had played his role destroying life funs।
    Aççepting his destiny he is looking again the shining sun's

  • bhawanaa 1w

    Well of dare

    When he lefts his home mother teaches him
    Lesson dare to be to do work in unique
    Not only for a year, month and week
    All your life do try to something different seek
    Hey! good luck to fearless freak.

    When he takes an oath to serve of nation
    His soul motivates him dare to fulfill his passion
    He crosses many barrier in life and learns lesson
    A strong foundation makes a strong building not a mason

    The nation never comes to its end
    Whose citizens have dare to be all types of sacrifice to done
    Who live their life not seriously enjoy like fun
    People may be from different religions, languages and cultures but the nation should be one.