A mother of a girl, Entrepreneur, student at Malmö university, teacher of arts, mandala artist, writer by chance

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  • bibliophile3 20h

    I stumbled upon the darkness you gave,
    Searching for a little light,
    Taunting memories flashing by,
    As the tears rolling down,
    The promise will never pass by,
    As we shift to a different town,
    Mourning and frowning my darkest days,
    Let’s stay apart with no hate!

  • bibliophile3 1d

    குடையினுள் மழை நூறாயிரம்

  • bibliophile3 1d

    Darkness of the skyline,
    Cries on the ground.
    As the gentle wind touches the face,
    Tangled hairs bow.
    Coldness of the winters,
    Craves your touches.
    Talking all love,
    Reaches the parallel.

  • bibliophile3 3d

    Thanks to “ignorance” for keeping up my peace.

  • bibliophile3 4d

    When every single minute hurts you for being with him,
    There’s no point trying to hold on to the relationship.

  • bibliophile3 4d

    His shoe marks might look great on the shores,
    Not on her pale green tank top.

  • bibliophile3 5d

    Half closed eyes
    With stalked up tears.
    Irritated phase stimulating the
    Want to scream
    With tight folded fists.
    Dead tired body
    With deep wounded heart.
    No! this is enough,
    I’ve seen too much
    I’m done with it…
    Can’t wait for the end to come,
    so I go searching for it

  • bibliophile3 1w

    Have you felt ?

    Sorry for doing good
    Sorry to myself for being sorry
    When the sorry is unnecessary

  • bibliophile3 1w

    Memories bring back you!

    Those autumn time
    When I get back home,
    My grandpa treats me so much with yummy food,
    No junk no snack,
    it was all spinach and bitter gourds.
    Yes and nobody could ever do that so tastier..
    and I was left orphan once he left me..

  • bibliophile3 2w

    Beautiful things

    Oh honey,
    The desk where I sit,
    Gazing at the Öresunds bridge,
    That beautifully connects Sweden and Denmark,
    And think of one beautiful scene back from the summer days,
    And it made me miss the waves hitting my feet,
    Oh this winter!
    Freezing and snowing all the time,
    Then it shines now and then,
    As it melts the frozen lakes,
    Awaiting for the little grass bloom
    Oh what a wonderful scene?
    It makes me feel unhappy that I’m going to miss this place.
    My desk is my happiest place.