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  • biha_soundarya 16h

    Who is SHE?
    The FLOWER and the SEED,

    Who is SHE?
    The FLESH and the BLOOD,

    Who is SHE?
    The TURBULENCE and the PEACE,

    Who is SHE?
    The FIGHTER and the SOLDIER,

    Who is SHE?
    The WEAPON and the NUCLEAR,

    Who is SHE?
    The TORNADO and the BREEZE,

    Who is SHE?

    Who is SHE?
    The TEACHER and the STUDENT,

    Who is SHE?

    Who is SHE?

    Who is SHE?

    Who is SHE?
    The LOVER and the WIFE,

    Who is SHE?
    The DEVIL and the ANGEL,

    Who is SHE?
    The MOTHER and the DAUGHTER,

    Who is SHE?
    The SUN and the RAIN,

    Who is SHE?
    The FUTURE and the BRAIN

    Who is SHE?
    The SURVIVOR of all pain,

    Who is SHE?
    SHE is ME and SHE is YOU.

    Conscience : Wow❤️
    Heart : Straight from the heart baby! Straight from
    the heart. ❤️

    Conscience : This is deeper than I thought.
    Heart : Yes it is

    **She is isn't she? ❤️.. She is**

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    Who is SHE?


  • biha_soundarya 4d

    I'm learning the hard way
    Of how God is the biggest prankster
    I'm learning the hard way
    Of how God joke on things that happen

    I'm learning the hard way
    Of how the prank went a bit too far
    I'm learning the hard way
    Of when the joke was on me

    I'm learning the hard way
    Of how God orchestrated the whole show
    I'm learning the hard way
    To play along

    I'm learning the hard way
    That God is the best Director
    I'm learning the hard way
    To act on HIS stage

    I'm learning the hard way
    Of how God send an only person
    I'm learning the hard way
    To understand it was through this person I got ME back ❤️

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    God is the best Director


  • biha_soundarya 1w

    A light in the sea of darkness
    Is how I see you
    When I walk aimlessly
    You I could only rely on

    A light in the sea of darkness
    Is what I look for
    The glimpse of hope
    Is what you are

    A light in the sea of darkness
    Is when Im drowning
    Ever so deep
    And YOU rescued me
    My glimpse of hope

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    My glimpse of hope


  • biha_soundarya 1w

    Heart : I'm aware and very much conscious of my decision
    about you. I'll wait. It's not like I will be rushing for
    anything anymore. I got you back in my life. And
    I am not willing to let that go ever again.
    Conscience : Even if it takes many years?

    Heart : Yes. Who else was there for me. You made sure
    I wakr up everyday, literally pushing me out of
    bed. Sending me contents upon contents.
    Upgrading me, you made me realised my potential.
    Of all the people, you made sure that everytime I
    relapse, you were with me no matter what time
    of the day. You barely slept because of me. You sit
    and cry with me Even from my food you want me
    to eat better. Hell, I dress better without
    the cartoons t-shirt. So yes I know. Plus every
    emergency contact that I need to fill up or even
    contacts for anyone to reach when I passed on
    it only carries your name. I know I'll keep getting
    hurt along the way. I know. It is what it is.
    Conscience : Sigh. I'm responsible of you.

    **She have the entire time in the world and she will not make that mistake anymore**

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    A conscious decision.


  • biha_soundarya 1w

    Carry my heart like you're holding a glass
    Take care before it breaks the glass's gold brass
    Make your palm its resting palace
    For where it should dance
    And be its solace

    Heart : My heart is extremely fragile
    Conscience : Sigh

    Heart : It could just break anytime, but I learn.
    I have to learn that many times I only have me.
    Conscience : I'm sorry you feel that way.

    Heart : I do know there are things you need to do.
    Things that you don't have to explain or even
    owe me any explanation. I do know. Because I do
    not have that rights to even ask. I'll just be quiet.
    Conscience : Sigh. I'm trying my best to make you feel
    better. Be ok. And I know that you are capable.
    You're strong. I do not want anything to stop you.
    Even me.

    Heart : I know. I hope I do not break along the way. But
    us, what are we?
    Conscience : You want our relationship to be define?
    Heart : I want you to be with me. Through my steps.
    Through my journey. To hold my hands like you
    always do. To keep checking on me like how you
    have been doing for years. To not leave.
    Conscience : I will not leave. I told you I won't

    **The only thing that's beating is her heart. And may it not stop half way along her journey **

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    Only thing that's beating is her heart


  • biha_soundarya 1w

    Heart : My gut instinct has never been wrong. I could feel it
    And then for some God forsaken joke, I get to see
    it. I don't even know if it hurts or not anymore.
    I just feel useless when I see. Like I'm not worthy.
    Conscience : I'm sorry

    Heart : I dont want things to be sugar-coated. I deserved
    better than being a person that things need to be
    sugar-coated. I know you're protecting me from
    things that would or could hurt me. But isn't it
    the same when I find out the truth. Won't that
    make me feel sad still?
    Conscience : Sigh

    Heart : I sat staring and watching the same rewinds for
    hours on the story. I saw you. Orange burned
    handkerchief in your square pocket tux.
    I wonder if you had a pin too like how you'd wear
    for me, remember? When you stared at those
    clothes on those models at After Dark In The
    Park show , I was wishing if I could get a hand on
    those clothes so it was me you would look at.
    But the most what I wished for, is that it was
    me wearing that red kimono jacket sitting beside
    you instead.
    Conscience : I don't know what to say.
    Heart : Don't say anything. I just wanted to say this out
    loud, get it out of my chest.

    **That fashion show nearly killed her. She reached MRT wanting to just go the museum for the heck of it. As she was scrolling, she saw that video almost instantly when the show was happening. Her heart sank. She wasn't angry. Her heart beat so fast. It's the same when she got that first anxiety attack and rushed herself to emergency room thinking it was heart attack. Because her entire body shook. She knew she had to just breathe on a slower deep breaths . She turned back. She knew what was gonna happen that night and she couldn't get her mind of it. The bed scene. She went back home. Scared. And yet she is still hoping. Hope is all she got. Because that moment was actually hers**

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    After Dark In The Park


  • biha_soundarya 1w

    Heart : I'm signing the document with the lawyer today
    at 11am
    Conscience : Ok. Make sure the terms are in your favour…
    down payment, and other things… as per rules and
    comparables of the prices there. Don’t let any
    fine print come into play.

    Heart : Ok
    Conscience : Just don’t want you to have any unacceptable
    surprises. Don’t be stressed with the signing. It’s
    still a major accomplishment and take the personal
    win where it is. Don’t have anxiety and second
    guessing yourself.

    Heart : I didnt sleep at all.
    Conscience : Sigh why not?

    Heart : There's so many things running in my mind.
    Getting ready. Wearing the Tom Ford Bitter Peach.
    Cause I'll feel you're with me.
    Conscience : I’m always with you.
    Heart : Thank you ❤️

    **She never thought what she manifested actually happen even before her planned timing which she set as next year. She was merely trying without putting much hope. At the same time she wanted to surprise him because he worries and she often almost daily being suck into her deep dark depression and anxiety hole. He was without fail has been pushing her daily. Even when he is busy or when he is travelling. Even when he doesn't tell her he is travelling. Her gut feeling on his is so strong that she knew things that is unsaid. But she understood why. She is most thankful that today 20th Nov 2021, she did it. That manifesting dream happen which became significantly important as it is closing the year and proving that all great things will start happening. And all this the daily push out of the bed. The simplest thing like "Get up and wash your face, go to the balcony, get some fresh air, eat proper food, exercise". This, all this was he pushing her. He has more faith on her than anyone else in the entire world. And she hoped one day, she could just pour her love to him the best that he deserves the most. Like how he been watering it to her great being daily. He is her oxygen**

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    20th Nov 2021 Manifestation


  • biha_soundarya 2w

    My dearly beloved first love : R
    If only I could turn back time
    If only I did not walk away
    Thinking that you would be better without me
    And that you be able to achieve more without me
    I am sorry,
    My heart sank with regrets

    My dearly beloved first love : R
    If only I could turn back time
    If only I continued to hold your hands firmly
    I will do anything to not let you break
    But in fact I did
    I am sorry,
    My heart sank with regrets

    My dearly beloved first love : R
    If only I could turn back time
    If only I continued to make you believe in love fully
    I would have made you trust a little bit more
    But you continued to be in my life to support me
    To be with me through my darkest hours
    And yet never did move an inch
    I am sorry,
    My heart sank with regrets

    And today, despite my regrets
    You are here with me, still in love with me
    Still understood that I wanted the best for you
    Still come to terms on my intention towards you
    Still believe that our hearts beat the same tune
    You assured me of many things
    And you I love the most
    And you who knew why I did those mistakes
    And you will be the one I carry with love the most
    For the rest of my life

    Heart : I'm sorry
    Conscience : We evolve to be better people, our version
    now understand each other better than when we
    were younger.

    Heart : I am thankful for you
    Conscience : And I for you

    ** She build that eternal throne in her heart for him. Many came and many go, but that spot is only for him**

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    My dearly beloved first love : R


  • biha_soundarya 2w

    Heart : Loneliness is addictive at times.
    Conscience : It is.

    Heart : After many years of sharing myself to others,
    I have become extremely protective of myself.
    I became utterly selfish. Refusing of anyone trying
    to be close to me or even getting to know me.
    I became so resilient of my own being.
    I became so cautious of making my loneliness
    for anyone to manipulate me ever again.
    I became selfish. My loneliness became my bunker.
    Conscience : I think that is fair, especially the hurt and
    trauma that you are not supposed to go through
    and should never in the first place happen.

    **She build a bunker and the highest wall around her. Loneliness makes her so powerful that she knew that she will not want to be indispensable for anyone's benefit. She is in charge of what she does. She is in charge of her loneliness. She build a moat around her loneliness **

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    She build a moat around her loneliness


  • biha_soundarya 2w

    Daffodils appears in my eyes
    Everytime I think of happiness
    That bright yellow becomes the sun
    And that sun cracks my lips into smiles

    Barely 8 was I when I walked passed those Daffodils
    And how strong its image that captures my heart
    Along the Western Road was where I've onced lived
    And Bolehill Park becomes my playground port

    At 44 young I am now living
    While my mind travels still to that 8 year old me
    It was the daffodils that makes me thriving
    And that English Springtime that creates me

    How I wished I brought that spring with me
    Everyday along my months and years
    How I wished you are only for me
    Just like my most favourite Spring hours

    Heart: I still can remember the daffodils
    Conscience : That was so long ago while you're in England

    Heart : Yes that springtime. I just love it. Especially at
    Bolehill Park.
    Conscience : Ah yes I remembered you told me, you went
    to school there.

    Heart : Yes in Sheffield. The memory I have of those
    daffodils along Western Road always put a smile
    on my face.
    Conscience : That must be such a beautiful memory for you.
    Heart : Yes it is. Makes me think of Wordsworth poem
    about it. I always look forward to spring.

    **Simple things in life makes her happy. As simple as the bright yellow Daffodils in spring**

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    Yellow Daffodils in Spring