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  • birajv 30w

    Veil of Rain


    At last! The veil has fallen to hide tears
    Showers of rain flowing from dark despairs
    Heart choked behind eyelashes embankment
    Emotions flows freely yet unseen airs

    The wait is over for long enactment
    Drenching those quiet flares of resentments
    The showers of rain solace of my life
    Thunders deafening sobs of abattement

    Once downpour of romance now friend in strife
    The one igniting desires now souse eyes
    Pouring over sweet memories so rife
    At last! The rain has come to veil the knife
    18th June 2021
    Interlocking Rubaiyat

    The poem is comprised of quatrains following an aaba rhyme pattern.

    Each successive quatrain picks up the unrhymed line as the rhyme for that stanza. So a three-stanza rubaiyat might rhyme so: aaba/bbcb/ccdc. Sometimes the final stanza, as in Frost's example above, rhymes all four lines.

    Lines are usually tetrameter and pentameter.

  • birajv 31w


    When undying love flows through her last breath
    Reverberating presence silently
    Intimacy glows from canvas with depth
    Ignites love beyond desires gallantly

    Imagery to dwell close to lover's art
    Glitters stars of romance in every soul
    Wish to be omnipresent near his heart
    Alluring emotions of love to roll

    Personifying water and sun rays
    To be in shadow of beau forever
    Drifts into abyss of novel arrays
    Spectre of incredible love ever

    The promise to meet again resonates
    Dream of every heart in love emanates

    14th June 2021
    on Main Tenu Fer Milangi by Amrita Pritam

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  • birajv 31w


    The Road Not Taken

    Hey the distinguished poet laureate
    Strick masculine rhymes bequeath us bemused
    Four quintains we memorized solemnly
    Quintessential dilemma relates all
    Metaphors midst the path of woods and fork
    Perplexed feel over the leaves trodden black

    Thy simple words led us to many thoughts
    Left us all at the fork to many roads
    Ironic tone is inescapable:
    Revealed by the zephyr of aphorisms
    The phrase "worn about the same", was it vailed?
    And was either of the path less travelled?

    A poem edging the periphery of uncertainties
    Thy cryptic message we try to decipher
    14th June 2021
    Pindaric Ode
    On Robert Frost Poem : The Road Not Taken

    The Pindaric ode (named for the Greek poet, Pindar) is made up of a pattern of three stanzas called triads. This type of ode can be composed of several triads, but the first (the strophe) and the second (antistrophe) should be idnentical metrically with the third (epode) wandering off on its own metrical path.

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  • birajv 32w


    Swirls of Love

    Lifting me above my chaotic world
    Gyrations of emotions, for long blurred
    Stellar mystic spells of her beauty whirled
    Romantic verses now flying as birds
    Caress of your love and my poems furled
    Surrendering in your arms, I preferred

    Enthralled by your beauty of innocence
    Demure silence lifting you to my heart
    Ecstasy ineffable blissfulness
    Yodelling songs of love before depart
    Glancing at secret swirls of willfulness
    Gracefully painting her new life to start
    10th June 2021
    Harrisham Rhyme

    Harrisham Rhyme, created by the female poet, Harrisham Minhas, belonging to the State of Punjab in India, of a six-line rhyming stanza. In this form, the last alphabet of the first word of each line is the first alphabet of the first word of next line.

    There is no restriction on the starting alphabet of the first line.

    Rhyming scheme : ababab.

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  • birajv 32w


    Mysteries of Heart

    Souls dancing in the rhythm of milieu sweet
    No maze laid yet mind was puzzled tableau
    Oft hearts smiles secretly as riddle beat
    Unknown distant graze ignite crush for beau

    Mysterious path of heart appears straight
    Walking through lush meadows was just boehme
    Swaying with a breeze of will was the trait
    Craving to be nice was never a game

    The wind swirling itself into blizzard
    The hearts entwined in steps of a tango
    Strangers unite as lost soul mates glittered
    Desires playing like tunes of piano

    Heart's mysteries unkown to naive life
    Playing tunes of life, enigma in rife
    8th June 2021

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  • birajv 32w


    Hues of my sky

    A serene visage reflecting its hue with ritz
    Blue sky mirroring her emotions exactly
    Complementing the shades of our love as onyx
    Disclosing niceties with a tinge in her view
    Embers of love rays embellishing satnav
    Fiery strokes of desires cross over the milieu
    Gracious aura of crimson flare marks the advent
    Harmonious gradients of colours she flows
    Intimate hues of shyness blending in fervour
    Jubilant twilight midst romance can stop no tranq
    Kiss of mystique dusk calling night of elite coup
    Luminous darkness in magical crescendo
    Melting horizon awaits illumination
    Nightside in life twinkling once in millennium
    Opera of darkness sparkling empirical
    Passionate moonlight seducing before daybreak
    Queen of my heart sways hues of the sky on her taj
    Rhythmic aligning hues along with graffiti
    Shimmering oceans of desires in every breath
    Touching constellations of love all spellbinding
    Umbra of heart Illuminates in her mischief
    Vision of my sky is your beauteous image
    Waning darkness of life as thou mellow eyes creed
    Xenia of our souls ushering dawn cosmic
    Yellowish reddish of ardor leisurely climb
    Zeal in the warmth of thou eyes shone like a nova
    7th June 2021

    abecedarian - adjective - arranged alphabetically. "in abecedarian sequence"

    PS- ABECEDARIAN POETRY (from top to bottom in starting) + (ending with letters in alphabetical order from bottom to top: added from my end)
    Angarika AJ thanks for sharing this poetry form

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  • birajv 32w


    Soul Renovation

    Wondering at my home five centuries old
    Relics shines amidst ruins of past in fold
    Settled over rudiments of love and care
    Shadowed by the thickets of glamorous square
    Rejuvenating zeal to revive the flair
    Inspecting intricacies of inner ware
    A fireplace veiled by ashes of fallacies
    A crumbling lounge to please all like galleries
    Bricks of homeliness to preserve forever
    Eyes of balcony flirting nature ever
    Wondering at my home five centuries old
    Relics shines amidst ruins of past in fold

    Settled over rudiments of love and care
    Shadowed by the thickets of glamorous square
    Cleaning cobwebs of all grudges to bring light
    Brooming the floors of failures will bring delight
    Strengthening pillars, cementing self respect
    Replace pride lamps for compassion to reflect
    Hanging frames of memories on walls of heart
    Placing pots of verses to bloom happy art
    Opening windows to new generations
    Painting hues of acceptance in relations
    Wondering at my home five centuries old
    Relics shines amidst ruins of past in fold

    Rejuvenating zeal to revive the flair
    Inspecting intricacies of inner ware
    Plastering abused health with laughter of care
    Renovating ceiling of mind with peace air
    Setting new furniture of simplicity
    Revamping home, my soul for divinity
    Oiling joints and bolts with workouts steadily
    Cleansing oft with meditation mentally
    Mowing thoughts removing negativity
    Planting love seeds removing toxicity
    Wondering at my home five centuries old
    Relics shines amidst ruins of past in fold
    31st May 2021
    The Licentia Rhyme Form

    The Licentia Rhyme Form, a poetic form created by Laura Lamarca, consists of at least 3 12-line stanzas with 11 syllables per line. Of course, the poem can be elongated adding on to the following rhyme scheme: aabbccddeeAA, BBffgghhiiAA, CCjjkkllmmAA

    The Licentia Rhyme Form is named after Laura Lamarca's signature, "La" and "Licentia" is Latin for "Freedom".

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  • birajv 33w


    Distant Love

    The twist and turns swindling moments of joy from life
    Path of trustworthiness was seasoned with love rife
    Endurance throbbed within each beat of solitude
    Mesmerized by luring shine of thy pulchritude

    Teasing heart with thy waning appearance in trance
    All postures alluring melodies of romance
    Illuminating waves rise in similitude
    Glowing glance of beauteous smile in certitude

    Thriving through scorching day for sweet night in thy bliss
    Scintillating dreams of thou luminious kiss
    Stars were twinkling in awe at their love interlude
    Glowing glance of beauteous smile in certitude

    Thy expanse caressing dreams of oneness in dark
    Sheathing moments of nearness betwixt love so stark
    Rousing around the boughs of desires to invite
    Ebs and tides oscillating midst songs in plight

    Yearning stretching far away into wilderness
    Ushering thou to path of my life's willfulness
    Hues of aura blending within shine of love night
    Enveloping distant souls mesmerizing sight

    Moon was sailing over clouds across barren land
    Wasn't it eyeing now at the lone tree sprawling grand
    To embark on his broad hard chest with love so quite
    Enveloping distant souls mesmerizing sight

    Will this story of love be couched by anyone?
    Will it be looked as a debacle by each one?
    Either of them ever cared was the attitude
    Glowing glance of beauteous smile in certitude

    Her moon visage never stopped gazing at lover
    Only the lone heart could see her love forever
    Love melodies resonates our soul in delight
    Enveloping distant souls mesmerizing sight
    31st May 2021
    La'Rimoto poetry form

    La'Rimoto poem:

    The La'ritmo, created by Laura Lamarca, consists of 8 4-line stanzas. Each line MUST contain 12 syllables.

    Rhyme scheme is as follows: aabb ccbB ddbB eeff ggfF hhfF iibB jjfF

    The repetition of 4th line in each stanza can either be an exact repetitive line, or a variation with the exact same end-rhyme word.

    The form was created by me, Laura Lamarca, but was officially named by Chandni Hingorani. "La" is Laura Lamarca's signature and "ritmo" in Italian, simply means "rhythm".

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  • birajv 33w


    Love Vows

    Twinkle in thou eyes made an arcane vow
    To kiss my wild soul was thou insane vow

    The blush on thou face reveals mystic love
    Tears flowing in glee echoes again vow

    Thou alluring fragrance disrobes secrets
    Embers now blazing in rage retain vow

    Quivering thou lips singing mystical
    Melodies breezing thou words sustain vow

    Silent promises rumble within love
    Biraj's verses compel thou regain vow
    31st May 2021
    Ghazal Poetry Form


    (Pronounciation: “guzzle”) Originally an Arabic verse form dealing with loss and romantic love, medieval Persian poets embraced the ghazal, eventually making it their own. Consisting of syntactically and grammatically complete couplets, the form also has an intricate rhyme scheme. Each couplet ends on the same word or phrase (the radif), and is preceded by the couplet’s rhyming word (the qafia, which appears twice in the first couplet). The last couplet includes a proper name, often of the poet’s. In the Persian tradition, each couplet was of the same meter and length, and the subject matter included both erotic longing and religious belief or mysticism.

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  • birajv 34w



    S cream of agony piercing soprano
    E motions bleeding along paths barren
    R ays of reality burning all dreams
    E ngulfed by messy wobbling marshy life
    N o end to enigma midst growing trees
    I gnites anxiety as the breeze shrill
    T error of torrent spreading crimson hues
    Y ells are hushed by these sordid illusions
    27th May 2021

    An acrostic poem with an opposite description. If the acrostic is Black then the poem should be written of white, no words, theme or description should be of black or its resemblance or representations like black, dark, sad and so on. As an added twist in the given image ,we ask you to pick an element from the image and ink an acrostic (opposite description).

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