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  • bitinghertongue 89w

    Hit the wall
    Again and again
    Begging for the bright red
    To set me free

    A sign
    Some prove
    That even me
    Is a human being

  • bitinghertongue 110w

    I've wandered around town
    Trying to walk with others
    Holding someone else's hand

    It felt good, it felt safe
    I kno he won't hurt me
    He'll protect me

    Somehow I still crave your touch
    Wish to walk with you again
    The only one who can keep up

  • bitinghertongue 110w

    I was this girl once
    Loved and confident
    Crying and alone

    I've been many girls
    I'm looking for the next one

  • bitinghertongue 144w

    Even when you don't deserve it
    I love you still
    Because I know
    You'll deserve it someday

  • bitinghertongue 177w

    I look at you
    And I know
    You're doing this
    To hurt me
    Prove that I'm weak

    I give in
    And show you my tears
    Hoping that you'll catch them

  • bitinghertongue 180w

    Sometimes it's hard to remember not everyone laughs away their feelings. It's hard to remember that not everyone lies. It's so damn hard to remember you mean it when you say those words

  • bitinghertongue 181w

    I know it's too early to ask you this
    But I need a safe haven
    So if you won't be
    Please let me go

  • bitinghertongue 182w

    And when you looked at me
    I felt seen
    For the first time

  • bitinghertongue 184w

    I know I shouldn't
    But I do
    I care so much
    About you

  • bitinghertongue 188w

    I need some proof that I'm alive
    I can't even fake a smile
    Can't remember the tears I've cried
    So bored with my pokerface