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  • black_p_m 1w

    To firsts ��

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    For Firsts

    A picture for a first.
    Or bask in that special moment.
    Full of awe and gratitude, someone's going to burst.
    It's a first.
    Tears of celebration, someone's heart weeps with elation.
    It's a first,
    And we have every right to be happy

  • black_p_m 3w


    I am tired but I can't sleep
    I am under water and I am lying to myself....
    I can't breath
    The days are long,
    The nights are uncomfortable
    I dread every single thought.

    This feeling is not new to me
    The relapses are recurrent
    The load is but a fragment of what's real
    Dammit I am tired but I can't sleep

    The memories roll and roll within my mind
    The dreams that I force myself to dream are mocking me
    The vicious prayers roll off my tongue

    I've lacerated every negative feeling
    Forcing them to look appealing
    The cut to my chest isn't healing
    My mind is reeling
    I am screaming...
    Where did time go?

    I am tired but I can't sleep,
    Ready your eyes to find me.
    I've been lost and never found inside your soul.
    Stretch your arms and find me inside this hole.
    And as you do that
    I'll take this blade you call a heart, and put it to use.
    This tired frame is now awake,
    And it's ready to give to ceasor what belongs to ceaseor.

  • black_p_m 6w

    The Storm Inside

    Don't forget about me
    My anger Issues are very persistent
    You blurred my heart beat in a different way,
    You knew I was broken in two.
    But it's okay, at least I am not dead anyway

    Show me the other side of your questions
    I need a glimpse of positive thinking
    Let me feel alive when change you don't mention
    (Did you get that?)
    Steal away the frustration from within
    How are your dark days going on without me

    I tore and broke
    I destroyed and swore
    When you left me
    I brought down every high tower
    I crumbled every mountain
    I swam in every ocean
    I emptied every river
    I silenced every forest

    I was a force to be reckoned with,
    I believed
    I hoped
    I waited
    The anger persisted
    The urge to kill grew

    Baby I got lost in you
    Lost in the idea of you.
    This anger morphed into something new
    And now, now I am as calm as dew
    Waiting for the sun
    To wipe away my tears
    Waiting for the warmth
    To remind me.....
    When you left, you knew I was broken in two.
    But it's okay, at least I am not dead anyway.

  • black_p_m 17w

    I wrote this years ago. Found it in one of my books and thought I should share it. Try to enjoy it
    Must have been a crush. ��.

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    I am falling for you
    Because you would fall for me

    I am falling for you
    Because that's what seems to come naturally

    I am falling for you
    Because you are all my eyes can see
    In this bright and ugly world,
    You are all the color I see

    I am falling for you
    Because you are my firm foundation
    In this shattered world
    You are my solid salvation

    I am falling for you
    Because you would fall for me,
    Ten times over, you would die for me
    I am falling for you
    Because you cared for me
    When no one in the world was ever there for me.

  • black_p_m 18w


    It is still and quiet where the birds live
    Flapping from tree to tree,
    I wonder where home is

    A repetitive process it is
    Ensuring a shelter is above your heads

    But it's in that temporary structure
    Where peace is permanent
    It's in that chrill cry
    Where kindness is loudest

    And in what seems to be a fruitless struggle
    There is fulfilment

    With an architects perfection
    With a crafters skill
    With a painters grace
    And with a potters patience,
    The bird is able to establish a place called

  • black_p_m 30w


    There's blood and violence
    Gunshots and bomb blasts
    There is a mother giving birth
    And a child taking their first step
    There is a lover falling hard
    And a brother getting married
    There is a beggar feeding from the dump
    And a worker whose bills just flew over the roof
    There is a man weeping
    And a sister bleeding.
    Someone is out there trying to reach their highest high
    While another is selling their child just to survive
    I am a poet shinning light on all the cracks on the walls of our daily lives
    And you.... You are the congregation nodding your heads to every truth filled beam I shine.
    Yet in the end, when we are left alone, and our thoughts grow louder than any song,
    Everyone becomes a poet.

  • black_p_m 36w

    Thoughts of a blind one

    I can hear the birds sing their morning anthem
    I also hear the hoes of the farmers, my dad's included

    I can smell breakfast cooking,
    I think the milk is burning, but the potatoes smell heavenly

    I can literally taste the heat form the stove on my tongue
    As I chew on some roasted maize mamma gave me

    I can feel sisters hands as she guides me towards my little stool beside the window where I can feel the lake.
    I feel the irregularities of the stool while I feel for where to sit.

    Once I am settled, I begin to imagine.....
    I imagine being able to see the lake in its full glory
    I imagine how the morning sun would spread itself across the lake like a child reuniting with their bed before leaving for school.
    I imagine the colors....bright and perfect
    I imagine mamma's little garden with an array of various plants and flowers
    I imagine some of these flowers receiving their sight
    From the sun's magic touch after a long dark night.

    This is my world, full of vibrancy and color
    Even though I can't physically see,
    My minds eye will show me everything.

  • black_p_m 39w


    Maybe it was in the way the boat swayed from side to side
    Or maybe it was the bright colors of his life jacket that sought my attention and had me bulging my eyes.

    It could have been the way he sliced through the water with enough vigor to exaggerate his presence.
    It was a spectacle, a show for us beneath his boat.

    As much as I would like to touch and feel....
    He's above and I am beneath.
    He's human and I am fish.

  • black_p_m 39w

    Word Prompt:

    Write a 8 word short write-up on Triumph

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    Something wider than a's triumph

  • black_p_m 40w

    Extremely late...but whatever.
    @miraquill @writersnetwork
    #wod #breakup #start

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    Cloudy ☁

    Flowers wither, wither and fall
    Dropping like the remnants, the remnants of my soul
    1000 days 1000 calls
    It's a pity, a pity that after all this time you couldn't break my fall

    I've been falling falling falling for forever
    And it has suddenly dawned on me that we were never meant to be together
    My heart has died, has died 12 times over
    And I can't figure out why I an so darn sober

    Its said to be that when the world fades,
    The color grey begins to have different shades.
    These lines I draw have turned into vines
    Creeping up and over my cloudy skies