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  • blinganshu 4w

    All round me are words
    Words of anticipation, words of speculation
    Somewhere in between there also lies garnish of
    Love, care, and encouragement
    Words of faith, words of guidance.
    But what I crave most is your words.
    #sustu #wod #start #pod #words

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  • blinganshu 5w

    I walked through the dark alley
    Climbed up the narrow stairs
    Touching the walls as I walked by
    Caressing the vines on the staircase
    The sound of leaves rustling of
    The Ficus tree at the corner lane creeped me out
    But I wasn't scared
    Silently you were following me too
    You were walking behind me but your
    Six one height was advantageous for you
    You could see ahead of me.

    Hopping on the empty rooftop
    I looked all around, spun on my toes
    My dress flowed with the cold wind
    Your eyes scanned the movement of my dress
    They followed my feet
    I gazed at the sky
    Full of stars shining brightly
    The moon was full too
    I started humming a tune
    And matched my steps too.

    You affectionately gazed at my dancing figure
    Dead poets painted it, for you.
    #end #wod #pod #sustu #blinganshu

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    Dark night

  • blinganshu 5w


    The little musical notes
    The long conversations
    The eternal silence
    All sound sweet when the voice is yours.
    Long walks
    Short drives
    Running errands
    Fatigue disappears when the hand holding mine is yours.
    Moody Monday
    Tiring Thursday
    Lazy Weekend
    All become interesting when the last conversation is yours.

  • blinganshu 5w

    A new word has got all my attention
    Got a place in my heart.

    Trying to become familiar with the strangeness
    In the uncertainty trying to find something I own
    Hiding the fears behind goofiness and laughter
    Oscillating emotions tell me, certainly
    My home is in your name.

    #yournamec #sustu

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    Your name - my home

  • blinganshu 6w

    It begins with
    My fingers stroking the keys on the keyboard
    Mind deliberating what to write about this familiar stranger
    The romantic lyrics playing in my ears
    The normal heartbeat
    Lips sans the smile
    Eyes staring at your pixelated smile
    And I sit down to write about love
    The love for you which I sometimes feel and sometimes I don't

    The ticking of the clock
    The moving tires of the car
    The chilly winter wind blowing in my face
    Tangled hair, Cold feet
    Irrational heart, and the rational mind
    All tell me that I am headed the love's way
    And its gonna hit me hard

    It won't come with a timestamp
    The journey is gonna be tiring and the destination would be
    Well have no idea what it would be
    who would trump in this faceoff, the heart or the mind

    But just as a wise man once said
    It is what it is
    It would be what's meant to be.
    #lovec #itbeginsc #sustu #meanttobe

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    Meant to be

  • blinganshu 7w

    Fingers intertwined
    Road crowded but wide
    We flock with the crowd
    Going with the flow
    With smiles blinding and bright
    We see different hues of the sky
    Granite grey, beautiful blue, and tangy tangerine
    We dance together under nature's disco lights.

    #discoanddance #pod #blinganshu #sustu

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    Disco and dance

  • blinganshu 9w


    The moment I smile just to see you smile back at me, I know I have found my home.

  • blinganshu 10w


    If you could see my blackheads
    If you could see every acne scar I have
    If you could count hairs of my moustache
    If you could see the happiness in my eyes
    And the sadness in my brows
    Then we are close enough

  • blinganshu 10w

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    The memories you never wanted
    The memories that don't bother you in your dreams or daydreams
    The memories that wait at your doorstep whole night
    But not once see a crack in the bolted door
    The memories you don't cherish nor do you hate
    The memories which don't even exist in your memory
    They are probably only mine
    Maybe that's why I am the only one who cry
    Lie that I won't make another try
    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Your cherished memories
    That never really existed.
    #start #wod #pod #sustu #blinganshu

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  • blinganshu 10w

    Tell me
    Everything that you don't want to tell me
    The embarrassments
    The fears
    The happiness
    The excitement
    The irritation
    The smile that you saw on your way home
    The beggar that asked you for alms
    The shirt that you are repeating for the third time without washing
    The blisters that your new shoes gave you
    The tasteless food the new cook served yesterday
    The boring movie that made you fall asleep midway
    The exciting match your team lost
    The crowded metro coaches
    The empty bus seats
    The midnight icecream you loved
    And the runny nose you had for a week
    How long does your phone battery last
    What time did you go to bed last night
    What your roommate commented about your love life
    Why your cousin whined
    Tell me
    Everything you don't want to tell me
    I have a lot that I don't want to tell you.
    #tellmec #free #wod #pod #sustu

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