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  • bodhii 3w

    #talk #thought #introvert #shy

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    we talk least about the things
    we think about most

  • bodhii 4w

    Our mind creates thousands of thought and situation every seconds, and it's even rare to found that 1% is real. And just believing what eye have seen doesn't mean that the thing is actually real or happening.
    And main thing between any relationship (with parents, partner or friends, etc.) is clear communication. You should express your true feelings towards them whether it's bad or good maybe sometimes you are wrong judging that person.
    #love #communication

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    It took me while to realise that,
    Distance never separate people
    But silence does

  • bodhii 5w

    From past days I'm traveling many places and I learnt a great thing... I tried to see people perspective towards their problems, yeah every person have problems whether it's relationship, money or hardship for success...
    1. Problems are temporary they fade away with time.
    2. Maybe you are overthinking on a subject that never existed in any timeframe, which resulted into Problem.
    3. People try to be alone when they fall into problems and expect others to come for help.

    #Problems #hesays

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    World is full of Problems
    But when I saw others
    I forgot my own.....

  • bodhii 6w

    Sometimes a person confess his/her love towards you which was unexpected :)
    And things started to change sometimes for good or for a situation which is unimagined.

    But at last, Can't we just be friends?

    #mirakee #hesays #loveconfess #thoughts
    #wordsofwisdom #love

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    I'm such a "I just want to say no but also don't want to hurt them" kind of person.

  • bodhii 6w


    I was sleepless tonight
    thinking about the last night,
    The way we were looking at each other's eyes

  • bodhii 6w

    #life #happiness #ocean
    Just dare to make a positive decision with a peaceful mind and see magic happens.

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    Living In a room with a closed door,
    Eye on the blue skies and walking on sea shore.
    Dared to open that door,
    And saw endless blues that submerged into ocean.


  • bodhii 14w

    Hmm... Just a poem made from heart.... for her..

    #love #ignored #hinglish #story

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    Bas darr is bat ka hai ki aap Ruth na jaye

    Bas darr is bat ka hai ki aap ruth na jaye

    Kehna toh bohot kuch chahte hai aapse
    Shayad alfaz kam hai
    Duriya bohot hai
    Sawal kayi zada hai
    Jawab na bhi do toh chalega
    Bas darr is bat ka hai ki aap ruth na jaye

    Esa kayi sallo baad mehsus hua hai
    Kisi ki Jhalakh dekhe bagyeir unse pyaar hua hai
    Unki ek hasi humare mann mein khushi ka alam la deti hai
    Shayad vo humari hi galti thi ki aaj vo humse dur jane lagi hai
    Kehne mein toh ye badi jaldbazi hai
    Mohabaat ka izzhar karne mein kya farmani hai

    Bas darr is bat ka hai ki aap ruth na jaye

    Par ruthte toh vohi hai jo pyaar karte hai
    Shayad esi bahane vo hume aaj bhi yaad karte hai
    Pata nahi ki aap bhi yahi mehsus karte ho
    Din bhar bate karne mein hum obsessed se ho gaye the
    Shayad vo apka something something work karne laga tha
    Tumhara something mere something se milne jo laga tha

    Bas darr is bat ka hai ki aap ruth na jaye...