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  • borderlinewitch 1w

    I hope to not wake up in morning
    I'm sorry to cause all the mourning
    From here I declare the end of me
    This world from my existence will be free

  • borderlinewitch 1w

    I'm so tired of crying for a man who keeps giving me reasons to every other day.
    I'm tired of making him my every thing when he doesn't give the minimum basic things.

  • borderlinewitch 4w

    The farther my reality seems
    From the reality humans collectively share,
    As bizzare as my pain sounds like,
    Like fabrications from the world of hell,
    I am called to painting and moulding my expressions of pain
    Into situations that makes them easier to imagine.
    The more they say I see and feel in black and white,
    the more I'm drawn to bring out the contrast in everything I go through,
    make brighter the red and blue, the yellow and all their middle hues.
    Forgive me if you think I'm drawing castles in clouds and thorny forests in the air,
    this is the reality that's a part of my journey, Euphoria to be high on and crippling pain to bear.

  • borderlinewitch 5w

    Is it finally time to dissociate
    It seems like you're always late
    To read me, as if I'm written in a different language
    Too quick to assume, too reluctant to gauge.
    So I'll take the baby steps, I know you have no problem letting me go
    You think I push you too hard to grow
    I can see the tiredness in your eyes
    Seen that far too many times, to know what it signifies.
    I'll step out Sir, the denial of being seen has occurred far too many times
    You're human mistakes many times labelled as undoable crimes.
    I'll wait for the next wind to take me
    Will go gushing out, just the way I came in.

  • borderlinewitch 7w

    The past of jealousy

    After two years of isolation, crowds will gather again,
    Behind the present boom of euphoric energy, hides a small past of pain.
    Maybe my attachment started at that point,
    Seeing you dance with the girl you were attached to, hips joint.
    I looked at you for a moment, that moment kept my gaze magnetically for an eternity
    A year later approximately, you found me smart and witty,
    I burned in the fire now full ignited, fuelled by the sparks of that memory,
    Thinking of the position I hold in your mind
    An affectionate reminder of her, or were you emotionally blind,
    Feelings were shrugged off in jokes and nonchalance,
    You kept on with a charade of friendly balance,
    And here I was ready to give all to you
    But you said I was complicated, and the idea of you loving me was too good to be true.
    So I detached from the relationship lacking emotional depth
    But everytime that memory hits me , I still hold my breath,
    They say don't remember the past that gives you pain,
    But sometimes my efforts to forget go in vain.

  • borderlinewitch 8w

    I don't how I got so fixated on you
    That a disregard for myself became my love language.
    Now I see I'm nothing without you, I'm nothing with you.
    The love has rendered my so empty,
    It carved out the little confidence I had,
    And it fed me temporary spoonfuls to keep me satiated.
    I forgot how to satisfy myself,
    And I kept coming back to you, back for more
    I started believing the threads of my bare existance exist here,
    And I'll be as good as dead when I'm alone,
    But then I became completely empty and now I am always alone
    Because each time you wanted know how good you were for me
    Each time I had to give faith breaking the pieces of my own being
    You crushed it and kept asking for more
    I am nothing without you, I'm nothing with you.

  • borderlinewitch 9w

    They use the word slut as an abuse
    As a word to degrade your worth, deserving to be used.
    But then they put you down for keeping yourself in closed shelves
    And say, " to survive and thrive today dear, you must know how to sell yourself".

  • borderlinewitch 12w

    The scream of hollowness ringing inside me
    The experience of invisibility, of not being seen
    You may call me a selfish or coward for running away
    But you're ignorant of the reasons that doesn't make it worth the stay.

  • borderlinewitch 13w

    He is no longer what he used to be
    He is not what he promised to be
    You, naive girl fall for promises so easily
    And when they hurt you, they say you can't trust easily.
    You'll live, you'll live this reality without him
    He feeds you on promises of support
    But fails you when you fall down
    You should now see, finally,
    The incidents repeated in a pattern, which you forgave so easily.
    He says you should understand, but didn't he understand you were different
    And had different needs? Why can't he keep up his end of the deal
    Does he deserve your good, when he blames you for your bad so easily?

  • borderlinewitch 14w

    By unknown writer

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    Dear caregivers, I'm sorry if you felt you're child's sensitivity was a liability
    I'm sorry if you were burdened by the expectation of caring for your child's emotions.
    I'm sorry you considered your child less human then you
    For it was human for you to shout and throw things,
    But it was less human for them to be quiet and cry.
    Down the lane, many years later, you'll find yourself depending on them
    For needs absurd to many, your paranoia disconcerting,
    When the loneliness closes up on you, and the world seems so unfamiliar it's frightening
    You'll reach out to your family, your children, for the very same needs
    They had when they were stepping into the unfamiliar world.
    They learned to search for support outside home, and you demeaned their character,
    They were made to feel guilty of actions which you secretly were guilty for,
    But were too proud and maybe too afraid to see, the extent of damage you've caused.
    Hope you have the guts to hear the same thing
    You told your children
    When faced with the same paranoia and anxiety.
    You'll always expect emotional support from your children
    But will always fail to give them the same.