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  • broken_witch 17w

    FULL TO ...FUL

    Everyone wants to be known as beautiful,
    No one wants to be known as awful;
    Expecting love & blessings crateful,
    Yet, when it comes to giving,
    Everyone is fearful...

    No one really chooses to be hateful,
    It's just a result of circumstance;
    To be loving and also be dreadful,
    Some things in this world demand balance...

    Every word spoken today, every step taken,
    It's all so thought out and careful;
    The condition of humanity in this so called "free" world,
    Is honestly, so pitiful...

    Nothing is louder than silence,
    No one speaks more than eyes that are tearful;
    If only we could find the balance,
    And also learn to be cheerful...

  • broken_witch 30w

    Flick the lighter,
    Light the stick,
    Inhale & blow away your worries;
    Who gives a fuck,
    What are the world's theories...

  • broken_witch 42w


    As I sit to write,
    I'm trying to conjure in my mind, at least ONE happy thought;
    Why, oh why, can I only remember,
    All the times, where I've fought...

    I don't wish to write stuff,
    Which highlights only pain and depression;
    When did I become like this?
    When did I stop needing happiness and peace to function?

    With a smile on my face and a pen in my hand,
    I sit down to write;
    But, every thought I pen down highlights only darkness,
    With not even a flicker of light...

    Bent down, broken in pieces,
    Yet today I stand upright;
    Constantly having masked the pain inside,
    Now I'm too tired to even fight...

  • broken_witch 52w


    Trying my level best...
    But yet,
    There's the rest...
    Making life,
    A difficult test...

    Scraping away at me,
    Like a lemon losing its zest...

    Falling down, getting crushed,
    Giving up on all hopes...
    Yet, holding it all, close to my chest...
    I'm trying my level best...!

  • broken_witch 53w

    Broken yet Strong...

    As I sit & try to write,
    Hopelessness engulfs me;
    Unable to form a coherent thought,
    My despair hits me...

    In my own company I find peace,
    It's like loneliness is my best friend;
    I find solitude better,
    Cuz in front of no one, can I bend...

    Yes, my ego is supreme,
    But that does not make me mean;
    Circumstances made me what I am,
    This is not how forever I've been...

    Still reeling from my past,
    My wounded soul screaming;
    Oh, how I wish this wasn't life,
    But just me dreaming...

    Falling down, breaking, grieving,
    Through everything I've borne, I'm still breathing;
    Alive on the outside,
    But inside I am dying...

    No matter how desperate I feel,
    Never in front of anyone does a tear roll down my cheek;
    I can't let myself be so exposed and vulnerable,
    I can't show that I too, can be weak...

    For in this world to survive,
    You need to be brave;
    Whatever you may wish,
    Whatever you may crave...

    - _Broken Witch_

  • broken_witch 61w


    The songs which were once just music,
    Their lyrics, now, have so much meaning...

    That visual of my picture perfect life,
    Was just me dreaming...

    The evils of my life,
    Look at me, smirking.. grinning...

    While I break out of my trance,
    Silently screaming...