��We are together bulletproof �� 乃ㄖ尺卂卄卂乇��

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  • bts_army_ 22w

    People with depression and anxiety go through so much and will always hold it in cause they think no one cares...
    And guess what!!! No one really cares...

  • bts_army_ 35w

    Heavy eyes
    Depressed heart.

    Fake smile on face,
    But everyone thinks your life is great....
    That's life

  • bts_army_ 35w


    You never always remain important to someone...

  • bts_army_ 37w

    Impermanence is the nature of everything,
    When we truly know the impermanence in ourselves and others we understand how precious each and every moment is.
    All that matters in life is to live each moment truly happy and content just to be...

  • bts_army_ 38w

    I know you miss that Person
    But you still deserve better...

  • bts_army_ 38w

    Single life might be boring but it's Peaceful...

  • bts_army_ 39w

    Be sure who you share
    Your weaknesses with...
    Some people can't wait for
    The opportunity to
    Use it against you...

  • bts_army_ 39w

    Ek secret batau,

    Hum bina chappal ke chal sakte hai
    Par chappal humara bina nahi chal sakti...

  • bts_army_ 40w

    "The moment you beg someone
    To stay in your life,
    You lose respect in their eyes..."

  • bts_army_ 41w

    This is Life!!!

    Do a million good things
    Nobody will care
    Commit a single mistake
    And everybody will judge you...