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  • btslove 2w

    17 Nov 21
    12:15 pm
    @writersnetwork Thank you so much for the repost ��
    I'm grateful ��
    For you WN��

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    Blue Ashes of poet(ry)

    Pastel blue uncomplete pages
    soaring and drowning 
    Like falling leaves on a windy day.
    When Placid poet elucidating
    branches of panacea,
    sudden a muted poetry
    exposed his miserable untold story.
    Ashes and dust mingle together 
    And separation become maze of his life.
    Faded twilight in fog
    and flickering fireflies
    stupefying him,
    Wandering in quirky stimulus
    for new pages,
    He's completely worn out. 

  • btslove 2w

    2:30 pm
    15 Nov 21

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    Whispering tears

    Teary ink reflecting illusion, from Weeping wilting flowers,
    Become Speck of sparkle and  dwelling in the crescent moon.

  • btslove 3w

    Happiness is as elusive as
    a butterfly, and we must never
    pursue it.
    —E.M. Forster
    12 Nov 21
    10: 01 pm


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    Happiness; An elixir

    And Twilight is wearing
    a large shoreline
    But Height of happiness
    can't wrapped inside.

    Again and again
    scrutinizing Insufficient articles of life,
    Sufficient happiness,
    you'll find your behind.

    Depth of expression
    struggling somewhere, 
    But from the magnet of happiness
    everything will subside.

    Thunders provides nourishment
    for happiness
    But you have to open wide,
    your sparkling eyes.

    Branches of maze
    when start touching your face
    like Curly hairs,
    Leave everything where they are,
    Because Perfection and happiness
    is present beside you
    in the present.

    When Shaking whispers
    start becoming wider, 
    Cover them with
    the flickering happiness of green leaves
    and convert them into refreshing
    immeasurable happiness.


  • btslove 3w

    3:27 pm
    8 Nov 21

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    Vivid stars and faded poetries

    I'm watching the painted sky,
    hallucinating millions of lies.
    And it's written with silver lines of stars,
    unrefined things are more bewitching
    Then always refined.
    I skipped twenty three hour and
    fifty nine minutes and
    I'm again staring at my favorite starry night.
    ~Me and darkness both are friends now

    I stand against the wind 
    And the wind started flowing in my direction.
    Perhaps we both know we can't cage those
    alluring and furtive fireflies.
    Destiny and dreams always walk unparalleled.
    ~I smile and we become nonpareil 

    Two things are eating my soul,
    One is few white pages  
    That are left in my favorite book
    What should i scribble on them
    Sad or happy ending?
    I Thinking continuously 
    And now my thoughts start fading in
    an unknown void.
    ~And the second thing I'm still finding.

    I am the midnight of forgotten memories
    Like Some bittersweet zephyr and Frozen castle
    I'm slowly slowly becoming a small Snowflakes
    of my own dreamy abyss.

    Leaves become Xanthic,
    and all I have left for them,
    a zealful smile.
    ~ I'll assemble their ashes and will spread some seeds of love.


  • btslove 4w

    6 Nov 21
    12:18 pm
    #hyperbole ?

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    Faded Dusk

    Spotless vines kissing adieu,
    Deep in forest in my polaroid; moon I hide
    And I hide teary clouds of the sky
    Rushing waves whispering;
    with me or without me?


  • btslove 4w

    #tautogram #btsaz
    5 Nov 21
    3:08 pm
    B is my favorite
    Cz B is me ;)

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    Scattered connections

    Artful arc aiming alyssum's aroma
    Balanced brown bouquet,
    bustling beautiful breeze 
    Carefree chickadee cuddling calmness
    Dandling destined Dandelions,
    dancing dynamically
    Emerging enchanting euphoria
    Fairies fetching flexible fifty flowers
    Gal Gawking Glowing guitar
    hypnotizing, humming Harmonious haiku 
    Illuminating ink, Inking ineffable imagery
    Jumbke Judgement, justification; jesting 
    Keynote Kindling kagayaku kage
    Light pink laden lilies lifting lyrics loudly
    Melodious memorable mysterious maze, mesmerizing me
    Nefelibata nimbling near
    navy nebulous nepeta
    Overwhelming optimal onset of orchids 
    Perky poet proudly painting placid pain
    Quill quenching quiescent quizzical question 
    Red rose rain rampanting rapidly 
    Sun singing sparkling shadows silently 
    Thoughts trimming,
    tangible terrible thorns timely
    Universe unfolding unique uncanny 
    Vagabond vessel Valedictory verses in vein
    Wobble waves wilting Wildflowers,
    waking winter weather 
    Xanthic Xeric X-mas xoompin 
    Yellow bell yielding youthfulness yarn
    Zestful Zenobia, zappy zither zipping zen. 


  • btslove 4w

    31 Oct 21
    3:08 pm
    @writersnetwork Thank you so much wn for the kind repost ����
    @miraquill Thanks a lot for the repost,
    I'm so grateful.
    (^v^) ��


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    And withering poetries bloom again

    Meagre time, transparent surf,
    and my unbalanced poetry.
    Myriad mysteries and twists
    are hidden quietly in my poetry.
    Weeping and smiling, all wearing
    same color mask in my poetry.
    but tranquilizing shades,
    Dissolve me completely in my poetry.
    /And I take a walk to never return back from my poetry~

    Mendacious flowers,
    crying behind radiant smiles,
    consuming sun rays,
    so they can happily wither.
    Not only translucent petals,
    everyone blooms so they can wither.
    Those trees of life
    holding thousands of dark leaves, too,
    One day wither.
    /And I take a walk to forget what I remembered,
    so my withering memories for forever can wither~

    Night comes and candles bloom.
    When Clouds hide the sun completely
    and sunflower shrink,
    still somewhere in the meadow
    peacocks bloom.
    /When thoughts change their direction
    faster than pages flip,
    Sitting Nonchalantly
    beneath the tangerine pages,
    clenching tightly my wobble hope,
    I believe in myself,
    I'll bloom~


  • btslove 5w

    Thank you so much wn for the repost ����
    I'm grateful ��

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    Like an ant revolving around orbit, 
    Cradling five year old blonde book,
    I spiritless sitting on wine chesterfield     
    Staring at Big circle of wall clock
    and sharp needles, that trick my eyes
    and walk like a voyager standing on a boat
    and touching very cleverly
    horizontal lines of hope
    from his finger tip.

    Too timid whispers came from me
    like a soft feather trying to kiss my forehead,
    Perhaps they trying to wake up
    someone who is sleeping inside me and
    watching an enthralling daydream.

    Faster than my blinking eyelashes
    a tangerine hues start stretching his arm
    around my daydream,
    Flamingos standing on one leg staring the sun
    like Anthurium flowers drinking sun rays

    My Proliferating wishes again waiting
    for Zero o'clock
    like running white needles of black clock
    they are also desperate to see
    the blinking stars of daydreams
    in my eyes,
    Where Fireflies are flying with zephyr and
    sleeping on flowers like Butterfly
    ~"Butterfly of night".

    /I'm not a poet,
    I'm poetry
    that roaming on grey pages of poet
    And flying around the bizzare ending,
    like a night butterfly/

    5:08 pm
    27 October 21

  • btslove 6w

    23 Oct 21

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    From fresh frozen pages of the poetries,
    I quenched my thirst
    And all chaos found homeless shelter.

  • btslove 6w

    #postcard #feather
    22 October 21
    10:32 am
    @writersnetwork I'm grateful (*⌒▽⌒*).. thanks a lot for the repost��

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    An Enigma you are__

    Dear sky, 
    Paltry darkness wrapping you per diem
    Permeating peaceful Melody
    Palm thrush Praising you.
    Pleiades perching on hem 
    Perhaps knocking for Halloween.
    Palindrome stars if become palpable, 
    I'll camouflage them in their ambiguous blink.
    Sometimes you seems Nonchalant feather,
    You sometimes unruffling your perception.
    Kindling complication, and then radiating all abyss
    Tilting dark clouds; you are Watching millions heartbreak,
    you are an ample enigma.

    ~an eternal lover of sky
    Who's wondering your vastness
    Two branches can't hide