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  • btspleiades 17w

    To all boys who hate on bts and mock on them
    I wish their daughter to be born as an army

  • btspleiades 18w

    Happiest birthday #joon


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    when i say that i love you
    i do not love you with just a heart, i love you with unsteady hands, hands that grip your hands, with fingers skimming every bit of skin they can. i love you with a faulty brain, a brain that learns you to love you, without the capacity to love myself. i love you with eyes, eyes feasting on the view like i've been colorblind to reds and greens and blues and now i'm seeing rainbows. I love you with every organ, each bone, and with all my body parts.

  • btspleiades 19w

    So i can't post any of bts' pics

    Okay bye.

  • btspleiades 27w

    i just wanted to thank you guys for being kind to me, talking to me, loving me (ahem)
    Just the way i am.
    I'm truly grateful

    And idk how to describe This feeling... I can't-
    I can't put 'em into words.
    I'm glad i met y'all
    And became a part of this beautiful family

    Thanks for coming into my life
    And make it lot better

    I wish you all happiness and love
    Happy birthday

  • btspleiades 31w

    let’s talk about history, you and me.
    talk about us and all we could’ve been.

    do you believe in lost souls, in soulmates?
    do you think we could find our story in history books?
    do you think we’re two halves of one whole?
    or do you think we were never ours even once?
    do you think we could’ve been in tragedies
    could you find us in between ink?
    do you think i could chart us in the stars?

    let’s talk about this.
    let’s talk about us.

    do you wonder about me like i wonder about you?
    do you wonder if there is an us in another universe?
    do you think we could ever have a chance in our world
    in another lifetime altogether?
    do you think a story about me and a story about you
    could ever become a story about us?
    do you think we could ever be?

    do you think?
    do you wonder?
    cause i do.
    i always do.

    Guess this ��

    #bts #army

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    — perhaps you and i will forever live in almosts and could have beens | del.

  • btspleiades 31w

    ���� ������������������ ���������� : : You carry so much love in your heart. Give some to yourself.

    The seven stars that will forever brighten up our universe because our start and end is always ������.


    Whenever you feel sad try to listen to them. They will tell you not to be afraid. They will not mean to hurt you. They will take you into their wings to give you comfort.They will sing for you. They so do love to sing and as the bellowing of the Heavenly Host fills your mind. The songs are beautiful and as angels they've the power to erase all your unbearable pain and sadness. That's how they love. That's how they're functioned just to give comfort and love. Don't forget to give the same love and affection to them in return.

    ���� ���� ������������ : : you're not walking alone: festa memories ��- i stay with bts for their music, their message, their humbleness, their honesty, their personalities, just for them. From the start they have always been thankful for everything and even as they conquer the entire music industry they are still just as thankful. I have the most respect for them and wish them a happy and healthy 9th year and will continue to support and love them <3
    ���������� ������ ����������������������

    #bts #BTSFESTA2021 #festa #happy8thyears
    #army #muster


    @arya_abhipsa @fairytales_ @im_the_star_of_my_life @taekook_maknae

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  • btspleiades 32w

    ������������ ������

    It was released in 2017 and it remains the most amazing video (and song) I have ever had the pleasure of watch. For me is one of the most visually and aesthetically pleasing MV of BTS.
    I love how what they show us in the video is exactly the same as what we hear in the song. They make you feel that sadness and longing for the other person.


    “Spring Day” came out three years after the sinking of the ���������� ����������, a disaster in which an improperly inspected, overloaded, and unbalanced ferry capsized on an overnight journey. The ship had been loaded with twice the legal limit of cargo on its decks, and the ship’s crew had lied about the boat’s total weight. 304 passengers, the majority of them high school students on the way to a sight-seeing field trip, drowned, as they had been ordered to stay in their cabins until it was too late. Only 172 passengers survived the wreck.

    - × - × - × - × -

    Ps. BTS didn't declar the MV is based on Sewol Ferry but when you see the MV you'll clearly see that.


    "The morning will come again because no darkness, no season can last forever."

    Until this cold winter ends
    And the spring comes again
    And until the flowers bloom again
    Please stay there a little longer
    Please stay there
    (MV ends with these lines)

    Pps. Why i love BTS i can't explain. They taught me how to love myself and they are the only reason why I'm still alive :)


    �������������� ������������ ���� @lovenotes_from_carolyn ma'am for hosting this beautiful challenge. Indeed you're an angel ��
    Hope you'll like it.
    Due to writer's block I tried my best.
    It's my favorite song and always makes me emotional hope you'll like it too. ��

    #bts #cees_bts_chall

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    The last time we talked
    Two forms, one space
    This vast shared history
    A warm blanket--

    He told me he had finally
    Beaten his demons, laid his
    Dreams out like diamonds
    Oh how he sparkled

    A new chapter, a chorus
    Calling from a better place
    I believed at last his ache

    The last time we spoke
    He told stories of fish
    And family and a father
    I had forsaken

    A sickness seeping slowly
    He gave himself away

    And then he was gone

  • btspleiades 32w

    I'm not even jealous tho ��

    And don't forget to trend

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    Today was the hard day for indian armys
    I wish you good night and sweet dreams
    Stay healthy
    And humble to the boys
    It was just an interview
    Don't let *those photocards* sleep on the couch

  • btspleiades 33w

    A month ago bunchs of people were mocking on bts(someone made a meme). At that time i reported that insident to @lovenotes_from_carolyn ma'am.
    She sported me that time as well ��

    And now this ��

    You're indeed a very kind soul ma'am, thank you so much for your recent post ������

    We Armys loves you ��

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    How it started vs how it's going

  • btspleiades 34w

    The thing is she was never really present she always had her head in the clouds, she was a dreamer with potential that was dreadfully disproportionate as to what her body to handle.


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