mushrooms music so enchanting to believe in fairies

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  • bubbly_bluebells 13h

    Present is me,so focus on me��

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    Rise in consciousness

    My tounge
    burning ice joules
    Headache of suspension
    Brain fog,numb
    ~Abyss ashes

    Also tasting;
    cold flame joules
    of transcendence!
    ~pheonix rebirth

    But now
    it's an addictive experience
    wanting more
    To remix
    body in electric shocks
    ~Time lapse

    But direction
    should be upwards,
    against the mass collision!
    Energy cultivation

    Raising conciousness
    Embodying, touching
    Many highest dimensions
    ~A telepathy

    Let me check deep valleys
    Of surrender,
    drugy than drugs, in truth!
    Sleeping kindly a fairy baby
    ~peaceful centroid

  • bubbly_bluebells 13h

    Nobody could take away your peace out if you aren't involved in that kind of stuff with them blinded

  • bubbly_bluebells 14h

    Ye le��

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    Hamesha se mai yeh bolna chahti thi

    Log jeene marne ki kasme bhi sirf 7 janamo ki khaate hai phir apna raasta naapna plan me hota hi hai
    aur yaha to kuch hi mahino me
    Usse bhi jyada forever wali janam janam
    har janam waali commitment ka kisi ko ata pata hai bhi ki nahi?Kar ke dikhao aisa waala pyaar!
    Sab bhaag jaate hai apne shoes utha ke,jaise saali yahi to hai

    Ab ja ke chain mila mujhe ae pyaar karne waalo

  • bubbly_bluebells 14h

    If time is an illusion then we are mere a lab experiment happening inside an orb(flat) called earth��! Beware we are being watched 24×7��They would be playing with our clocks as a toy,How a puppet show trapped in a labyrinth!

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    Be timeless in your perception
    -By unknown writer

  • bubbly_bluebells 16h

    My response is how much intensity I could feel from you!

  • bubbly_bluebells 16h


    pitcher plant
    only prey to hunt
    Do nothing but
    want other life
    to survive!

    What a beauty
    of energies
    It could never be lied
    It's spectrum
    is a certain bandwidth
    of the intentive
    radiates thoughts
    From faces &
    body language

    You could
    Never hide the
    Black heart!
    How much coat
    Sugar on your lips
    & Cover with aesthetics
    Poison only sickens
    lives, surrounding
    As rotten fruits
    Do to fresh one's!

  • bubbly_bluebells 21h

    To all dear readers-"Its your own
    Acuity trope,make the content silvern trail
    Whimsy spoon of whirly,vivid magic waves
    rhyming switch!You are mighty,bullet proof
    and bueno.Your light gives me beauty
    but it's persona imagery charm.I'm just
    A mirror you simply love to adore!

  • bubbly_bluebells 22h

    Tears frozen in cells empty spaces

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    I will give what I have but in mid I could create what u want to give that creativity fast fast

    Mother baby open interactions
    More development

    She remain silent because always
    danced in reveries
    Never needed to open to anyone
    She blooms self like a cosmic lotus in the universe
    Never her weak trait but tranquil attire
    Attitude and wonder girl ever
    Empath care giver of emotions feelings
    She scares from crueltiy of world
    Lives wild music in the space cause slow beats can't spellbound her
    To control her life mastering Jupiter

    Jump in beats creating double dreams
    collecting all cells in songs sing enchantments of your soul

    Her heart dances secretly but most loud that her vibrations reach each corner of the galaxy
    She has own songs and corigraph a unique dance
    Doesn't need anyone
    Music moves you when you move through it.in pondering and stepping to shake body
    Expressions Is an art in dance,dreamingvartbetc. To exist in the homepages of recognition and excitement

    Tough is denial, participate is accepting to overcome
    So won

    Celebrating my heartbreak to beat a music line in hope happiness Is never giving up and trying out new phases
    If not sing
    Gave dome channel to expres
    Wash sorrows and drench is rain of bliss

    When energy is less we can't read deep notes in songs
    Be open and catch to

    Sing whole life in best move of dance and song dong dong

  • bubbly_bluebells 1d

    All I would say,it's all my fault!

    They say my dreams are shattered!
    Other says dreams never comes true!
    They say mythological "satis" don't exist nowdays
    But ever questioned?
    Who said to ditch not choose them to kill their existence?
    Also say honest people suffer too much and can never be rich.Did you chose to be dishonest and sinner to merge in society of crimes?
    You are the reason,cause its your life to make what should exist in personal world or not!!
    Yeah! The intention and space giving to sacred thoughts.
    All are alive in heart,get nourishment from inner life force
    And everyone have to cultivate something to be alive!
    So,why aren't you working on yourself alone on good things?
    Away from important depicted by dead people of aimless society ,just settling to ruin own life!
    Living lies that they sorted out problems and are successful!

  • bubbly_bluebells 1d

    When you are alone speak to self
    Like your voice enrolled for the talk-job
    As sea music opens the sea shells

    Don't feel unheard, lonely to bitter!
    The sweet experience of minutely
    Learning the deep siren syllables

    It's a Language of rejuvenation!


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    How would you believe in me?
    When you will ask questions &
    appreciate intuitive answers, accept
    To climb,get up and take a stand
    On those hint bravely to earn Grace