Life isn't always rainbows and unicorns����

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  • carons_hermes 6w

    "Pierce the darkness to bring light."

    "Blessed is she who falls
    Blessed is she who rises again."

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    Nd the Stars were formed...

    The animals were behaving badly.
    So the Gods decided to cover the entire Earth with a blanket, blocking out the sun.
    It was so dark. So dark.
    The animals were afraid.
    But the Gods did not answer their prayers.

    But then...
    This one brave little bird flew up to the sky.
    Faster and faster.
    Her heart was beating so fast, she thought it might burst.
    But she just kept going.
    (Birds chirping)

    Rebel's heart.
    Will of steel.
    Eyes set on true north.
    Until finally...
    She pierced the blanket with her beak,
    and a tiny ray of light shone through.

    The little bird flew back up
    again and again,
    poking holes in the blanket,
    defying the will of the Gods.

    But the Gods were not mad.
    The Gods were so moved by her courage,
    they decided they were only going to cover the Earth for half of the day.

    And so this blanket,
    full of these tiny holes
    became the night sky.
    And that's how the the stars were formed.

  • carons_hermes 8w


    I've been lucky to get so many things without much struggle. I feel so blessed to have so many loving people, who arrive from nowhere just to tell me "You have a very good nature" or "You are such a good person" or "I'm so happy for you, you got placed".......
    I'm greatful for all the blessings and love. I'm already so rich with it, just hope I remain the same forever.
    Actually, I've undergone a lot of changes just in a few years, and would keep making myself better, but I pray to not change the kindness and goodness I've got naturaly.
    Lastly, I would like to thank God for allowing me to love all my people eternally and efforlessly, no matter what. I pray for all of you and will keep praying. Thank you and love you all.

    May these words be heard.

  • carons_hermes 17w

    Tum chinta na kro, mai chali jaungi...

    Fir rokna chahoge to bhi rok nhi paaoge,
    Itni door chali jaungi ki kabhi dhoondh hi nhi paaoge,

    Prr mai na tumhe phir bhi milne aaungi,
    Uss tanhai waali raat m, thodi baaten shaaten krne mai zroor aaungi,
    Thodi tumhari sunungi, thodi apni sunaungi,
    Har baar ki tarah, kuch kehte kehte ruk jaungi,
    Aur "dhyan rakhna" kehkrr, phir gumm hojaungi,

    Lekin tumhe na mai yaad ni krungi,
    Kyunki shayd kabhi bhool hi ni paungi,
    Fir chahe tum kitni hi koshish krlo,
    Mujhse peecha ni chuta paaoge,
    Mere dil aur dimag m, tum hamesha khud ko vesa hi paaoge,

    To filhal chinta na kro, mai kal chali jaungi.


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    Chali jaungi♡

  • carons_hermes 36w


    बस यूँ ही ज़िंदगी का सफर कुछ हसीन लोगों के साथ हसीन बन जाता है,
    तेरी अदाओं का कहना,
    ये दिल तो हर बार तेरी निगाहों में डूबकर रह जाता है।

    मंजि़ल के बारे में मै ज्यादा सोचता नहीं,
    बस तेरा साथ सुहाना लगता है।

    सुभानल्लाह! किस्मत ने माशूका मेरी जो तुझे बनाया है,
    मेरे लाख ज़खमों पर मर्हम लगाने का उसका इरादा लगता है।।


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  • carons_hermes 50w

    Every organization needs a leader, irrespective of its size and functions. A leaderless organization is a "muddle of men and machine". Leadership is not gender-specific. The hallmark of leadership is the ability of a superior to influence the behavior of the subordinates or a group and persuades them to follow a particular course of action. Although leaders can be of both genders, there exist certain differences in the basic traits and qualities possessed by men and women leaders. In the twenty-first century, the essential qualities required to lead include the ability to collaborate, connect, empathize and communicate. All these qualities are feminine in nature and can help build a more sustainable future. Women are constantly making their leadership presence felt in entrepreneurship, education, technology, health, administration, engineering, etc. at regional, national and global levels. Women are now resolved to break the traditional ceilings to evolve the leadership positions that society barred them from, even if they possessed equal requisite skills and talents. History speaks itself, the Women-leaders, Indra Nooyi, Indira Gandhi, Oprah Winfrey, Theresa May, Christine Lagarde, Anjela Merkel, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Michelle Bachelet, Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Arundhati Bhattacharya to name a few.

    Women show some characteristic features that turned out to be beneficial to organizations. They are more transformational than men as they emphasize on both organizational goals and personal development. Also, they are focused on completing the task within deadlines which ensures smooth functioning of the company. Another important trait showed by women leaders is that they promote corporation and collaboration amongst the subordinates. In this case, all the members of the team need to be clear of their roles and responsibilities, otherwise, it results in redundant work. The communication style of women are sufficiently different than men leaders, they posses democratic style of leadership and also tend to be participatory in several aspects. Women often times allow more space in accomplishing a goal providing flexibility towards innovation and creativity. However, women are seldom good at branding themselves unlike their male counterparts. This may be a major reason why the capabilities of women leaders have not been highlighted for the people to recognize their potentials. Hopefully in the coming time, women will participate into sharing their achievements and accomplishment, which ultimately will inspire more females to come up enthusiastically, removing the gender disparity.

    Presenting an example of how perspective difference can impact at places with higher risk. In the recent survey regarding the cases and deaths due to covid-19, it was found that countries with women leaders did better in flattering the curve. Attitude towards risk from male leaders differs from female leaders as explained by Kambhampati, “Men are willing to take risk per game, but not willing to take risk for a loss.” She also emphasized the domain of risk in the leadership decision. She briefed,” In the literature it seems to be the case that they talk about women being risk-averse, but it isn’t true in all aspects. So yes, women are risk-averse as far as lives are concerned, but actually female leaders took greater risk compared to their male counterparts regarding economy.” The transition towards the new normal after the pandemic is a grand opportunity to reflect on the status and influence of women at the workplaces, especially the emergence of effective women-leadership.

    Despite the difficulties encountered by women due to bias, stereotypes, work-family balance, etc. women leaders have emerged to form a prosperous diverse organization and social culture, had shown to drive innovation and critical thinking. In short, women empowerment should continue in the ‘new normal’.


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    Women Leaders: First Among Equals in the New Normal

  • carons_hermes 50w

    I don't know who wants to hear this... But I just wanted to share... Hope everyones healthy, happy and safe our there.
    #chase #relationship #love #depression #reality #imagination #yourself #oneself #motivation #lesson #understanding #life #moral

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    Mandy Hale said,
    "You'll never have to chase
    true friends and true love."

    And as Will Smith said,
    "Don't chase people, be yourself,
    do your own thing, and work hard.
    The RIGHT people
    -- The ones who really belong in your life
    -- will COME to you... and STAY..."

  • carons_hermes 51w

    Wrote Kuch bhi��

    Had you been here now, you would have seen so many others who have been hurt just like it was hurting me.
    I wonder if it will change your perception upon how you feel about me?
    Will it still bother you if I'm hurt, or I'll be entering into the prey list and you one of the hunters...
    Or will it not affect you at all as there are several suffering from the same disease.

    "Huh! It's common now, go try the medicines, maybe one can cure you, else time will do the healing ultimately."

    Sometimes, it's difficult to choose
    to stay strong or even believe in myself,
    to question my feelings and intentions,
    to smile now or fear to cry later,
    to being unique, or ugly and stupid
    to worry tomorrow or enjoy to get hurt again
    to accept it or simply reject every distant but temporary pleasure of hearing you, talking you, watching you or even missing you!


    Uff! when did life become so complicated, we were simply messy, jolly and crazy. When did we become seriously serious. Why do life complicates itself seeing us grow. And why do it inspire us to grow to live it. Why life, is it so much fun to fool the innocent nestling, why can't you simply tell them
    "Toddlers yes! Now is the actual time to lively live this short or long life."

    Well even if we were told earlier, we are all obstinates, ought not have listened to you... But your way of teaching is far more advanced than we humans can ever attain... And so, no matter how terrible it is, we all live it with fun, pain, hardships, success, failure, happiness, greed, pleasure, anger, sweat, sweets or, anything and everything.
    At last, life is what it is, like always there are no answers of all the 'whys' and 'whats' and we end up living it anyway��

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  • carons_hermes 51w

    Jai Hind����

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    Lets put our hands together in a pledge...
    In the names of great soldiers who were burried in a Royal way,
    In the names of those leaders who showed us the peaceful pathways,
    And in the names of those who died fighting to blew the violence away,
    Lets pledge to be at peace entirely come what may...

    For once lets wear clean cloths with tranquility...
    And move together towards a brighter phase,
    Far from this daily rush and human race,
    Walking under shades and on green surface,
    Just not moving our arms in any case...


  • carons_hermes 51w

    Wrap me with your cold hands
    I'm not fine darling
    These freezy nights
    Flaring stars in the sky
    Chill shots waiting for thy
    Scattered chilly flakes
    Diffuse murmuring all night
    Baby have some mercy
    This lust for your kiss
    Gamey touch and tight hugs
    Waiting seems so tough
    Come back soon...


    Tried something, not so good but fine, filling my profile with stuffs, so LIB����

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  • carons_hermes 52w

    I am that kind of wierdo who would start crying by listening "Meri Maa" of Kailash Kher, sitting 5 steps away from her.
    Love you maaa