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  • chaithra_nayak 1h

    The season of love is
    never ending risk of gloom.
    Edging yourself for the answer,
    fearing of rejection the heart
    can't accept feelings of refusal.

    Each day I add-up the playlist,
    playlist of adorned love
    transforming its cycle;
    from cocoon of teenage crush
    to butterfly of a pure love.

    Every vivid sunset dreamt
    of curling you up my arms,
    Treasuring the memories
    looking up to sky of stars
    resonating for happiness.

    Our hearts wouldn't tangle-up
    in the world of happy space.
    Bubble of love is wounded,
    vanished with passage of time
    A love that is lost in the wind.

    #mirakee #writersnetwork #winters #winterlove
    #poetry #poemoftheday #love

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    Opera of Love


  • chaithra_nayak 1d

    Geet, Bhatinda Ki Sikhni;
    a bright-chirpy sunflower
    in a field full of roses.
    who smiles from core of heart
    with tinch of sparkling eyes
    Reflecting happiness in galactic
    which makes her special,
    exceptional from all.

    Aditya, a cold feet baron;
    Imperiled for work bubble
    Plunged through the stress
    yet amidst holds lingered vibe.
    The one who fears to smile at zest
    drowns in a sea of responsibilities
    A mere firefly in saffron skies
    who belonged to gloomy night.

    They meet each other in
    the train journey of love.
    Geet drabbing out darkness
    and filling the YOLO motive,
    made him accept awful flaws
    optimising dim tunnel in him.
    Letting him explore life
    like there's no tomorrow.

    Life turned tables' for Geet.
    Her love for Anushman battered her,
    put her in misery of isolation.
    chaotically fear of lost soul,
    Aditya warmth her withered heart
    filled hidden valiance in her.
    Caged her out from tears of ink
    and let her fly from her horror.

    To stand by someone at
    their darkest stormy past;
    answers the peak of love.
    World says heartbreak
    is too cliche to clunch with,
    they proved it wrong all way.
    In a galaxy full of stars,
    you will always find the stellar.

    The realisation of love
    embraced slowly in them,
    promising no fear in dice of life.
    They held each other tight,
    the affinity of never letting go.
    Heart beating in rhythm,
    universe aligning them; for the story
    Happily ever after just started.

    #jabwemet #adityaandgeet #love #lovestory #lovelikethis #mirakee #writersnetwork #poetry #poemoftheday

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    Jab We Met


  • chaithra_nayak 2d

    The Winter Butterfly

    Satiable urge to confide
    in the heavens of intimacy.
    Flesh clutching bodies,
    lost in the mosiacs of eros
    draped in your tender arms .

    Iris blooming in my heart,
    shy behind the twinkling grin.
    Snuggling on your chest,
    that little shivers in me
    with the engulf essence of love.

  • chaithra_nayak 2w

    Winter Rings

    Winter mornings shines like pearl
    mild air rustling your feet
    Whispers of fog controlling you,
    squishy blankets, warmth in bed.
    A new fragrance of winter,
    tendering you to wrap around
    linger with pillow amidst.

    That one ray of sunlight
    blooming you to get up,
    With the brittle cold air arising,
    butterflies in my stomach
    dances on sweet music
    to the beats of mist springling.

  • chaithra_nayak 3w

    The Virat Kohli

    The name itself says "VIRAT",
    signifying a great leader; a king
    always been a eye of inspiration
    to millions of youngsters,
    set his sight on a triumph.
    A bad-boy turned up to be GOAT
    calibrating his dream goals,
    who prioritised nation ahead
    of his father's demise.

    Your game, your records
    speaks your persistence.
    The hunger for wins,
    the roaring aggression,
    idol of umpteen youths,
    the classy aura of yours,
    flattered many by looks.

    The kid in you allurs joy
    and happiness in the squad.
    Cover drives of yours,
    drives millions of us crazy.
    Like a serotonin dose,
    your smile adores the most.
    Wish to bubble wrap you
    from all the negatives and
    pray for all your success.

  • chaithra_nayak 4w

    Autumn Hues

    A paradox quest of
    unanswered questions.
    A battle conflict in the brain
    bottling the churned emotions.
    Autumn wind blowing out
    every unwavering thoughts
    denying the undeniable,
    An imaginary rope tied up
    counterpointing my own soul
    torn between two paths;
    Love veined-up through heart
    and the brainy-logical mind.

    So with autumn, let it go.
    It is one of the beautiful
    season i connect with.
    It has melancholy feelings
    with added hope and
    Determintion that everything
    is gonna fit right.
    A soft breeze, crimson day,
    shimmer feels; it is all about warmth.

  • chaithra_nayak 5w


    If being soft and tender
    in this mad world is weakness,
    Why would they be in awe of moon
    and not the sun?

    the solitude of soul is
    capable of untainted love.
    from shattered pieces,
    to blooming wildflowers
    screaming for melody of love.

    happy stems are captive possession
    blinding one's desires.
    To understand what freedom is,
    paint the faded canvas
    with home of serendipity.
    Just go out and gaze the soul,
    You will find the inner peace.


  • chaithra_nayak 5w

    Alarming thoughts

    Swallowing the senseless pain
    creases that refuse to go
    Trying to piece up all lost thoughts
    mosaic of fragmented mind
    in the ocean of shadows
    I hear endless hymn of moonlight

    Choosing my battles,
    wisely and precisely,
    working hard to accept myself
    With more ardor
    then i was a soft feather
    Now turned into a rock,
    transforming all my tears
    Into a heap of hardwork
    I look back and gaze
    how i thorned the weakness
    and empowered myself

  • chaithra_nayak 17w

    Broken Pieces of Soul

    Month of May turned out
    To be a nightmare of abrupt.
    Waves of pain pounce and dash
    With broken screams in thunder,
    Tears shower down the flood
    Storming the scattered hearts.

    Tossing the times we spent,
    Churn out of grief and aches.
    Wish to break the bad memories
    Tears that lead flight of stairs,
    Memories are pathway to heaven
    So i could get you back to us.

    Heart full of despair and grief,
    Trauma festering extant wounds.
    Heart cries of tear-of-agony
    and the paranoid of pain,
    "God, my prayers were unanswered".

  • chaithra_nayak 20w

    Ashes of Memories

    When a person dies,
    Many hearts break at that time.
    One, that ceases to exist,
    Dissolving into the universe,
    With the body that held it within.
    And the other, of the loved one
    Who face the forever loop
    Of immortal wave of sorrow.

    Grief isn't subtle, it kicks the gut
    Chokes you, suffocates you.
    Leaves you breathe hard.
    But, is now left alone
    Under a sky full of stars
    That don't seem to shine enough
    Without their favorite admirer.