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  • chaithra_nayak 24w

    Broken Pieces of Soul

    Month of May turned out
    To be a nightmare of abrupt.
    Waves of pain pounce and dash
    With broken screams in thunder,
    Tears shower down the flood
    Storming the scattered hearts.

    Tossing the times we spent,
    Churn out of grief and aches.
    Wish to break the bad memories
    Tears that lead flight of stairs,
    Memories are pathway to heaven
    So i could get you back to us.

    Heart full of despair and grief,
    Trauma festering extant wounds.
    Heart cries of tear-of-agony
    and the paranoid of pain,
    "God, my prayers were unanswered".

  • chaithra_nayak 27w

    Ashes of Memories

    When a person dies,
    Many hearts break at that time.
    One, that ceases to exist,
    Dissolving into the universe,
    With the body that held it within.
    And the other, of the loved one
    Who face the forever loop
    Of immortal wave of sorrow.

    Grief isn't subtle, it kicks the gut
    Chokes you, suffocates you.
    Leaves you breathe hard.
    But, is now left alone
    Under a sky full of stars
    That don't seem to shine enough
    Without their favorite admirer.

  • chaithra_nayak 32w

    She, Moon and Darkness

    Dark blue sky and a starlit night
    As I was seeping to the sleep,
    I felt the tiredness in body
    Echoing me to learn the tame tides.

    The shadow of love clones me
    Raging and loathing me to past,
    Where tortured soul and wild heart
    Longing to be loved and understood.

  • chaithra_nayak 42w

    The Darb Vision

    The tragic affair with my past,
    Flooding me every now and then
    With fragments of anxiety,
    The pattern continues
    And the remnants of the pain.

    The puff-clouded eyes,
    Inflicting pain flowing in veins
    Linking heart of black vault.
    The world kept staring in trance,
    until the moon died.

  • chaithra_nayak 43w

    The Frozen Bubble

    The sundered thoughts playing,
    With cluster of pain in the chest.
    Weaving the wings of the soul,
    With bottle of past buried in coffin.

    Like the latter shard of glass,
    Swaying like a shattered window.
    Decorating it with fake lilies and roses,
    Making an effort to heal the past.

    Your love can only be a balm,
    But can't cure the soul.
    She only seeks light lest,
    losing herself in darkness.

  • chaithra_nayak 49w

    Flake of Snow

    Snows of glitter all-over,
    Falling over spindly skin
    Birds choir ringing ears,
    Slowflakes fluttering by.

    Softening the winter glow,
    rustling over leaves and buds
    Ray of sunshine in afternoons,
    Cashmere the frozen February.

  • chaithra_nayak 51w

    The Retro Soul

    She was a happy song
    who walks in summer sunshine,
    Floats in blueness of sky,
    Swim in the ocean of joy.
    She conceals the torment
    and hum to beats of 90s.
    Protecting her life from
    snare and being bleak.

    She was light peering
    through the dark clouds.
    She was the warmth dancer
    dancing in the flames of fire.
    She was a heart filled
    with empathy of bliss,
    But monsters didn't let
    all of them live in her for long.

  • chaithra_nayak 53w

    The Numb Bone

    The craved stories of dingy past,
    Written on the thick walls
    Butterflies in stomach masked-off
    churning her bitter everyday.

    Shriek cry of her turns drought
    Yet the rain never sinked in.
    A little shower was all needed,
    To save her from the covet.

    One cent of innerself solacing her,
    Veins flooding her to motivate
    Calming her hurricane of heartbeat
    And kissing the confidence to live.

  • chaithra_nayak 61w

    The Silent Scream

    The full moon overhead,
    My lungs filled with
    Torrid-air breathing in race
    And mindful of hurricane.

    My insecurities lying next-to-me,
    There is rust on my tongue
    Lacking the conversation
    in the real world out everyday.

    My heart pricked with stones,
    Which no longer has love-shield.
    Here I am, under the sky
    Pouring hopes for prosper futurity.

  • chaithra_nayak 71w

    The Night Breeze

    The mellow tunes amidst sky
    Curtail that burns of heart,
    Looms around the clouds of blue
    shrills on the horror tales in dark.

    Gaiety of wind gushing through
    With the visual delight,
    Dreams that lighten up the stars
    Filling the empty spaces of night.