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  • chandrika_rathore 24w

    Maybe clouds can't hold the burden of water for long ....
    So they let it go
    I wonder that's how rain and rainbows happen.


  • chandrika_rathore 26w

    She stayed up late at night with the stars that day
    Wondering what could have made them so beautiful
    Their glittering shine or the loneliness...!!

  • chandrika_rathore 62w

    I keep prying on hope.


  • chandrika_rathore 76w

    Your Struggles are only yours
    No one understands your pain more than you yourself do
    The burden you hold on to your heart
    The tears that came to the edge of your eyes
    The heart which was being hurt
    The loved ones who misunderstood you
    Their taunts and their starey eyes
    Which in their mind is right but not in your heart
    Gulp it.
    Hold it.
    Come out of it.
    It will be a little hard because they won't leave you until they prove their point
    They will keep poking you on that one subject.
    Cause they dont want to be defeated let alone wrong.

    It doesn't matter how much blessed you are
    There comes time when you toil for some things or the other.
    Know that there are people who will embrace you. The gem you are. The life you are living with such terms. Try break loose of it but in a good manner. In being true to yourself and your principles. Cause people's statements are not what you..... you are what your conscience is.

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  • chandrika_rathore 81w


  • chandrika_rathore 81w


  • chandrika_rathore 81w

    She kept her head high
    and let her faith decide.

    She kept her head high
    and let her faith decide,
    For whatever is kept in store for her
    Can never make her spirit die.

    She knew it was hard to bide
    But she kept walking with heavy stride.
    For whatever came her way she let it out
    She even cried,
    But never let her spirit die.

    She was never alone in this path she knew
    Because it was always as it has been through.
    People were to blame,
    But she didn't let them take her away from the aim.

    She was always bright
    But this time everyone was holding a finger on her character's apetite,
    She still survived this with grace and broke into light,
    And as always she never let her spirit die.

  • chandrika_rathore 82w

    The leaf

    I arose from a node of my plant
    I saw the earth with my tiny eyes
    The plant wanted a fresh start
    So it chose me to be the piece of art

    I cling to the end of the branch
    and saw people being staunch
    The kids play right below my nose
    The little kids just like rose

    I saw them playing hide and seek
    As behind from my tree they were having a little peek
    I saw them being happy and gay
    By seeing this my heart would sway

    I saw the ground and the sky
    I saw the love and a little lie
    With people sitting under the tree
    They felt the feeling of being free

    A bird came one day
    On the summer night of may
    She made nest on my branch
    Till the winter falls emblanch

    I rejoiced my life
    With so much love and hype
    But it was time to turn yellow and fell faint
    Because to my place a new leaf was meant to be paint.


  • chandrika_rathore 82w

    Fire and Ice

    She carried fire in her eyes
    Ferocious as she was
    Determined to do everything one admires to be
    Determined to be everything one acquires to be
    The fire
    Yes, the fire.

    And the next moment,
    She was ice cold towards the evil minded
    Crystal water as she was
    Determined to evade every malicious crime there is to be
    Determined to invade every malicious thought there is to be
    The ice
    Yes, the ice.

    She was never afraid to put her ideologies before anyone else's
    She was never afraid to voice her thoughts
    Fierce as she was
    A perfect balance between the two
    Fire and ice
    Yes, the fire and ice.


  • chandrika_rathore 82w

    And i lay there beside the worldly affairs.......
    The economic crisis
    The domestic violences
    The abuses
    The patriarchy
    And many more

    I think the people have lost their humanity and came to a point where nothing is against their morality. The ones that used to suffer are making everyone suffer to take the anger out. The people are forming a chain and approving the wrong doers through their own actions. Why is nobody willing to stop it.
    and then i realised am i also doing my part or not.
    I have done my part on it as much as i can do. But the people who are meant to stop all this themselves are afraid of the criminals. I can only now write down my pain and agony and anxiety after reading these with a hope that one day these words will not be so important in our dictionaries. They will just remain untouched or unheard when the crimes will be evaluated with our pride and just behaviour.