some old some new but always for you

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  • charlieka 8m

    still drunk in the morning after drinking you away but now you sift in to sand my view
    I rub my eyes to clear them
    bid you adieu

  • charlieka 6h

    You don't own the corner of lonely

  • charlieka 9h


    Broke through the crust
    Magma jolted
    Sent me writhing like a newborn peeling the caul from my eyes
    I see
    I feel
    I know
    Fed myself all this time on grit and determination but I need flowers and rainstorms
    call my name
    I tell myself
    I am the one
    tore the veil
    I can see beyond your island into the mists of your seas the blue waves on sand beaches torn with rock and spines of crustaceans beneath the dulcet October days
    amber leaves curling across your rivers finding shelter in the caverns of my heart
    lost memories
    Maple tapped dreams

  • charlieka 11h

    Never Knew

    the side of him I never knew is cruel like a circus clown parade of horrors spilling from a dilly car finding their way to press into the soft flesh of my belly ride under the skin where I'll carry this memory for life


  • charlieka 12h

    No Song

    I'm so tired
    walking beneath the weight of clouds
    I'm changed
    once enough was a drop
    but I'm parched
    your presence soars inside the dusty canyons of my mind
    call your name into the cavern of my heart and there is an echo
    of a song
    I won't sing anymore
    I'm changed


  • charlieka 1d

    Velvet Blush

    call out my name he says
    with every thrust of his eyes
    call out my name
    in velvet blush of dawn
    coffee wrapping 'round our bodies
    inked from the warmth of last night


  • charlieka 1d


    midnight in the garden
    and all is hush
    I felt your hand
    on my shoulder as I slept
    awoke smiling at your visit
    your eyes they reach out
    and let the sunrise uncover me
    don't fret about tomorrow
    you will always
    remain in my heart


  • charlieka 2d


    borne on cool breeze
    gold leaves feather across her cheek
    lay she on the ground gazing to cloudless skies
    hollowed shell of an oak
    rib caged in peeling bark
    screech owl hooting
    she made a home inside the
    wail of the iron beast traversing the flattened
    fields relieved of grain
    ring necked doves like loons warble above the resting plains of her throat
    boats are unsailed afloat on a silent sea of tears inside her bones
    every loudness narrows into a pinpoint then disappears into the setting sun
    she runs through a tidewrack of footsteps and hindsight until she finds the undertow and takes the dive below

  • charlieka 3d

    Paint the Sky

    this was a heart surrounded
    circled by wagons
    scent of burning leaves stinging the senses
    a refusal to surrender
    no white flags
    under the moon of the Hunter I turn to scarlet cinders beneath the pitch of noire pulsing constellations
    painting the sky blistered


  • charlieka 3d


    full of lovely warmth like peanut butter honey toast
    coffee burnt sienna umber mellow slide of maple syrup
    slowly smooth 'crossing curves melting horizons blushing heat baking amber beneath blankets scarlet Autumn leaves me longing