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  • charvy 17w

    This is my last poem. Gonna take a long break after this

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    Have you heard about the boy
    Who talks about seas and oceans
    Who craves for cold winds
    And warm hands to hold
    His light eyes talk about one sided love stories
    With left out hearts and unspoken words
    He kisses every flower in the garden
    He says ' everyone deserves love'
    Wish I could tell him how much
    I also loved the night skies
    His face, his voice , his eyes
    And everything that reminds me of him
    But I can only see the moon
    It is too far for me too hold.

  • charvy 18w

    I am afraid to write about you
    I don't want you to become part of the poem
    That will be never read out aloud
    As my eyes hold more than these words
    I am afraid you will find
    How I glanced at you every now and then
    How you became one of my favourite thing to think about
    I don't want to put the burden of my broken heart on you
    It was not your fault, it was me
    Who was afraid to confess my sin of loving you

  • charvy 18w


    He was ripped
    Yet he refused to cry
    I saw him taking his heart out of his chest
    It was bruised
    Yet it refused to stop beating
    I saw him hiding his emotion
    He was hurting
    Yet he refused the company

  • charvy 18w

    You told me I was brave
    But I knew I wasn't brave enough
    To bury you under the layers of earth
    You have gone to far this time
    That even when I shout
    You are not turning back
    I am that bad ?
    Was leaving so easy for you ?
    I remember you only had one tear in eye
    That was one of your thousand broken promises
    When you pulled the trigger

  • charvy 18w

    If tears could talk yours would be the louder
    If love is blind May I never see the light again
    If distance can measure closeness I would be eternities far love.

  • charvy 20w

    Look at tbe surface,
    There is not much to see in shallow waters
    But the deeper they get
    The darker the stories become
    The water will reach for your lungs
    And you will suffocated until death
    But in the end there will be peace
    Just the water reaching your soul

  • charvy 22w

    And I loved
    Loved until it consumed
    Consumed my heart
    Heart filled with stories
    Stories with people
    People I meet
    Meet everyday
    Everyday when I remember
    Remember what I saw
    Saw in their eyes
    Eyes with infinite
    Infinite possibilities
    Possibilities of becoming everything
    Everything they wished
    Wished on the broken stars
    Stars that give them hope
    Hope that they will find
    Find something to hold
    Hold that make them stay
    Stay forever
    Forever that complete
    Complete all broken pieces
    Pieces imperfect
    Imperfect yet beautiful

  • charvy 23w

    I look at my poems and
    Think how much I have bleed on them
    I thought the wound will heal
    But everytime I write I expose it a little more
    So people can see
    How hurting words can be
    So everytime they speak they watch out

  • charvy 23w

    I expected,
    And it hurted
    And it still hurts
    The pain goes from my heart to head
    It's unbearable
    The way it makes me feel
    Suddenly I become sick upto my stomach
    The way that tear never comes out
    And just sits there
    It hurts
    When I feel like I want someone
    To lay my head on
    And cry
    Cry until it stops hurting
    You know how much I wanna shout
    In your ears so you listen
    You know how invisible I feel
    How empty I feel
    I hope you realise that
    I feel used
    You know that feeling when you don't wanna wakeup in the morning
    You just wish that you die in your sleep
    So its less painful
    It hurts
    And it is still hurting...

  • charvy 24w

    And honey, you make me forget the words
    With every kiss I melt a little more in your arms
    The way your eyes move touching my body
    I can just stare at them my whole life
    Everytime you say my name I...
    Oh, how lonely I was before you
    My cheeks turn red and the heat on them
    It feels like I am burning with love
    You can see how obvious I am
    Even if I try I can't hide,
    Even the poems are not helping.