Here to visit my inner self... (demon maybe)

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  • chasing_the_serene 2d

    Hum aashiq hai
    Aashiqi ashkon se karte hai
    Ab shayar bhi ban gaye hai
    Shayari haalat humare karte hai
    Saans le rahe hai
    Abhi thoda zinda hai hum
    Zindagi kat rahi hai
    Par ik kaid parinda hai hum

  • chasing_the_serene 2w

    The corner that now I wish didn't exist

    On the corner of my bed
    Near the door towards the balcony
    My warm and cozy space
    All to myself
    A little corner
    Of my own
    That's where you'll find me
    Living in a world of my own...

    But sometimes I wish too flee from that world...
    Of needless thoughts and hopeless imaginations
    To the truth
    Where I should truly belong
    A corner of my own!!! It's not a desire... Rather a necessity which I sometimes pray I didn't have.

  • chasing_the_serene 3w

    Many a times
    Words that weren't really intended to hurt you
    Hurt you and no one understands
    Even if you know it in your heart
    You still can't help but feel broken.
    They take it as a normal everyday routine
    Saying things before thinking them through
    And while being hurt we do things
    We usually won't...
    They generally don't stem from a very deep problem...
    It's mostly those little things... Little feelings...
    Tiny moments of silent cries that eventually lead us to not understand the person standing before us..

  • chasing_the_serene 14w

    I am happy for no reason today...
    I Smiled brightly for a moment and embraced my own self and felt warm....
    A tear rolled down for no reason...
    And even that felt warm...
    Maybe today's just one of those peaceful days...
    I am happy for no reason today...

  • chasing_the_serene 14w

    We'll all move onwards
    Towards a Goal called life
    Meetings amongst us will become short
    Maybe in a year once or twice...
    But memories... They'll stay
    In the meadows of our hearts they'll sway...

    Well leave it at that...
    It's a happy occasion
    A happy day...
    So to keep it short...
    Happy birthday...

  • chasing_the_serene 17w

    You once told me
    That you believed in me
    I hope you still do
    Because your trust is the thing
    That's keeping me sane
    Sane enough to keep me going.

  • chasing_the_serene 17w


    The seas are filled with reality not monsters
    Be fearful of time not disasters.
    Clothed in silver are lies not laughter
    Which at first you don't suspect but the truth's revealed moments after.

    Dazzling are the silhouettes and colourful it all seems
    Laughter is all that's heard no one hears the screams
    Cheerful we were and said "Now the journey begins."
    Realised it late that a Jester is he (she) that's what everyone deems.

    A voyage of life
    With truth as monsters
    And time as stormy winds
    That's what I've been doing
    There's no ending but I can surely tell you how it begins.

  • chasing_the_serene 17w

    Don't let your inferior thoughts get to you
    Even if the ones with whom you began your journey seem to have taken a step ahead in life and you are still stuck in the same spot...
    That doesn't necessarily make you an inferior person....
    Even if the starting point was same...
    Your paths differ and so does your ultimate destination.

  • chasing_the_serene 18w

    Emotions attached

    Instances in life often ensue poetically
    With emotions attached...
    The poem becomes a piece of art.

    Scenes occur dramatically
    And with emotions attached...
    The movie called life is bound to be a box office hit.

    The hues turn out to be so well matched
    And with emotions attached...
    It becomes an art piece that puts every contemplating soul in awe.

    All these occur....
    And more
    With emotions attached.

  • chasing_the_serene 18w

    #beauty #wod

    This is off the topic.. But so what

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    The beauty

    Beauty is upon you after you trampled their means to survive.
    Beauty is upon you, glimmering like the hunger in those eyes.
    Beauty is upon you as you deemed them to be beneath you...
    Beauty... Heh
    Beauty has covered your eyes... But the soul is black enough to engulf the skies.